Top 10 Best Ebook Conversion Companies In India

Advancement of technology and popularity of tablets, iPads, Kindle along with the widespread Internet access, has made eBooks increasingly popular among book readers. This has also increased the need for eBook conversion software to make the reading material compatible with Mobipocket Readers on different eBook devices and smart phones. Different types of e-readers require different types of formatting to suit their specifications and varying screen sizes.

As a publisher, if your books are not online, you are missing out on a very large market of online readers and need to get your books converted to suit the online formats. There are companies that you can hire or outsource your work to and will deliver good results.

The following list is made of we feel are the best in the eBook conversion companies in India.

10. Outsource2india


Outsource2india is an eBook conversion company based in India. Outsource2india’s eBook conversion services are compliant with all open standards, and ensure data security and copyright protection. They convert word documents to PDF among other formats for online reading platforms. All you need to do is to contact them for a quote.

If you are a self-publisher or your company needs to publish some journals, these are the people to call. They also cater for bulky publisher like commercial publishing houses. Their prices are among the best, so get your work online and start earning from your books.

9. Keshav Data Services


Data conversion plays a key role in maintaining the records, directories and database of a system. Your organizations data need to be converted for easy storage. Most organization are converting into paperless companies. With the help of this service, companies can convert their files and source documents and restore it safely.

EBook conversion service offers convenience and security to business organizations in maintaining, updating and retrieving data. It helps to improve the regular activities and strategies of a business thereby offering a unique position for organizations in the highly competitive business world. This company helps publishers to convert their content to XML, MathML, SGML, HTML and PDF so that the content can be viewed through browsers or downloaded as e-Books that can be read on PCs or smartphones.

7. eBooks2go

eBooks2go Top Popular Ebook Conversion Companies In India 2018

eBooks2go is a Canadian company that has branch of its business in India which does a huge load of its publishing. They convert your books in the preferred format and help in get it in to various eReading platforms.

eBooks2go has a lot of experience in this field have worked with eBook since its inception. If you have a finished manuscript, upload it to their website, and they will do the rest. They convert your manuscripts to a beautifully rendered eBook formats (ePub or MobiPocket) that can be read across a multitude of eReading platforms, such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Android, and iOS Devices. Check out their website and see samples of their work. They will convert your books into as many languages you want too.

6. Alpha eBook

Alpha eBook Top 10 Best Ebook Conversion Companies In India 2017

Alpha eBook is an eBook Conversion Company based in India. A division of Alpha BPO. They offer services such as eBook Conversion, XML tagging, data entry, data conversion, data extraction and prepress services. They offer quality works which is top-most priority to them. The converted eBooks are thoroughly checked for errors before they are finally published.

The eBooks are formatted line-by-line by through our professionals and dedicated formatters to make sure your eBook is perfect. Alpha eBook is specialized in various formats of eBook conversion like ePub Conversion, Mobi Conversion, Kindle Conversion. With a hands-on team and great customer service, this company is worth checking out if you need eBook conversion services.

5. Reality


Reality is an Indianan company in the publishing service. Reality specializes in conversion of books to different eBook formats. They have been in this market segment for over 5 years and have worked intensively with publishers to help them convert both their backlists and front lists into different eBook formats.

Reality’s work is world-class, competitively priced conversion services to clients across the globe mainly focusing on the ePub and Kindle formats. They have converted 1000’s of books for publishers and first time authors. Get in touch with them and they will send you a quote for free. The turnaround time is impressive do you don’t have to worry about not meeting deadline.

4. Unisoft datatech


Unisoft Datatech is back office processing Services Company based in Gujarat India. It offers eBook conversion services and has dealings with many international clients from the UK, France, japan and other countries

Unisoft has a skilled labour force who have extensive experience in data entry, data processing and conversion. The eBook conversion service provides complete data conversion solution according to client specifications. They provide paper to eBook conversion, eBook conversion to PDF, book scanning to Ebook format and book password protection and security for buyer download.

This company offers the above services and much more that you can inquire about. They offer these services to individual publishers as well as commercial publishers. Their prices are pocket friendly and offer a discount for bulky work. Do contact them and they will tailor their services to suit your needs.

3. eAthena


eAthena is a technology-driven Company committed to facilitate the transition of anything paper to everything electronic. They have teams of experienced professionals to provide the best combination for any publishing project. They offer complete end-to-end content conversion and management services and solutions to customers worldwide.

eAthena simplifies the eBook creation and conversion process for its clients and make it possible for your content to be mobile-ready and accessible in any format your readers require in any eReader, smartphone or tablet formats. The pricing on their services is very affordable to make sure production coats meet your budget.

2. Geniies


Geniies is one of the leading pre-publishing services companies in the world providing end-to-end content management and content transformation services to its clients. Their services include e-Publishing Data Conversion and related services for Books and Journals, for various Publishers, Presses and Corporate, around the world.

Geniies was founded in the year 2006 and is one of the fastest developing services delivery companies in the world. Being innovative and adaptive in their hallmark. With over 10 years of industry experience, they never fail to exceed customer expectations due to in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art technology, affordable solutions, quality of service and leadership in the industry. You can trust this company to deliver excellent work.

1. MAP Systems


Dominating the marketplace by innovation and quality, MAP Systems has emerged and kept on evolving over time to retain itself as one of the most reputed names in the domain of eBook conversion and formatting services. MAP Systems has its head office in India and branches in the USA and UK.

Equipped with extensive experience of working for diverse works, the company is able to provide the best of class solutions rightly suiting your needs. Their experts have skills and experience of converting different formats to eBooks but we also convert eBook to PDF, word, HTML or to any other format with ease. Whether you are a self-published author or a corporate bringing in bulk work. The customer experience is exceptional. They are the best in India.

Having your data converted into eBook formats ensures that your data is secured and safe from loss. Utilize this technology to lower your production and storage costs at the same time reaching a wider audience.

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