Top 10 Best Selling DSLR Shoulder Rigs

Camera shooting can be made adorable only when you have the needed accessories. Below is the listings of DSLR Shoulder rigs that are commonly used for the placing of camera/camcorders for shooting purposes both professionally and individually. The shoulder rigs listed below is the best quality rigs available in the market today. The shoulder rigs are specially designed to make the shooting postures of the photographer simple thereby capturing best quality photos. The products listed below are purely the best quality products in the market today.

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Selling DSLR Shoulder Rigs

10. Morros DSLR Spider Rig DR-2 Shoulder-Mount Support Rig- $ USD 79.99

Morros DSLR Spider Rig DR-2 Shoulder-Mount Support Rig

Specially designed for any type of shooting postures to make the task simple. The product can work in any shooting mode and hence make the shooting very interesting and effortless. The product can be adjusted to any mode, providing adjustments for both the video generation and audio generation. The hand grasps are movable and rotatable making it more convenient to use. The back of the product is stretchable and is confined only to one camera set.

The DV, HDV, and DSLR cameras are fitted into a base plate. The rig also accompanies shoulder braces for comfort. The product can also be expanded to a tripod to enhance its usefulness. The mounting is also simple making the product easy and comfortable to set up with a simple procedure.

• Based on shooting style, the design can be modified.
• An equipment of professional touch can be added to the system.
• The product is light weighted, portable and follows a compactness.
• When holding the camera, the back handle may detach.

9. StudioFX DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Rig Mount -$USD 37.99

StudioFX DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Rig Mount

The product originally made by StudioFX carries a DSLR bear rig which is best embellished for camcorders and cameras. The product can record quality videos without much effort. The product stands different from other products for its top line quality and capability. The rigs are economical with very less cost. The rig is weightless, compact in size, and is very simple to set up. The tallness of the rig is easily manageable in rail poll system. The camera plate has a ¼ inch of string which is made of rubber. The moving off camera is less and the point is adjusted accordingly. The material used in the product is solid aluminum.

• The shoulder and hand rig is stabilized.
• The product is ideally used for shooting at ground level.
• The product can be used universally.
• The aluminum metal used in the product is of low quality and is somewhat brittle in nature.

8. Neewer Professional DSLR Rig Set Movie Kit – $ USD 129.99

Neewer Professional DSLR Rig Set Movie Kit Top Most Popular Selling DSLR Shoulder Rigs 2018

The product is very much cost effective with a very decent price and it can be bought by a common man. A person who is not willing to test their fortune spending too much of cash can buy this product. The DSLR incorporated within is simple to use and can even capture lengthy recordings. Let others envy and praise you for the product you have bought.

The product will function in any field because of its light-weightedness. The mount designed for shoulders is cushiony in nature making it adjustable for zooming the video with two rail bars that can be slid back and forth. The product is a mixture of high-quality metals consisting of 90% aluminum, 5% stainless steel, and 5% elastic brace making it comfortable to carry and to make it safer. The product altogether comprises of a camera, camcorder, slider mount, elastic braces, and a dual-band grip for hands.

• The product has a ABS dial and a gear nylon.
• The bottom lens of the ¼ female adapter.
• Easily compatible with 15 mm rods.
• The rig parts are not that good.

7. NEEWER® Shoulder Mount Support Rig for DSLR – $USD 59.99

NEEWER® Shoulder Mount Support Rig for DSLR Top 10 Best Selling DSLR Shoulder Rigs

The products are different from other products for its features. The product is featured with a apparatus for shoulders that abstain yourself from shaking making you fit the stature and the Follow Focus is used for controlling the concentration level. The product is rugged in nature for the materials used in it. The product is made up of aluminum and steel (stainless) for its toughness. The apparatus is very precise without any flaws. The product is weightlessly making it easy to carry and portable. The product is not embellished and is shoulder friendly making any aficionados to take lively videos and pictures. The product is compatible with a variety of cameras but takes utmost care while buying the camera.

The product makes it simple to shoot movies both indoor and outdoor. The product can be placed on the tripod for long shoots. The product promises adjustability and stability meeting the global markets and is extremely adaptable compared to other cameras.

• Because of its light weight, the product is ideal for film-making.
• The camera can capture video series.
• The angle and position adjustments are ergonomic.
• The product is not that best of quality standards.

6. IVATION Steady Rig System Shoulder Mount for DSLR Pro-$ USD 59.99

IVATION Steady Rig System Shoulder Mount for DSLR Pro

The product is ideal for the shoulder mounted and those who love to carry the cam with them, then this product is ideal because of its light weight nature. People can go from place to place taking along the rig with them. The product is the best for film creators and it will be the best decision if one choose to buy this apparatus. The product is difficult to carry with its handle mounted on the top handle. The product is as simple as lifting off a tripod. The shoulder apparatus can be balanced with its tallness and is compatible with any field of use. The segments of the product are replaceable in any circumstances.

The joints within the product are movable and rotatable. The product can be handled because of its smaller size. The rig can be used in both ways. It can be used with one hand DV or with a camera set.

• The product is designed to work with any shooting mode.
• The rear arms are extendable.
• The hand grips have non-slip rest pads.
• The grips may unfasten over time.

5. Neewer® Aluminium Alloy Foldable DSLR Rig -$USD 42.99

Neewer® Aluminium Alloy Foldable DSLR Rig Top Famous Selling DSLR Shoulder Rigs 2019

The product is affordable in the market for their very reasonable cost. The product is of the first-class and has the best quality ever. The product is lightweight in nature, simple to carry, and very compact in size. The product is also user-friendly to the beginners. The apparatus for shoulder bolster can be balanced in a rail poll system. The camera apparatus has a decent venture and very simple to use.

The product is flexible and it can be folded because of its compact nature. Any photographer can take pictures on this product and it is the best product ever made. The product embellishes every photo making every photographer happy. The product is also cost effective and is customizable. The pivot will give the precise, measurements making the photos and videos more clear.

• The equipment is lightweight in nature and easy to lift.
• Can be handled easily with its effects and portfolio.
• Specially designed for photographers.
• Plastic joints within the rig may detach.

4. FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-02 Kit -$USD 165.00

FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-02 Kit Top Most Selling DSLR Shoulder Rigs 2017

The company Filmcity with pride presents the new bear fix for the DSLR’s. The product gives emphasis on two main things, including comforts for the photographer and independent execution of the DSLR camera bear rig. The apparatus is accompanied with a BMCC rig that is adaptable to any field of work.

The general base plate can fit in any camera, including DV, HDV, DSLR. The shoulder rig has a delicate brace for comforts. The apparatus can also be placed on a tripod or a monopod. The product is specially designed for both lefts gave and right gave people, ensuring the photographer to work on the system professionally. The apparatus is cost effective making the customers attract towards the product.

• The DSLR bear rig is functional.
• The shoulder pad is delicate and smooth.
• The vibration is diminished.
• Apparatus is slightly large and heavy.

3. Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Rig -$USD 82.00

Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Rig

The product exclusively made by Morris which works well for DSLR cameras and camcorders meets the Follow Focus and Matte Box. The mounting of the rig permits the rig effectiveness to include more focal points. The flexibly designed product can work with any individual stature and is mountable on a tripod.

The product features a bear fix of the firearm and conservative run, handheld rubberized camera plate, and ability to change into different shooting mode. The bottom plate has ¼ inch string for the tripod or monopod and has a 15mm bar. The product also works well with a screw head of ¼ inches.

The product is available at a reasonable rate and is well used for shake-free shooting. The product is made up of aluminum and steel making it easier for individual and expert use. This handheld device with a camera mounted within can make any photographer to capture the best photos. The photographer will feel stress-free and is available at a very reasonable rate.

• Compact in size with the rig on gun shoulders.
• Slip free design and gear driven.
• Size is adjustable for different lens size.
• The rod may strip sometimes.

2. ePhotoinc RL01 DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Rig -$USD 36.00

ePhotoinc RL01 DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Rig Top 10 Best Selling DSLR Shoulder Rigs 2017

This stand-alone product is highly demanded in the outside market. The apparatus features all the comfort, development and is adaptable to almost all shots including the movements. The apparatus can include everyone in the photos that the photographer needs. The mount screen is 7-11 inches long and the rig is adaptable for both DV and DSLR camera. The apparatus works well with rail poll system.

The product gives a 1-year guarantee and it supports all its users. The purchasing power of the customers is enhanced with their speedy delivery. In spite of its top quality, the purchasers have the high demand for the product because of the cost effectiveness.

The product is available with reasonable cost and is highly economical. The apparatus is simple to set up, compact in size, and light to carry. The shoulder apparatus system can be easily balanced in rail bar system. The hand grasps and joints can be rotated and moved. The grips are included for the handles to enhance comfort. The product also has the viewfinder, focal point hood, making this product even more special.

• Adjustable to different modes of shooting.
• The apparatus is sturdy and portable.
• Hardware including focal points, viewfinder.
• Connecting to the rig can cause damage.

1. Neewer Portable FilmMaker System – $USD 69.99

Neewer Portable FilmMaker System Top Popular Selling DSLR Shoulder Rigs 2018

The perfect rig designed for shoulders are made exclusively from the Neewer can work well for other periods. The rig provides additional controls, including the pointer changes, comfort, and rigidness. The product is best suited for film works and the hand grip helps in positioning the camera ideally.

The customized cameras are adjustable and comfortable and permit the video recordings. The camera is ideally coordinated through the shoulder and hand sections. The apparatus can be altered according to the tallness of the person who is shooting and the field of work.

The movies can be shot both indoor and outdoor. The rig can be settled in tripods for long shots and is ideal for outdoor shoots. The features of the product include alterations for the edges and position and its ergonomic outlines.

• Ideal for a long hour works.
• Compact in size, making it easier for mobile film shoots.
• The angle, position and design are ergonomic.
• Amy finds difficulty in screwing as the tubes have no threads.

Above are the listings of top DSLR shoulder rigs that are widely accepted in the market today. Please share and comment on the above post if you have really liked it. Queries are entertained and if you want us to respond to your queries please drop a mail to the email address given below. We would like to hear from you. Share, like, and comment on our Facebook page. We wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.

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