Best Colors For Table Cloths

Home décor is not something that people should take lightly. Even something as simple as choosing the right color of table cloth could really make or break a room in your house. This a decision that you should take some time with and it will depend greatly on several factors. The first of these will be your array of colors present in that room and in the home in general. The second of course being your personal feelings about the various colors themselves and what they could do for the room that they are in.

Here are the Top 10 Best Colors For Table Cloths

10. Beige

Beige Top 10 Best Colors For Table Cloths 2017

There is something to be said about simplicity. There is little that is quite as common as the color beige. This is a complementary color that encourages people spending time in that room to avert their eyes from the table that the cloth is on, and focus on other key areas of the room. This is especially important if you have décor options within the room that you would like to showcase. The table is the natural focal point for a dining room, and that is why neutral colors like beige help to offset the need for people to retain their focus on the table instead of other things that could also be in the room. It really just depends on how much attention you want the table (and things on that table) to get noticed.

9. White


There is nothing quite as daring as having a white table cloth. While it certainly adds a brightness to the room and a subtle elegance to anything you are doing with the table at the time, it is risky in its own right. White table cloths show everything, and announce any sort of marking they might have in a dramatic fashion. So if you are having something that might stain your bright white table cloth, it might not be the best option, because table cloths can prove to be very stubborn in getting out even the simplest of stains. The white cloth tends to command attention and that is what makes it a great choice for those looking to draw a lot of attention to what is on the table and to draw people towards the table to socialize.

8. Burnt Orange


I know what you’re thinking. Burnt orange, really? This is an excellent choice for the autumn months and even into the winter. There is an elegance to the look, not to mention that it draws to mind common colors of the season. This alone will help you tie an entire house into the décor of autumn, which is not always something easy to do. If you are someone that likes to change up the inside and outside of your home according to the seasons (as so many are), this will be something to help your table cloth not stick out like a sore thumb as an overlooked aspect to your decorating.

7. Yellow


Yellow tablecloths are indicative of happiness and joviality. If you are someone that is looking to really change the way that you feel about a room as a whole, try incorporating a bright color like yellow into the mix. While this typically demands other décor changes to complement throughout the entire room, you might really like the new feeling that you and guests have sitting around the table. You might also find that you don’t have to go the extreme yellow in order to get this same effect, as pastel yellows offer a little more elegance while still providing that same level of brightness and excitement to a tired table.

6. Red


Red is a power color. This is a table cloth that is going to command a lot of attention to your table unless it is cut back with a design of some sort. A pure red table cloth will be something that proves to be an excellent choice for both holidays and everyday use alike. Be mindful of how you decorate and complement a strong shade of red throughout the rest of the room, as too much red can really ruin a room. While it is an excellent choice for your table cloth, ensure that you aren’t leaving the other aspects of the complementary décor to suffer by not modifying it in kind.

5. Plum (Purple)

Plum (Purple) Top 10 Best Colors For Table Cloths

This is a great choice for those that wanted to add a little subtle color without overpowering the room. People typically aren’t drawn to a deep purple color in the plum family, which makes it an elegant backdrop kind of table cloth for your home and for your hosted events. The good thing about plum is that is surprisingly complementary to various colors all over the spectrum, which makes pairing it for events something that doesn’t require a lot of head scratching. If it is just for your own personal use, the plum table cloth can be a strong color choice that allows for a lot of use over the years, as it isn’t specifically a seasonal color.

4. Maroon


While the cousin of this color (red) has already been featured earlier on this list, maroon tends to be a more popular choice in the realm of table cloths as it is another subtle choice like plum. Maroon is often associated in the mind with royalty and prestigious circumstances, which makes it an excellent choice for a hosted event, but also a great look for your dining room. Complementing maroon is pretty easy, and one of the most complementary colors follows just ahead of this option on the best colors list. So if you are looking for a nice pair, look no farther than #4 and #3 of this list.

3. Hunter Green


This is a very common choice when it comes to the traditional table cloth. This earthy tone is an excellent addition to nearly any home décor design that you already have. Also, the hunter green tablecloth is a very forgiving cloth color that doesn’t draw immediate attention to spills and stains that might have not completely come out from your last dinner accident. In addition, this is a color that directly complements maroon, which made #4 on this table cloth colors list.

2. Light Blue


Light blue, preferably in the pastel family of colors, is an excellent year round option to add some brightness and excitement to the entire dining room. While it might have taken a little while to become the trending option that it currently is, pastel blue has traditionally been used around the Easter holidays to add a feeling of that holiday to the décor in the home. But taking it out of this context, it can stand alone as a bold color choice that can draw a kind eye to the entire dining room. It follows very much the same path as the yellow family of table cloths, offering the mind a feeling of joviality when you see it.

1. Grey


While #10 on this list was also in the neutral color family, grey tends to stand out a little more in this light as an excellent choice for the modern home. This is quite possibly the most popular color in table cloths right now, and that is primarily due to the fact that so many houses are moving into a contemporary/modern décor style, which deals a lot in blacks, whites and greys. So even though this is a neutral color option, it can be quite a strong choice for your table should you be looking to really change the look of your dining room as a whole.

These are ten of the best Colors For Table Cloths that you can choose from. These options should give you literally any kind of look that you are hoping to provide a dining room, even one that hasn’t seen a new look for quite a long time. Try some of these out and see the difference that each and every one of them could make towards revitalizing your dining room table all over again.

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