Best Disney Soft Toys

The Disney brand is known for having characters that children love. Children have come to love the princesses, heroes, and even the talking animals in many of the movies. These characters have been turned into plush toys so children can hold and enjoy them. There are many soft toys on the market that little ones can cuddle. Older children also love these soft toys.

These are the top 10 Disney soft toys on the market for children to enjoy.

10. Ariel Musical Plush Toy

Ariel Musical Plush Toy Top 10 Best Disney Soft Toys 2017

This toy captures the wonder of the Little Mermaid. When a child hugs this toy they will hear the sound of the waves. This toy will also make musical sounds such as Tsum Tsum as it plays along to the music of Part Of Your World which is a popular song from the movie. This plush toy is seven inches in length. The toys is soft and squeezable and is great for children that are looking to cuddle. It is an added bonus that this toy is able to play music.

9. Elsa Plush Doll

Elsa Plush Doll Top Popular Disney Soft Toys 2019

Elsa is one of the princesses from the hit movie Frozen. This soft toy was able to capture the cape of Elsa and allow it to shimmer. Her dress is made from a soft material and also has a glittering effect. This doll looks exactly like the figure from the movie. There are even snowflake designs on her cape. This is part of the plush doll collection and is a favorite of children especially little girls.

8. Olaf Plush


This plush is a representation of the character Olaf from the movie Frozen. This plush toy has all the features that children have come to love about the Olaf character. There are felt hairs and even a felt tooth so it is soft to the touch. This soft toy is a bean bag making it easy to squeeze and to hold. This is a great soft toy for children that are looking for something to cuddle.

7. Belle Musical Plush


This doll is seven inches and it plays music which makes little children find appealing. This doll plays the music to the song Be Our Guest from the movie. All a child has to do is squeeze this soft toy and it is ready to stay playing. The Belle doll has a fuzzy and plush texture so it is a great soft toy to hold.

6. Beast

Beast Top Most Famous Disney Soft Toys 2018

This soft toy is the character of the Beast from the movie Beauty and the Beast. This best is soft and shaggy to the touch. He is friendly looking and not scary looking like he is in the movie. This soft toy has the full look of the best including the faux fur mane as well as a tail in the back. The costume including the suit jacket of the best is made from a soft velour material with satin trim. Every detail from the way the best looks in the movie can be found on this soft toy.

5. Lumiere Plush


This soft toy is the plush character from Beauty and the Beast. This character is a candlestick with a happy expression just like he was in the movie. This soft toy is detailed to look just like a candlestick and even has shimmering trim. There are three iridescent flames that add to the authenticity of the candle being light. This is a great part of the movie collection of many people can just play with Lumiere on this own.

4. Dory


This soft toy is the main character from the movie Finding Dory. Dory just happens to be a large blue fish. This soft toy is large measuring 27 inches. The fish is detailed to look just like Dory only on a larger scale. There are even some glitter accents to make this fish look even more original. This large Dory is great for a boy or a girl. Since it is bigger than most soft toy this toy can also double as a pillow.

3. BB 8


This soft toy is the BB 8 character from the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This soft toy is a large soft toy measuring 17 inches. It is around round as it is tall. This toy is made from soft sculpted material with enough detail to make it look like the real character. There is a silky fabric that covers the soft toy so that it is fun to play with. This toy is filled with foam. There is even an antennae on the top to make it look like the real BB 8.

2. Finding Dory Tsum Tsum Plush Set


This plush toy comes with a small tote bag in the shape of the fish Dory. In addition to having Dory there are three mini fish and a mini shark as part of this soft toy set. These smaller fish can fit into the tote and they can be carried along with the child. Dory is the main tote and the larger fish out of the bunch. The smaller fish include the characters baby Dory, Jenny, Charlie, and a fish named Destiny. These fish are fun to play with and a child can make them interact with each other. These toys are soft and they are squeezable since they are filled with beans. This is a great collection that is easy to transport so a child can bring it along with them to play.

1. Nemo Doll


Nemo is the orange fish from the movie Finding Nemo as well as features in the movie Finding Dory. This orange fish is soft and fun to play with. A child will enjoy cuddling with the clown fish as well as playing with the soft toy. This soft toy was designed to look exactly like Nemo and allow a child to have fun with their pretend play.

These are some of the best Disney soft toys 2017 on the market. These toys come in a child’s favorite characters from the movies and they are soft to play with and soft enough to cuddle with as well.

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