Top 10 Best Doll Makers in World

Dolls are important toys for the development of both boys and girls. According to psychologists, dolls can help babies develop their cognitive and responsibility aspects in their growth. For example, for girls, dolls house can help them nature their communication caring skills while for boys, super hero fictional characters dolls and car toys can help them improve on their perspective of the world waiting for them. Some of the aspects impacted into kids and babies during their young developmental stages can even be reflected in adults. A well-defined case is the love of cars by most male human beings. So who are behind this so important ‘creatures’ and ‘machines’ in the young ones early life?

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best doll makers

10. Alexander Doll Co. INC

Alexander Doll Co. INC Top 10 Best Doll Makers 2017

Founded by Madame Beatrice Alexander more than 90 years ago, this New York based doll manufacturing and distribution Company still has a name in the doll industry. Innovation is the force behind the survival of business and this doll company has been exemplary in that. This company has endured tough times but with the founders’ belief and mission upheld, these dolls have continued to play a big part in the development of children’s imagination and being the core of their happiness. From handcrafted dolls to puffed animal dolls the works of this doll giant has been recognized and has being one of the hands behind the today’s dolls under the license of some big shots in the children entertainment industry including The Lonely Doll, Hello Kitty and the renowned Disney Princess among many others.

9. Euro play Corporation

Euro play Corporation Top Most Popular Doll Makers 2018

This company is one of the oldest Germany doll companies and is still manufacturing exciting toys and dolls for the fun loving children. Currently, it houses two Germany toys brands i.e. Selecta toys and Kathe Kruse with the latter being the oldest doll company in Germany. Before the perfect doll is ready to hit the stores, these toys pass through the hands of more than 5 crafts people to deliver the exceptional toys. This companies make toys for both infants and adolescents. To survive the very demanding and changing market, Euro play has been keen to explore the diversity but still retaining the originality of this Kirchsee based company.

8. Joojoo


Although new in the US market, this dolls and plush toys manufacturing company has been one of the lead distributors and manufacturers in the European and Asian markets for close to 35 years now. Its products which range from Plush, Dolls and stuffed animals dolls together with the creativity and a touch of design have been the key drivers in been among the best in the distribution in these regions .Compared to their competitor, the price are competitive enough. So to keep that lovely smile on your lovely young ones, my Joojoo has the secret to that.

7. Kosen USA-Inc.


This a Germany doll and plush animal manufacturing company which has been in the business for more than 90 years now; and counting. Located in the Germany city of Bad Kosen, the company has two of its brands, Kosen and Silke which respectively manufacture plush animal toys and baby dolls. This company is on class of its own with the two brands having won awards in creativity for their originality and the natural feel of the dolls they produce. Most of their dolls are handcrafted and a high degree of safety is considered when choosing the right material for the making of this dolls.

6. Playmates Toys Inc.


Based in Hong Kong China, this doll manufacturing company was established in 1966 and is one of the best doll companies globally. In innovation and creativity, this company has proven to be miles ahead. With offices in the USA and China, Playmates toys as a brand has had the privilege to get licenses for characters in both Hollywood and Disney, with most of the house Disney brands having a share. These includes the ‘Ninja turtles’ ’Disney fairies’, Disney’s princes and other characters, among others. The parent company, Playmates Holdings Limited can boast as a profitable brand having stocks in the HKSE(Hong Kong Stock Exchange).

5. YNU Group Inc.


Known by the trade name ‘Mixis Collectible play dolls,YNU group has established itself has one of the few doll manufactures which design dolls with varying skin tones, hair and eye colour. This idea was developed to counter the traditional bias in tradition doll colours.The Mixis dolls have had the chance to blend the different global cultures and ethnicities to bring out a more realistic doll characters. With the good customer satisfaction, Mixis dolls may soon take over the doll industry.

4. Kids Preferred Company


Manufacturing licensed products, gifts, stuffed animals, dolls and plush, this is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to doll products. This company was founded more than 20 years ago and imagination with a touch creative designs have being the driving forces for this dolls company. The most recent innovation for Kids Preferred Company has been the production of dolls which can be used by kids with respiratory problems like asthma. The materials they use in the production have also being certified to deliver family friendly dolls.

3. Best ever USA Inc.


Boasting more than 30 years in the industry, this company has claimed to be one of the best in the manufacturing of plush animal, this US based company has accomplished much and with the continual improvement and design, its products have not only being considered for just kids play, but have also being accessories for occasions such as seasonal gifts. This company is involved in both the manufacture, wholesale and distribution of their products.

2. Corolle Dolls


With more than 30 years of history backing the manufacture of the Corolle dolls, these dolls are a perfect blend of affection and care for growing children. The Corolle collection of dolls are usually manufactured with key considerations on design and fashion. These dolls are also accessorized accordingly and with the real looking design, these dolls make the best playmates for young children, especially girls. The French design brings out the charm and beauty meant to inspire the young generation.

1. North America Bear Company


Started more than 40 years ago by a new mother, this creative business company is one f the most successful manufacturers of baby dolls and plush animals. Barbara Isenberg, the founder and the current Creative director was prompted into the business by her young son whom he could not find the perfect teddy bear for. Together with her brother, Paul Levy, the siblings formed what is now a doll business entity with its headquarters in Chicago, USA. Together with the production team, Barbara is still cruising in the doll industry, with most of her products in most shelves in toy stores in the world.

There goes the 21st century saying that boys don’t abandon their love for their toy cars, the cars just become larger. For the girls and future mothers, their love for baby dolls is reflected in the way mothers adore their young ones. Might be mothernature bringing all this adoration but my fallacy can develop into a theory sometimes. Who knows, may be psychologists can find the doll-children development relationship an area of interest in their research and promote such fallacies into theories.

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