Top 10 Best Selling Circular Saws

A circular saw is a kind of apparatus mainly used to cut through hard materials like wood in different shapes and sizes. This saw machine or device consist of sharp tooth-like blades at the edges. With the help of abrasive discs or blades, circular saws spin around an axle or arbour to cut through any hard materials. Being invented in the 18th century, this power tool has become the most common cutting machine used widely in the United States. For cutting hard materials like wood, plastic and masonry, it can be either used by hand or can be mounted on a machine.

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Circular Saws

10. RYOBI CSB124


This powerful Carved designed circular saw is well equipped with 12 amps, motor and 20 teeth like sharp steel blades. There is easy to grip pommel handle fitted in front.

RyobiCSB124 is featured with a unique air diverter and dust exhaust so that the cut line is always clearly visible and the dust particles never comes flying back to the user.

This brand is well known for its decent design and affordable price.




Powered with high torque motor 5 -1/2 Inch, it has very fast cutting blades which are perfect for the versatile cutting purpose. Easy tool- free depth has enabled this saw for easy adjustment.

Bevel adjustment at 45-90 degrees with detents. This circular saw is ideal for any kind of home project for its compact design, but undoubtedly not perfect to bear heavy cutting loads. Total weight of the machine is around 6.7 pounds.

Cost: $49.00.


HITACHI C7ST Top Most Famous Selling Circular Saws 2018

An absolute power saw, that has a low centre of gravity which has made this circular saw to achieve accurate cuts each time. Another notable feature includes 24 tooth carbide-tipped blades with a diameter of 7-1/4 inches and an axle 5.8 inch. Hitachi C7ST has been equipped with a 15-ampere motor .and 6000 RPM blade speed to perform tough cutting smoothly like a hot knife through butter.

This machine has an automatic dust blower to blow the dust while cutting; hence the cut line is clearly visible. Rips easily through concrete, tiles and marbles. The machine is nicely fitted with soft gripped handle, to lower the vibration and for comfortable use. Light weight.

Price: $67.98.

7. HILTI 00427728

HILTI 00427728 Top Best Selling Circular Saws 2017

This model comes up with a cord and offers 5,800 RPMs.Powered by 120 volts and 15-ampere nominal current. Another significant fact about this device is it makes less sound in comparison with other similar circular saws. Hilti 00427728 has 2-3/8-inch max cutting depth. Also, it cuts 1-3/4 inches at 45 degrees. Net weight is 14.9 pounds. This machine has been fitted with an easily accessible rod, with blades7-1/4 inches diameter and 5/8 inch arbour. Wrench, instructions tool and blades are included.

Price: $217.08.

6. SKIL 5680-02


In the world of circular saws, SKIL 5680-02 is one the best and worth to be mentioned available right now in the market. This model has been powered with 15 amperes and contracted with a ball bearing.

It can work at a speed of 5300RPM. There is an in- built laser guide and an indicator lamp.

Unlike other, the depth and cutting angle is adjustable — maximum at 90 degrees is 2-7/16”, and at 45-degree maximum cutting depth is 1-15/16”.51 degree bevel adjustment and laser guided cutline ensure a flawless finish. Stable wide footplate assures comfortable to use.

Price: $89.33.



This amazing designed saw has the unique cutting ability with powerful 15-ampere motors that delivers 5,200 RPM, and has been amplified by powerful blades that rip through the woods efficiently.

Makita 5008MGA has 56-degree bevel capacity with two positive stop at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. Very easy to adjust with the big rubberized leaver.

The tool has two in-built, LED lights to mark the cut line illuminated, and clearly visible. Attached electric break and built in duster has increased its work efficiency.

Easy to read ruler markings and an 8.5 ft. reinforced cord has made this saw user-friendly and a powerful tool.

Price: $128. 85.

4. RIDGID R3210


This circular saw is one of the best saw because of its unique features like spindle lock that ensures easy blade changing, extremely accessible brushes and high torque worm gear.

Attached with 24 carbide blade on the left sides, it offers a clear vision of cut lines. Unique design constructed with magnesium, which has made it lightweight and durable. With a strong 15-amp motor that produces up to 5,800 RPM speed has made it a powerful tool.

Cutting depths is 2- 3/8 inches that allow this saw to cut hard plywood type materials without any issue. Unlike other saws, this saw also has a high bevel position up to 56 degrees.

Price: $ 143.98.



The DEWALT DWS535 is 7-1/4″Worm, drive power Blade Circular Saw, very lightweight and easy to handle. An extensive cast magnesium footplate provides a stable cutting platform that allows the machine to rip through materials very quickly.

Bevel capacity up to 56 degrees with detents at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. With a special spindle lock and extra wide saw hook, this saw performs tough job very effectively.

Toughcord cord protection system ensures cord jerk protection.

Price $179.00.



Outstanding circular saw with versatile working capacity. Its unique lightweight and ultra compact design enables the user a trouble free long time use without cramps. It can easily glide through tiles, hard ply-woods, metal sheets, marbles, etc.

Auto dust extraction adaptor always keeps the cut line clear. Inbuilt indication lamp attached.

Its plunge cut indicator helps in a critical position when precision is tough to show the exact cut line. Slim design .to fit in any small space.

Price $91.19.

1. MILWAUKEE 0730-22


The best among all with unique and revolutionary 28v lithium-ion battery with 4,200 RPM, which delivers high torque and blade speed only you can expect from an AC powered tool. Featured with fast-acting electric brake and dual tactile grips enhance productivity.

Apart from this, high strength aircraft aluminium shoe resists bending which ensure precise and accurate cutting. Highly durable and work efficient power tool.

Price $ 495.54.

So these are the top ten best circular saws presently available in the market. With some basic unique features, each circular saw has its durability and working capacity. Anyone can choose, giving some basic facts about safety, cutting ability and multipurpose uses and price as prior points.

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