Top 10 Best Selling Drum Sets

Are you a musician?? Do you love playing drums?? Are you looking out for the best drum?? Whether you are an amateur or a professional drummer, you would definitely want to choose the best brand drum. So, just take some time and look through the list of best brand drums available out in the market.

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Selling Drum Sets

10. Gretsch

Gretsch Top Best Selling Drum Sets 2017

Price – $ 521.01

Gretsch is an American brand. They manufacture guitars, basses, and drums. Gretsch drums became popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Then, the famous jazz drummers such as Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Art Blakey, and others utilized Gretsch drums. They used to play the now classic “round badge” kits. Mickey Dolenz used the Gretsch drums for his filming – Monkees TV series. Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts played Gretsch drums for 45 years. Various other artists like – Brad Wilk, Taylor Hawkins, and others have used Gretsch drums.

9. Mapex

Mapex Top Most Popular Selling Drum Sets 2018

Price – $ 599.00

Mapex is a Taiwanese brand. These drums are manufactured by KHS Musical Instruments company, Taiwan. Mapex has been in this industry for 27 years.

They have 6 types of drums – Voyager, Horizon, Meridian Birch, Meridian Maple, Saturn, and Orion.

Their associations include – Falcon pedals, Black Panther snare, and Tornado starter kits.

8. Premier

Premier Top 10 Best Selling Drum Sets

Price – $ 539.37

Premier Music International Limited is an English brand. They manufacture drum kits and percussion instruments. They have 12 drum lines and also 8 snare drums.

Drum lines are – Elite series, Resonator series, Black shadow, Signia series, projector series, Genista, signia marquis series, artist series, gen x, one series drums, series elite and modern classic drums.

Snare drums are – royal ace snare, 2000 snare, project one snare, carmine Appice signature snare, modern classic snares, 2005 snare, B.E.A.S.T snare and XC series.

7. Yamaha


Price – $ 674.32

Yamaha Corporation’s subsidiary Yamaha Drums was founded in 1967. They manufacture acoustic and electric drum kits along with percussion instruments, drum hardware, and marching band equipment. Their list of current products are:

Acoustic Drums – Tour custom, rock tour, stage custom birch, Gigmaker, Phoenix “PHX” series, recording custom, oak custom, absolute series and club custom.

Some of their past drum series include – Yamaha rock tour custom and tour custom.

Signature drum lines are the Yamaha Hipgig which is a series of compact drum kits. Yamaha Hipgig has various different configurations and finishes. This series includes – rick Marotta signature, manu katche signature, Al foster signature and steve Jordan signature.

6. Ludwig

Ludwig Top Most Famous Selling Drum Sets 2018

Price – $ 299.00

Ludwig is an American brand. They manufacture percussion instruments. In the 1960’s, they were endorsed by The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr which gave them significant popularity. The Lidwig drum company came into existence in 1909. They included snare drums and timpani in 1916 to their list. They built rope drums in 1917 to support World War I. Many famous artists have and are even now using Ludwig drums. Some of them are – Jason Bonham, Ginger Baker, Mick Avory, Jerry Allison, Fred Below, John Bonham, Tony Buck and others.

5. Noble & Cooley

Noble & Cooley Top Famous Selling Drum Sets 2019

Price – $ 1875.00

Noble & Cooley is a brand of Granville, Massachusetts. They are famous for their boutique and custom drums meant for professional drummers. They are pioneers in drum designing. Some of their innovations are – First one ply, First hybrid, nodal point leg mounting, symmetrical venting, sharp bearing edges and others.

Their current products are – CD Maple series kits, Horizon series kits, SS Classic snares, Alloy Classic snares, CD Maple snares, Walnut snares, and SE snares.

4. Sonor


Price – $ 399.00

Sonor is a German brand. German brands are known for their precision whether in instruments or in cars. They manufacture drum kit and percussion instruments. They started manufacturing drums in 1942, the first one being a very heavy snare drum by Johannes Link Parade Snare. They started preparing slim drums in the 1980’s.

They were endorsed by – Mark Panek, Chris Woodward, Fred Myers independent, Tyler Stewart, Tom wheeler, John Harrison, Guy Davis, Ken Serio and others.

3. Craviotto

Craviotto Top 10 Best Selling Drum Sets 2017

Price – $ 7999.00

Craviotto drums are based out of Watsonville, California.
Their current products include – custom shop drum sets, custom shop drums, and custom shop kits which are drum kits.

Their drums include – custom shop snares, private reserve snare drums, Johnny C. Series snare drums, and the super swing, solitaire series, aluminum, and titanium.

The famous artists who used these drums include – Ronnie Vannucci, Jason McGerr, Bernie Dresel, Chad Cromwell, Ben Wysocki, Jerry Roe, Chris Tyrrell and others.

2. Pearl

Pearl Top Popular Selling Drum Sets 2019

Price – $ 449.00

Pearl musical instrument company is a Japanese based multi-national corporation. They manufacture a wide range of products, mainly percussion instruments.

Their beginner and semi-professional drum lines include – Rhythm traveler, Target, Export (EXX), Decade Maple and Vision.

Their professional drum lines include – session studio classic, masters custom, masters premium, masters premium legend, reference pure, reference and masterworks.

Their electronic drums are – SY1 syncussion, DRX 1 and ePro Live.

Redline, 50th anniversary, Chad smith & Joey Jordison limited edition and Mahogany are limited edition drums by Pearl.

Their series snare drums are – soundcheck, forum, export, vision, masters, reference, and masterworks.

Their individual snare drums are – sensitone elite, ultracost, free-floating, symphonic, firecracker and effects.

1. Tama


Price – $ 429.99

Tama is the topmost drum brand. This is also a Japanese brand manufactured by the company Hoshino Gakki. Japanese are also known for their products, be it a car, instruments or anything. Tama’s research, development, and production are all done in Seto, Japan. The hardware and drums are manufactured in Guangzhou, China.

Their products are –

Beginner and professional kits – Imperialstar, Silverstar/Silverstar custom/Silverstar hyper-drive and superstar classic.

Starclassic series include – starclassic performer B/B, starclassic maple, starclassic bubinga/starclassic bubinga elite and starclassic bubinga omni-tune.

Snare drums include – warlord collection, Starphonic, Artwood custom, metalworks, Starclassic, STAR, signature and sound lab project.

There are various other brands available in the market which are below these top ten brands which may be considered if you want to, like – Dw, Ddrum, Pacific, PDP, Pork Pie, CB Drums, Crush, RJ, Peavey, and Dixon.

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