Best Drawing Supplies

Drawing is old and time honored pastime that nearly every person alive has done at one time or another. While everyone can draw some type of figures, shape and objects onto paper; not everyone is good at making these drawings look like works of art. Most people who create pictures need the proper supplies to bring their sketches to life.

Most artists use pencils to draw. However, other supplies such as chalks, colored pencils, pens and erasers. The following list of drawing supplies are available for people to make some of their best artistic work possible.

Here is a list of the top ten best drawing supplies

10. Markers and Crayons


Markers and crayons are important to artists because they provide brilliant color and style to a drawing. These mediums add texture to pictures and makes them stand out from the ordinary. There are many different types of markers and crayons each of these mediums are useful for making different types of looks. Markers and crayons should be used for making vibrant pictures and portraits.

9. Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils Top Most Popular Drawing Supplies 2018

Colored pencils are important to artists because they allow them to add color, texture and style to their creations. They also allow artists to make different types of drawings other than just the black and white varieties. Black and white are important but color adds depth and can change the total outlook of a picture.

8. Artwork Storage

Artwork Storage Top 10 Best Drawing Supplies 2017

Being able to store artwork is important and having a storage case for it is necessary for preserving work. Supplies and drawings need to be protected and artwork storage devices are often can contain an artist’s work. This will also allow them to transport their work and tools around to different places where they go to work. Art storage can be a permanent device or a portable unit. They also can come in a variety of materials such as leather, metal or man-made materials.

7. Blending Stumps


Blending stumps are important because they help to remove smudges from the paper and to keep the oil from off of the surface. This tool helps to make gradations and to create smooth applications on paper. Blending stumps are also useful for keeping an artist a more controlled look.

6. Felt Pens


Felt pens are important because they are good for creating detailed and drawings with fine lines. These type of pens are also important for the artist because it forces them to be more concise with their drawings since they cannot be erased. Most artists believe that a person can actually improve their drawing skill by using felt pens.

5. Charcoal or Conte


Charcoal is a drawing medium that people typically use to make drawings. Charcoal that is used for drawings are made into sticks or pencils that can be used for creations. Charcoal is also called conte. Charcoal gives artists more options with their drawings.

Charcoal drawing sticks are typically made in a vine or compressed style. The vine variety is designed for lighter applications since it is soft. Compressed charcoal makes heavier marks and is used for more detailed works of art.

4. Pencil Sharpener


A pencil sharpener is a necessary piece of equipment for any artist. The reason being is that pencils naturally wear down with use. So, they will have to be frequently sharpened to be effective. There are different types of pencil sharpeners. Sharpeners can come in the manual or electric type.

A good manual pencil sharpener should be strong and have a sharp blade. If not, this type of pencil sharpener will quickly eat up a pencil. An electric pencil sharpener should have a powerful motor that can quickly and effectively sharpen a pencil stick. Artist should not use colored pencils within their electric sharpeners since the waxy material can build up over time and ruin the blades.

3. Erasers


Erasers are important to illustrators because they allow them to create any mistake they make with their pictures. Most people might not realize this but there are different types of erasers that people can use to correct and to improve their work.

Rubber erasers are among the most common types. These type of erasers are best suited for graphite based leads. Graphite erasers remove marking by using friction. Kneaded erasers are designed to lift marks from the surface. This type of eraser pulls marks onto its material. A gum eraser is best suited for fragile paper or mediums.

Gum erasers have a material that simply crumbles as it erases ensuring that it does not tear up a surface. Plastic and vinyl erasers can remove any type of mark but are extremely rough on paper. An artiste will have to decide which type of eraser is best suited for their particular type of drawing.

2. Drawing Paper or Sketchbook


Drawing paper is essential for artists as well. This particular supply is a necessary because all sketch artists need a medium to draw on. Most drawers will use any type of paper that is available. The paper is usually plain white printing paper, notebook paper and colored paper. However, there are companies that market drawing paper.

Most drawing paper is offered in sketchbooks or sketchpads. These books are necessary for keeping an artist’s work in one spot.

A sketchbook also helps an artist to draw pictures whenever inspiration comes to them. Do not forget that technology has advanced enough to allow artists to sketch their creations on tablets, computers and even their smartphones. With the right app or software people can now make electronic drawings as well. Whether an artist uses a sketchpad or an app; an illustrator needs to have a drawing medium for their work.

1. Drawing Pencils


Drawing pencils are the number one tool for any type of artist. They are commonly used to create different pictures and sketches. There are different types of leads (graphite) that are used for pencils. There are two basic types of leads and they include the hard and soft varieties. The soft leads have a B rating and the Hard leads have an H rating.

By the way lead and graphite will be used interchangeably because no pencil company uses lead anymore within their pencils for health and safety reasons. However, a pencil lead and graphite generally means the same thing.

Leads are rated from 1 to 9 and above. The higher up you go on the rating line the harder the lead will be. Most artist typically use hard lead (H) pencils for their drawings. They are best suited for rough drawings because they are lighter on the paper and they are easier to erase.

They are also important for shading purposes. Softer leads are used for tracing and highlighting lines. These types of pencils are best suited for inking purposes. They have the same type of texture as charcoal. Ultimately, drawing pencils are the basic equipment that all artists need to craft their pictures. Without them, most artist will not be successful at what they do.

An artist is only as good as his tools. Without the right type of tools an artist will not be able to bring out the best in their work. Having the best drawing supplies will just make the drawing process as easy as possible.

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