Top 10 Best Selling Dog Beds

With the numerous dog beds available in the market you may not know one from another in terms of price and quality. Selecting one from all that is available may seem crucial. We have brought you the top-rated dog beds and provided you with the detailed information you need to know why they choose top rated by customers. It will make choosing the right one for your dog much easier without wasting more bucks.

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Dog Beds

10. Armarkat Pet Bed with Waterproof Lining, Non Skid Base 39 inches ($48.00)

Armarkat Pet Bed with Waterproof Lining, Non Skid Base 39 inches Top Best Selling Dog Beds 2017

Bed Size: 39 x 28 x 7

If you’re looking for a great dog bed especially for large dog or number of smaller dogs that like to cuddle this bed will provide them long lasting comfort and a great place to sleep. The waterproof lining helps prevent the foam from getting damp and ruined. Having a nonskid base helps the dog doesn’t slip getting on to or off of the bed.

The main benefits of this bed are

* The Cover is Removable and Washable.
* This bed is designed especially for large dogs.
* Durable, Heavy Duty Canvas Will Last For a Very Long Time.
And the disadvantage is, this bed is only available in one size and one color. So even if you like the color or not you have to go for it.

9. Pet Fusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge ($119.95)


Bed Size: 36 x 28 x 9

One of the most expensive but luxurious bed available in the market today.This bed is specially designed for medium sized to large sized dog. Pet Fusion is known for their up to mark, well cushioned and soft & plump pet beds and this one is the God’s personal creation for your dog.

Advantages of this pet bed

* Water Resistant, and Tear Resistant, Very Durable
* Available in one size and two colors. But you can separately order the cover of a different color if you would mot like the existing color of the cover.
* Filled With High-Quality Certified Memory Foam
The disadvantage of this bed is quite visible that it is really expensive.

8. Big Barker Pillow Dog Bed ($279.95)

Big Barker Pillow Dog Bed Top Most Famous Selling Dog Beds 2018

Bed Size Ranges from: 48 x 30 x to 60 x 48 x 7

This bed is specially designed for large to giant dogs like Tibetan and English Mastiff & Irish wolfhound and even more expensive than that of pet-fusion’s Memory foam pet bed. This bed has all the advantages mentioned above with added 10year of money back guarantee and availability is in three different colors and three different sizes give you the variety of options to choose from. And again the price is incredibly high compared to other dog beds.

7. Furhaven pet orthopedic pet bed ($25.26)


Bed Size Ranges from: 15 x 20 x 3 to 35 x 44 x 4

This bed or you can say the mattress is designed for small to giant sized dogs and the most affordable pet dog available in the market. This bed is so cozy and inviting with its orthopedic mattress that you’ll almost want to curl up in one yourself. These beds are comfortable, durable and promote good health for your pet companion. The main advantage of this bed is, it is available in 4 different sizes so you can choose an appropriate one for your dog and one color.

6. Mid West Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed ($13.66)


Bed size vary from: 18 x 12 x 2 to 54 x 37 x 4

This bed is simpler and favorite for the pet enthusiasts as it is most suitable for head rest while relaxing for your dog. This bed is really well padded, soft and warm to make your dog fall asleep. The great thing about this bed is, it is entirely washable and relevant to all size of dogs. This Dog Bed is Durable and Can Withstand Dirt, Dogs, Washers, and Dryers.Moreover, this bed is the cheapest bed available for the pet lover.

5. Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed ($50.99)


Bed Size Ranges: 24 x 18 x 4 to 46 x 35 x 4

This bed is designed for all sized dog to be it Chihuahua or Tibetan Mastiff, this bed is the right choice for you. This bed comes along with antimicrobial, tear & water resistant internal and outer denim covers. Main advantages of this bed are

* It is high-quality premium bed with 100% cotton in case your dog is allergic to synthetic fabric.
* The antimicrobial and waterproof cover is removable and washable.
* the base is made of 2 memory foam layer below and 2 non-memory foam above the memory foam layer for great comfort.
* This bed is available in 4 different sizes and one color.

4. OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler ($29.99)


Bed Size: 20 x 20 x 12

This bed is designed for tiny to small dogs like Chihuahua which is really inviting and very soft yet extremely durable to stay last longer. Your tiny dog is going to love this bed for its deep dish cuddler. The best things about this bed are that it is entirely washable in the machine and available in 6 different colors and one size & of course, it is an affordable one.

3. Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper($25)


Bed Size: 16 x 20 x 6

This bed is ideal for small sized dogs. This super cozy wrap around style bed is appreciated by the customer for its unique cover which is made of 2 layer material that reflects the heat back to your dog making the bed even cozier. The cover is washable, super soft and Eco-friendly bed is available at an affordable price which has 5 different sizes and one color.

2. Armarkat Pet Bed 22inch ($24.70)


Bed Size is 28 x 21 x 5

Another product from Armarkat which is made for small sized dogs. It is also wrapped around style bed filled with 100% extra thick poly fiber & with bolster styling and extremely smooth, durable and attractive bed cover. This bed has waterproof and non-skid base & available in one size and color.

1. Greyshark bed ($11.38)


Bed size: 16 x 20 x 6

The cheapest pet bed available today in the market and it does look like it name says. This ridiculously cute Grey Shark Bed for small dogs actually looks like a small shark in gray color. The extremely smooth and durable mattress lies in shark’s mouth while the Interior Liner is Plush and the Exterior is Micro-Suede.

* The entire bed is machine washable.
* Available in 1 Unique Cave-Like Shark Mouth Design & Size, As Well As 3 Colors
* The price is extremely low to low.

Only you know your dog better than anyone else, it is the herculean task for one to choose the right bed for your dog as it really matters on the size of your dog. But when choosing one make sure you pay more attention to its durability, material( from the interior to exterior), quality and size of the bed.

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