Top 10 Best Selling Cycling Gloves

Riding a bike is always fun but like every other sports cycling also requires some protective gears. Without proper protective gear, the fun can suddenly change into a painful terror. One of such protective gears that every cyclist requires is a pair of cycling gloves. Cycling gloves are designed in such a way that they do not only protect your hands against any injury or freezing weather but they also help you to get a proper grip of your bicycle. These gloves are flexible and totally breathable to leave the uncomforting part away from cycling.

Having said all of these, choosing the best cycling gloves can be little demoralising given that there are endless brands in the markets.

Hence, here is a list of Top 10 best selling cycling gloves which can be really helpful to make the right choice:

10. Pearl Izumi Elite Gel Gloves: Price $19.49 – $35.45

Pearl Izumi Elite Gel Gloves Top Popular Selling Cycling Gloves 2018

The Pearl Izumi Elite Gel gloves are best suited for those who really like to spend a lot of time on their saddle. These gloves have a unique closing feature with 1:1 gel surface which protects the riders against numbness of the hands while cycling by providing comfort to the median and ulnar nerves.

The main USP of the Pearl Izumi Elite Gel gloves is that they are manufactured with an intelligent heat lock technology which promises to protect you from extreme weathers by maintaining a modish temperature. The polyurethane, nylon and polyester composure of the gloves makes your hands windproof. If you like to go on miles after miles cycling on your dearest bike then these gloves are your perfect companion.

9. FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves: Price $29


If you are looking for a pair of comfortable cycling gloves for your outdoor trips on your mountain bike then this glove is compatible to become your best mate. It is manufactured with a gel technology as well as breathable materials. So no matter how hot or cold it is outside, you will never feel discomfort with the Firelion outdoor cycling gloves.

Since it is compatible with touchscreen usage hence you will be able to use your smartphone or tablet easily while wearing these. Moreover, the gloves prevent your fingers from sweating thereby provides you with a better grip of your cycle. The padded palm will reduce the numbness and provide relief to your pain.

8. Louis Garneau Men’s 12c Air Gel Cycling Gloves: Price $18.00- $35.55


These gloves come with a perforated surface along with a padding of bio gel manufactured from lycra. The special design and composure of the gloves make them highly breathable. Thus, no matter how much heat it is outside, you will never feel discomforting. The Louis Garneau Men’s 12c Air Gel Cycling Gloves are also very efficient in protecting your hands from muscle cramps, numbness and nerve pains by reducing the pressure exerted on the ulnar and median nerves. Louis Garneau also uses a patented air ventilation technology to get rid of the moisture depositing on the hands of the riders during cycling.

7. Serfas Men’s RX gloves: Price $44.83- $57.10


The Serfas Men’s RX gloves are designed in such a way that they increase the flow of blood through your fingers thus keeps them safe from getting numbed. These gloves are manufactured to release the pressure on your nerves by directing it towards your palm to prevent you from handlebar palsy, a typical condition of nerve damage. The partitioned gel padding renders comfort and it is also double stitched for increasing the flexibility.

Hence, if you want to continue cycling without damaging your neural system then the RX gloves is a smart choice.

6. Zookki Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves-Half Finger: Price $29.99


Even though the product is not from a big brand but the quality of the product is undoubtedly very good and it comes with some unique as well as distinct features. The Zooki cycling gloves are made from totally breathable materials hence it makes you feel comfortable even in the times of scorching heat. The palm pads installed in the gloves release pressure off the nerves and help you to get a better grip. Moreover, the back of the thumb is specially fabricated to help you to mop the sweat drops of your forehead.

5. Giro Bravo Gloves: Price $12.99 – $75.44

Giro Bravo Gloves Top 10 Best Selling Cycling Gloves 2017

The Giro bravo gloves are no doubt one of the best in the market considering the increased demand. These stretchable gloves come with a breathable mesh which prevents you from getting tired after a long day of cycling. Moreover, they are installed with a special moisture wiping technology to keep your hands dry even in the heat. The Giro Bravo gloves offer a perfect fit and it is very convenient to use due to its easy-to-use Velcro closure. The quality stitching makes it last longer than usual cycling gloves. They are also equipped with gel padding essential to save your hands from any sudden shock.

4. QEPAE Non-Slip Gel Pad Gloves: Price $8.49- $9.99


These gloves are highly affordable and also have very high quality. No matter how much collisions these gloves endure, they will protect your hands from getting harmed even after a long day of cycling. Being made from completely breathable materials, the QEPAE gloves provide you with a firm grip on your cycle and are completely durable for a long-term use. All you need to do is to keep them clean and ride on your bike as far as you want without having to worry about anything.

3. Giro Monaco Gloves: Price $12.75 – $40.00


It is something all the bikers love, the Giro Monaco Gloves have been specially designed to protect you all kinds of shocks. It has super fit engineered three panel design and there are double stitches even in the critical areas. Hence, they are perfect for the cyclists who love to ride their bikes irrespective of any particular kind of terrain. The padding in the interior acts as a shock absorber whereas the mesh on the outside of the gloves helps you to stay cool even in the heat. The Giro Monaco gloves are stylish, appealing and very comforting thus becoming perfect for the use for every rider.

2. Vbiger Military Tactical Gloves: Price $7.59 -$23.98


The best thing about these gloves is that they are highly comfortable thus no matter how big the size of your palm is, it will be a perfect fit for you. The Vbiger military gloves are made with a thick padded back along with finger joints which offer better protection to your hand and help the users to feel comfortable. Also, due to their unique design, these gloves provide commendable protection against slipping along with a better grip.

1. Tenn Unisex Cold Weather Waterproof/Windproof Plus Gloves: Price $29.98


The main feature of these Tenn cycling gloves is that they protects your hands from the freezing temperature outside thus helps you to pursue your love for cycling even in the freezing temperatures. While cycling you will never have to question the quality of these full nylon made gloves since they make your hands completely windproof as well as moisture proof. The gloves also come with a special Tenn gel padding that prevents your nerves from getting harmed from sudden shocks whereas the 3M insulation technology that is used makes you feel comforted and maintain a moderate temperature within. It also has a thick padding. With the Velcro fastening, you are all set to enjoy the ride.

Like everything else, some protective gear is required for cycling too and it includes the cycling gloves. So it would be foolish if you choose to ignore the safety of your health. Hence, it is better to buy one and ride your cycle safe and sound. Go through the list, find the compatible one and take it with you on your next trip to feel the difference it makes.

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