Top 10 Best Selling Condenser Microphones

Among the various types of microphones of different shapes and sizes, a condenser microphone is an extremely sought out device. It mainly comes into picture when you think of achieving best recording quality of several different instruments (containing your own voice). They are also used for your recording uses. The condenser microphones which are best with all the major features are generally having a broader frequency response, significant output, and a rapid transient response as compared to other simple microphones. Below discussed are the 10 best-selling condenser microphones with major features included that a user is usually looking for.

Here are Top 10 Best Selling Condenser Microphones

10. MXL 770: Price $99.95


This condenser microphone is a perfect combination of a compact construction, high sound quality and budget-friendly price range. It comes as handy to those looking to save some money and are not preparing on constructing a super professional studio. This MXL 770 has compacted bass, an open high-end and a versatile small diaphragm capsule for varying sound frequency. It is also helpful for vocals, strings and pianos. The sound produced inside is warm with great clarity.

9. Audio-Technica AT2020USB: Price $229

Audio-Technica AT2020USB Top Most Selling Condenser Microphones 2017

This is the newest and a kind of USB microphone that serves the major features for use. It can be plugged straight into the USB port of your PC in order that you can proceed with your favorite recording software without any requirement of an external source of power. It is considered best for recording in a home studio and it is more digital version of condenser microphone. It is very useful in podcasting, field recording as well as for voice-over use.

8. Sterling Audio ST55: Price $99


This condenser microphone has stood at the leading position since years in field of best-selling condenser microphones. If you are looking for a microphone with user reviews that manage its longevity, you must try this one. It possesses a huge capsule along with a smooth and thin 3-micron evaporated gold Mylar diaphragm for enhanced sound quality. It has been built with a sole process that is used to permit high frequencies along with improved details.

7. Blue Spark: Price $210

Blue Spark Top Popular Selling Condenser Microphones 2018

It is gaining popularity as traditional condenser microphone in the market and is becoming a highly rated device. This brand has secured in quality sound along with multipurpose circuitry that allows the user to avail excellent recordings using true-to-original frequencies. It has a nice orange body and outstanding chrome accents that make the Blue Spark microphones brand more recognizable. It possesses a solid large diaphragm condenser capsule equipped a branded preamp inbuilt that allows brilliant sound to originate.

6. Neumann TLM-102: Price $700


This is a high quality cardioid pattern type condenser microphone with a large diaphragm that has the capability to bear high sound pressure levels. It is usually paired up with its clear and brittle sound and great SPL rating. The inbuilt capsule of this microphone permits the excellent recording of amplifiers, drums, percussion and several other loud sound sources. It works in a way that it will pick up your vocals very well, but this is even geared for those with louder voices or instruments.

5. AKG Pro C214: Price $400


This is one of the professional large diaphragm condenser microphones which are specifically designed as a cost-effective alternative to the high end C214 family. This C214 provides the user a high-class 1” capsule on the joined suspension because it will reduce conventional mechanical noise. It provides a switchable 20 dB attenuation pad that gives the facility for recording loud sources up to range of 156 dB SPL.

4. Rode NTK: Price $529


The Rod NTK is regarded by many to be designed to deliver warmth with implausible detail in the studio. It possesses a cardioid polar pattern for enhanced sound quality. The product includes a hand-selected twin triode 6922 valve along with audiophile grade mechanisms. The construction is like that of a tank so it will continue for numerous years if you handle it with care. It comes with low noise, an ultra-wide range and spectacular tube warmth — the quality is actually what makes this stand out from others.

3. Blue Microphones Yeti: Price $160


This Blue Yeti USB microphone it provides the user a diversity of selectable polar designs in order to make flexibility while recording. This microphone also comes with inbuilt headphone amplifier along with a system of gain control on the actual unit itself. You will also get an instant mute function located on the face of the microphone. It is compatible with both Mac as well as Windows and contains a USB cable so you can also use it right out of the box.

2. M-Audio Nova: Price $112.5


This product is a kind of large capsule condenser microphone. It guarantees clear recordings that are authentic to the original source and free from unwelcome coloration of the sounds and noise. This condenser microphone is capable to mix low-noise Class A electronics with an evaporated gold diaphragm of more than 1 inch in diameter.

1. Rode NT1-A: Price $369


This condenser microphone has become a high-class industry standard as it carries warmth with a dynamic range. This has been measured the finest condenser microphone for quite some time now as it offers a super clear sound with a great SPL (sound pressure level) ability, a heartfelt feel to the recordings as well as a strong build that will continue you quite a long time if you handle it with a proper care.

Above described are the top 10 best-selling condenser microphones suitable for your audio requirement. Using any of these products, it can be confirmed that you will receive best quality of sound from these at significant and affordable prices for your different uses.

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