Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Phones

Did you ever imagine using your Smartphone without facing connectivity issues, battery problems, or call drops? Well, if you haven’t, its time to switch your choice and opt for a cordless phone. The wireless devices are fit for our homes as well as offices. There’s greater connectivity, no battery concerns and the best part is we can use them for emergency situations. It works the same way like our landline connections, so we pay our bills as per our usage. Here are the top 10 best selling cordless phones for an easier and convenient lifestyle.

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Phones

10. Motorola L7: Price US$ 54.87

Motorola L7 Top Famous Selling Cordless Phones 2019

From the brand of Motorola, the cordless phone has digital answering system and facilitates mobile Bluetooth connectivity. You can pair the Motorola L702CBT with four mobile phones. The cordless device is available in two handsets, and you can add three more to the wireless network, and enjoy uninterrupted intercom. Its large speakerphone and base dial pad makes it fit for your home and office. The phonebook memory stores 200 entries and displays a list of 28 previous callers. Pressing the redial button, you get the last five dialed numbers. Motorola L7 has one-year warranty.

9. Motorola K704B: Price US$ 86.55

Motorola K704B Top Most Popular Selling Cordless Phones 2018

Another excellent Motorola model, the phone offers longer battery life, lasting for two days in standby mode. The digital phone is available with four handsets, connectable up to five. It has caller ID and answering system. Available in black, each handset is equipped with DECT 6.0 interference-free technology. The phone is also known for 3 speed-dial memory buttons, and 15 Minutes base answering machine. Also, its big backlit buttons and large backlit display provides good usability and view. You also get extra loud ringtone, speakerphone and audio boost button. All such features make it a perfect choice for homes.

8. VTech CS6429-2: Price US$ 44.95


The best thing of the VTech model is that you can charge its battery within three hours. Its great battery performance and good quality calling are the keynote features. The cordless phone is equally purposeful for domestic intercom. Usually, the device comes in one or two sets. If need be, you can also link additional phones. The memory allows you to store 50 contacts and offers caller ID and call waiting facility. Its DECT 6.0 digital technology along with backlit keypad and display provide high user-experience. You also get one year warranty.

7. AT&T CL82313: Price US$ 76.00


Best suited for homes, the AT&T CL82313 is an amazing phone with large display buttons. It provides you the convenience of seeing important information. Good performance, strong design, and excellent call quality are some of its commendable features. You can press any keys to answer your calls. Like most other models, the wireless phone has DECT 6.0 digital technology. The memory stores 50 caller names and number history. If you’re looking for a simple and basic phone, AT&T CL8 is the best option.

6. VTech DS6751: Price US$ 66.99


Large dial pad display, speakerphone, Bluetooth connectivity, and easy integrated with mobile phones sum up the overall features of the VTech wireless model. With this phone, you can easily receive landline and mobile calls. The cordless device stores 200 phonebook entries from 2 mobile phones. Its digital answering system helps you with 14 minutes of recording time. The call waiting facility stores about 50 previous calls and 10 outgoing calls. Easy-to-use, comfortable, and with one year warranty, this is among the best home cordless phones.

5. VTech DS6421: Price US$ 99.95


Available in black-silver colour combo, this is another wireless model of the VTech brand. It comes with built-in digital answering system and DECT 6.0 digital technology. Usually, it has three handsets, expandable to 12. It connects well with mobile devices and has excellent Bluetooth connectivity. Thin and sleek in design, it also offers clear sound and HD audio. Using only one phone jack, you can connect all the 12 handsets. Strong signals, long-lasting batteries and good quality calling make it a must-have cordless for homes. VTech DS6421 has one year warranty.

4. Panasonic KX-TGD223N: Price US$ 72.00


Panasonic KX-TGD223N is an expandable wireless digital phone, up to 3 handsets. It has large keypad, great call clarity, increased security, enhanced noise reduction, and long range. It also facilitates an amplified volume with specific volume keys. You also get 360° digital answering system. Tone equalizer, power back-up, and eco mode are some other exclusive features. Large fonts and buttons provide ease of use and convenience. Besides such features, it is also the best phones to use amidst noise. You can also use this device to find your lost keys. Not to miss, the full-duplex speakerphone enables you to link and enjoy hands-free conversation. All these features justify the pricing and provide new-age cordless experience.

3. Motorola IT6-2: Price US$ 86.78


The thin, unique, and elegant Motorola model has a sleek design, and is light in weight. Powered with DECT 6.0 technology with Itad, it has variety of features. To start with, the device stores 30 minutes of recorded messages, longer than most wireless phones. You can store 100 caller names and numbers in its phonebook. Its 2.2inches LCD display helps you with better viewing and usability. The display fonts are bright and easy-to-eye. Its light weight makes it handy. This phone is also an excellent choice for conference calls. Based on your comfort, you can adjust volumes in five different levels. Motorola IT6 offers one year warranty.

2. AT&T CLP99483: Price US$ 126.06


Another great silver-black combination, the AT&T model easily integrates with cellular phones. With this device, you can answer your mobile calls. It also offers dual caller ID or call waiting facility. The wireless phone enables you to download up to 6,000 cellular phonebook entries into your cordless handsets. It notifies you about texts emails and social media updates on your Android phones. The model also offers a calendar and reminder system. You also get excellent call clarity, long-range coverage, and noise-filtering technology. The cordless network syncs with one landline and two mobile phones. With one year warranty, it is best suited for homes.

1. Panasonic KX-TGE274S: Price 97.60


Gold Award winner Panasonic KX is a high-quality cordless device, fit for homes and offices. Its ergonomic design, energy-star certification, and Bluetooth connectivity are its stand-apart features. The silver colour cordless phone offers good mobile connectivity. Its great signal strength accounts for excellent performance, far away from the base. Its easy-to-use, flexible and more convenient. It has the fastest charging system. Large backlit display makes fonts bigger, clearer and easy-to-read. Panasonic KZ comes with 4 handsets, each with its own jack. Its also the best cordless for intercom and conferencing. You also get one year warranty. Such well-distinguished features make the Panasonic model, the best of all.

Now that you know the best cordless devices, why wait further? Look for the best one that meet your needs and suit your requirements. No more call drops or low-balance issues. Get the best cordless and enjoy seamless conversations.

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