Top 10 Best Selling Detox Teas

Fast pacing modern life is the leaving our fatigued and overweight. Most of the food is laden with pesticides and preservatives. None of which are safe for consumption. How do we counteract this mayhem that we our putting our bodies through? The fastest and simplest solution is DETOX TEAS! They are fantastic when it comes to solving problems such as bloating, constipation, obesity, hyper acidity, acne etc.

Detox teas are so much faster than dieting and exercising. They show results quicker without causing severe side-effects. Some taste great, some show results faster and some bring out other benefits, like glowing complexion (no-ones complaining!). Let’s look at these miraculous products that all of us need to try.

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Detox Teas

10. Triple Leaf Tea Chinese Medicinal Detox Triple Leaf Tea Bag- $6.92


This tea comes directly from the ancient knowledge of Chinese herbs. Many herbs are combined together to cleanse and promote healthy and clear skin. It increases the flow of energy (chi) to the mind and body bringing harmony and clarity to your thoughts. It is advised to make periodic cleansing (alternate months). Drinking it in daily bass will increase purification of your internal organs.

9. Lipo Express Body Cleanse Weight Loss Tea Detox Tea – $16.99


Lipo Express Tea aids in promoting cleansing and hydration that is crucial in any weight loss model, it boosts your metabolism with its amazing antioxidant proprieties, which will ultimately help you in losing weight. It also helps in suppressing your appetite, which is really handy for those who have unwanted cravings. Another way to lose weight is speeding your metabolism which is exactly what this tea does to your body. Those who don’t like drinking caffeine are going to happy to hear this as this does not contain any caffeine.

8. Yogi Teas Detox- $17.04


This unique blend of herbs help the body cleans its two main organs by filtering and detoxifying them. Herbs such as burdock and dandelion boost and support the liver function and juniper berry helps in kidney cleanse. Long pepper, black pepper and ginger aid and support blood flow. Spicy taste comes from Indian sarsaparilla. This tea helps bring healthy balance to the body and its internal organs from within. Again, this tea is caffeine free.

7. Love Superfood Tea -$17.95

Love Superfood Tea Top Most Popular Selling Detox Teas 2018

As the same suggests it, you must “love” Love Tea. This has been a best seller tea detox that is completely laxative free, as many detox tea drinkers know that this is something new because most teas contain laxative ingredients, which cause numerous visits to the toilet. It has been noticed to have great taste and it comes with a free tea infuser! This product is packed with wholesome, organic and premium ingredients free from preservatives.

6. Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea- $18.95


Total tea has been recommended by 1200 doctors and dietitians. Clearly this speaks volume about the product. It help is attaining the perfect flat stomach we all so much desire, along with this, it also gives a digestive support. People who suffer from inflammatory diseases will find this tea very useful as it contains many anti-inflammatory herbs. It boost the immune system, detoxifies and sooths digestive tract. It is completely free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives. It is gluten free and kosher certified.

5. HEY GIRL Cleanse Detox Tea- $19.99


Something different about this product is that the detoxing and cleansing process starts in the night time. While you sleep, your body rids itself of toxic waste and other harmful substance so that you can wake up to a healthier and cleaner you! Best thing about Hey Girl, they will give back your money if this tea does not make you feel “detoxified”. This tea really helps to make your internal organs run smoothly. Go ahead girl, try this and feel the difference.

4. Sip Modern Slimming Tea- $22.95


Besides being a brilliant detox tea, this is also useful for keeping your body energised throughout the day, even after exercising and dieting. The tea helps in subduing hunger with its all natural hunger suppressant. It is made in Brazil, combining the modern and ancient knowledge to give you the best fat burning and fat metabolizer tea. This helps in protecting your body from free radical damage.

3. All in One Detox Tea- $23.21

All in One Detox Tea Top 10 Best Selling Detox Teas 2017

Another popular detox tea, this beauty works right from the first day you take it. It is jam packed with the most powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins that not only help in cleansing your body but also in supplementing essential vitamins that your body needs. It is recommended to take one cup a day, right after dinner to start your detoxification process. Another benefit- it helps to promote sleep as well! This is a genuinely packaged product which is completely herbal. 100% non GMO kosher certified in Israel.

2. Baetea Teatox Detox Herbal Tea- $23.70


This product is a 14 day “Teatox” that claims to reclaim your money if you are not satisfied with the product. It helps to get rid of toxins and waste that is accumulated in the body. You can de-bloat the stomach for a fitter and flatter stomach. Contains natural appetite suppressant that can lower hunger for about 4-6 hours. This works very well on both Men and Women. Consumers have voted this tea the most pleasant and smooth tasting tea.

1. Fit Tea 14 Day Detox Herbal Weight Loss Tea- $26.00


Last, but not least. Ranked at number 1, considered the best and priciest, we have ourselves Fit Tea 14 day detox. This mind-blowing product can keep hunger pangs from popping up for up to 4-6 hours. It purifies the body from all types of harmful wastes and toxins that our body absorbs through food, water, air etc. It contains nothing but the best and highest quality of ingredients. It is 100% organic and herbal. Some amazing benefits can be observed after drinking this tea, such as metabolism boosting, it gets rid of excess water, helps to reduce stress, supports proper digestion and strengthens the immune system.

Detox teas are the latest health fad, whether they stay or leave, they are the healthiest and quickest way to remove toxins and waste from the product.

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