Best Commercial Hardware Supply Stores

Commercial hardware supplies companies are where a contractor or a person of certain profession can buy equipments and materials when housing projects or when looking for an industrial sized machine or buying something in bulk.

Here are top 10 Commercial Hardware Supply Stores

10. Masco

Masco Top Popular Commercial Hardware Supply Stores 2019

Masco is one of the largest commercial company globally that is devoted in providing innovative and high-quality products to enhance the consumers lives at a lower prices. Their company was formed in 1929 by Alex Manoogian in Detroit Michigan but become a public company in 1936 dealing and was listed on the Detroit Stock Exchange. In 1954-1970 The company begun to manufacture machines for plumbing, and the products were redesigned to new and attractive delta faucet which was accepted well by the society making the company to sell Millions of dollars.

The company started to diversify in 1961the company change its name to Masco corporations moving in Taylor Michigan which was there new headquarters with Richard Manoogian who is the founder’s son as the President also the Chief Operating Officer. This major growth led the Corporation to be listed on the Stock Exchange in New York in the year 1969.In 1970 – 2000 the company diversified and continued to acquire a number of conclusive manufacturers in building company and industrial products Masco Corporation now was concentrated with brand name consumer products for homes and family. Now the company has streamlined the business platform into four segments which are assembled by similarity according to the products or services. Masco today is among one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brand-name products for homes betterment or new homes compartments construction. The company has always been constant over the years, the Company has evolved providing quality products to consumers, as an end result the brands is highly respected and accepted all over the globe. Examples of these products include

Plumbing products

Cabinetry products

Specialty and window products

Decorative products

Architectural products and many more



Stardust is non-profit organization that has huge stores. They mainly deal majorly in re-purposed materials flooring, lumber, lighting, appliances and fixtures. Their mission is providing quality materials to be reused. The organization has three valley prudence stores that sell affordable salvaged used materials for building home projects and encouraging reuse in the community. The organization was found in 1996 after the remodeling of Jerry Bisgrove and the wife home. Jerry removed everything from the house and when they come back they were shocked to see all the usable material was removed and was used to remodel that same house and the rest of items donated and sold to friends and family. Most proceeds from the organization are used to support the community program and help them. It’s because of that humble beginning that the organization was set up.



Pro build is one of the largest, innovative, successful and trusted suppliers companies that deals with building materials, If you need anything done they are there for you. Pro build has local managers who are able to accommodate customer needs in the market. The company was formed in 1987 and since then they have been the leading manufacturer and supplier of correlated products for building and structural and urban construction.

The company is prosperous because of their commitment and conservative way to national development and economic growth. The company provides services encompassing parts in project delivery, management and construction planning. The company believes that the good outcomes come as a result of their innovative thinking.


ESSENTIAL HARDWARE Top Most Commercial Hardware Supply Stores 2017

This company was formed from the humble background, they work hard to ensure customers are satisfied and there needs are met to the fullest. They began selling hardware and home products in 2005 online in the New York metropolitan. This led the forming their own website which offered products that customer needed at an affordable price.

The company expanded their product line to more than 140000 brands for home improvement. Their products include automotive lawn and garden, Building Materials, outdoor Recreation and many more. The company offers their product at a cheaper and affordable price hence penetrating the market using this strategy. Their product is of high quality and readily available.



The company was found in 1977 as a family owned business, it is one of the leading Manufacturing Company in the U.S. that sells great tools of great quality tools at cheaper and affordable prices in more than 750 stores nationwide. Harbor Freight tools include automotive, shop equipment, hand tools air and power tools.

The company is commitment in providing the people that work there quality tools at the cheapest prices ever. The company offers over 7000 accessories and tools at the levels that exceeds the competitors’ brands and at prices that are customer friendly. This is evident because satisfied customers, consumer magazines and the leading automotive always talk about how great company produces quality products and how is the price is unbeatable.



This is a family owned business that has five retail stores in Australia. The company was founded in 1977 by the Robson family and today the three generations of the Robson’s family works at Robison’s tool king. The company has excess stock of up to four and a half thousand items in their stores; those items include hand tools, workshop equipment, Power tools and fasteners. The items produced are tested using strict standards and which are covered by the repair and replacement warranty. These principals enable the company to produce and deliver quality products at an affordable price hence customer satisfaction.



Northern tool was founded by Don Kotula. The northern tool started as a family business whereby they mailed catalogs, took orders, strapped packages, answered calls, coordinating and shipped their products. The company grew and began adding more products such as tools, water pumps tarps, air compressors and snowplow parts, and in 1981 the company opened up their first store, showroom space, renting warehouse in Burnsville, and in 1991 the company launched a business manufacturing that enabled them to build bigger and tougher products with the North Star brand. The products included generators air compressors and pressure washers. In 1998 the company changed its name to Northern Tool + Equipment so as to reflect better value in their products and to satisfy their customers.



Build direct is among the leading online manufacturer wholesalers dealing with flooring and building materials in the world. The company was founded in 1999 to with the main aim of satisfying customers worldwide. Build direct enables one to save money because one is buying them from the manufacturer, besides that customers are guaranteed of quality products. They offer services such as laminating using bamboo and tiles, kitchen products such as vanity tops and landscaping products. Their services are delivered on time by a ship, they also offer door-to-door anywhere all over the world to and in North America. Internationally they ship orders that are in container to the nearest port. The company puts the needs of the customer first through their values that is integrity, honesty and respect for others



Home depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers. The company was found in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank with the main aim of improving retail industries and homes. Home depot has more than 2200 stores in North America. The company leadership motto is to thrive in service offered to the customers, communities, shareholders and associates.

The value of this company is that the culture, norms and success are built on the following principals:

Customer – that is customer should always come first

Front line associates – Making sure all people in that organization are taken care of

Field support – It should have a support system of local leadership

Corporate support of all centers in Atlanta

Driving modernization towards strategic leadership



Lowe’s is one of the biggest home improvement store chains in North America and it has expanded also outside the United states, the company was found in 1921 by Lucius Smith lowe in Northern Carolina where the headquarters is located also, after he died in 1940 the daughter took over the business and later on she sold the company to the brother Jim who partnered with Buchman in 1943 who focused in building materials and hardware, he expanded and diversified the company until he become the sole owner in 1954. The company has more than 1840 stores in Mexico and Canada. The company ensures that ethics and compliance are followed to the later in order to protect their integrity and cultures.

Most of this commercial hardware supply companies have quality products which are offered at a price that is affordable to customers, and have their own strategies of ensuring that their customers are satisfied.

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