Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards

A cutting board in the kitchen, is like a goalkeeper on a football field. Both imperative but both, often neglected. To cut, you need a cutting board. It doesn’t matter whether you are cutting fruits, vegetables or even meat. It’s important, it’s needed. Why? These boards, although in appearance are very ordinary, they make the task of cutting easy, convenient and safe. Most importantly, safe. It reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses that generally originate in the kitchen. Before listing the 10 best selling cutting boards, there is another thing you must know. Cutting boards are broadly classified into three types:

Plastic cutting boards.

Wood cutting boards.

Bamboo cutting boards. (The most recent development)

Each of these types, have their own pros and cons. Therefore, before looking at the brand, features and things like that, spend a little time understanding the attributes of these different types of cutting boards. It will take some time but at the end of the day, you will be the happier customer.

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards

10. Norpro Cut N’ Slice Flexible Cutting Boards: Price- $4.34

Norpro Cut N' Slice Flexible Cutting Boards Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards

Norpro have created a very simple cutting board, but one that sells. It’s sold as a set of three, each of different color with the object to prevent cross-contamination. The cutting boards are flexible in nature, odour resistant and knife-friendly, too. All the cutting boards are slightly smaller in size, measuring approximately 10 by 14 inches. These cutting boards are easy to store, light in weight and easy to clean as well. The last bit attributing to the fact that it is dishwasher safe. How light? Just 5.6 ounces. This is a perfect example of smartly priced product, catering to the middle-lower market.

9. Farberware Classic 3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board and Serving Set: Price- $10.50

Farberware Classic 3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board and Serving Set Top Most Popular Selling Cutting Boards 2018

Bamboo wood cutting boards are gaining popularity primarily because of it’s eco-friendly nature and properties. They are slightly more expensive than some of the plastic cutting boards, but have their own pros that can’t be matched by other material cutting boards. This particular cutting board by Farberware is reversible in nature, knife-friendly and very durable. It’s durability however, lies in the hands of the owner. Some care needs to be taken of these boards. For this reason, a chunk of the population avoids such a purchase. One can’t wash it in dishwasher either. But keeping in line with the woods characteristics, it’s quite light, weighing 2.2 pounds.

8 Premium Organic Bamboo [ HEIM CONCEPT ]: Price- $29.99

Premium Organic Bamboo [ HEIM CONCEPT ]

Bamboo cutting boards have this very distinct aesthetic appeal. This holds true, especially for this product. In line with the properties of bamboo wood, the cutting board is hard but not hard enough to have a dulling effect on knives. It’s durable and lightweight, both: at the same time. With grooves on the side of the cutting board, all the juices remain on the cutting board rather than the kitchen floor. This simple, yet unique tweak in design reduces the mess involved in cutting by a lot. Comparatively, this is a larger cutting board, measuring approximately 12 by 18 inches.

7. Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats by Cooler Kitchen: Price- $19.99

Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats by Cooler Kitchen Top Most Famous Selling Cutting Boards 2018

Because of the flimsy nature of plastic cutting boards, such cutting boards receive a lot of criticism on the grounds of durability. Therefore, Cooler Kitchen designed a thicker version of these flexible plastic cutting boards. And it was an experiment that worked. The mats are of the standard, 12 by 15 inch size and have a non-porous and odour resistant coating. The bottom of these cutting boards has a waffle like design, that prevents the cutting board from slipping while in use. The four different coloured mats, that comes in a set, are all dishwasher safe and incredibly light, weighing just 5.6 ounces.

6. Dutis 3-Piece Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board: Price- $39.99

Dutis 3-Piece Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board Top Best Selling Cutting Boards 2017

The set of cutting boards come in three different sizes. Small, medium and large. All the boards are equipped with the same set of attributes. The silicone feet, prevent the cutting board from sliding and the ergonomically designed handles, facilitate it’s easy movement. It’s quite durable, compact and lightweight, weighing just 3 pounds. The plastic material that predominantly makes up the entire product, is odor resistant, non-porous and nor does it have a dulling influence on knives. Cleaning these cutting boards is not an issue at all since, they are dishwasher safe. All in all, it’s a very utilitarian cutting board but slightly highly priced.

5. Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats by Nicole Home Collection : Price- $5.44

Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats by Nicole Home Collection Top Popular Selling Cutting Boards 2019

Value for money, that’s the phrase that best describes this product. Some products become best-sellers simply because of their simplicity and clever pricing. This cutting board, is a prime example of such a product. Extremely affordable, these cutting boards come in sets of three, each in a different colour, an attempt to prevent cross-contamination. They are really flexible and extremely light, weighing just 6.4 ounces. The material used for the production of the product hasn’t been compromised in any way. It too, has anti-microbial properties. Size shouldn’t be an issue either, it’s the average 12 by 15 inches, that cutting boards generally come in.

4. Farberware Poly Cutting Board: Price- $13.50

Farberware Poly Cutting Board Top Famous Selling Cutting Boards 2019

In terms of a plastic cutting board, in this price range, this is it. Firstly, Farberware are a well known brand, this amounts to brand warranty. Secondly, when you look at the specs of a cutting board this is what you want to read: lightweight, easy on the knives, restricts growth of bacteria, odorless, easy to maintain and dishwasher safe. And these are the exact specs of this particular cutting board. It’s size is quite decent too, measuring about 12 by 18 inch, approximately.

3. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board: Price- $14.99

OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

Innovation in design is a very important characteristic in a successful product. One side of the cutting board has grooves, specifically placed, so that the juices that are left over or extracted during the whole cutting process, doesn’t slide off and create a mess. Using this feature, one can designate one side for the cutting of meat and the other for vegetables. This is actually much more hygienic. The cutting board is made out of top quality polypropylene, a kind of plastic, that protects the knives from getting blunt. It’s easy to carry and very light in weight, with it’s exact product dimension and weight being: 14.5 x 10.5 x 0.5 inches, 1.6 pounds, respectively. The fact that it’s dishwasher safe is like the icing on the cake.

2. CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat with Food Icons: Price: $10.50

CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat with Food Icons Top 10 Best Selling Cutting Boards 2017

Cross-contamination is a major issue with using one cutting board. CounterArt have chosen to address this problem in a rather creative manner. Instead of selling just one cutting board, they sell cutting boards in sets of four or six, with each cutting board having a food icon that serves as a differentiating marker, between the cutting boards. For example: By sticking a fish icon on a cutting board, they are trying to tell the customer to use that particular cutting board for cutting, curing etc. of fish and fish only. Moreover, the material of the cutting board is flexible and has a property that prevent the growth of bacteria and bad odour. It’s exact product dimensions are: 15 x 11.5 x 0.5 inch, which is the average size of a cutting board and it barely weighs anything, weighing just 1.6 pounds.

1. Totally Bamboo 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set: Price- $12.99

Totally Bamboo 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Totally Bamboo as a company, began experimenting with bamboo wood. The impression that this versatile hard-wood made on the co-founders can be seen with just one glance. Their cutting boards, too, exploits all the natural properties of this wood. Hard, light and durable, all noteworthy characteristics in a cutting board. A knife’s sharpness isn’t affected either, a pro associated with bamboo wood cutting boards. However, to ensure this product’s long life, due care needs to be taken of it. For example: While washing the board, be sure to use warm water and mild detergents. All the three cutting boards, are quite thick, measuring: 6″ by 8″, 8-1/2″ by 11″ and 9-1/2″ by 13″.

By now, you would have even guessed the differences between wood, bamboo and plastic cutting boards. Perhaps, that too, was intentional? Did you think there were these many options for a product, as basic as a cutting board? Competition in the marketplace can lead to surprising results. The diversity in cutting boards is a testament to that.

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