Top 10 Best Selling Charcoal Grills

Lots of people love to flock into the wild and roast the meats as well as the vegetables over the grills and flames, especially when the weather is warm. It is also a great concern of many people to know about some of the bestselling charcoal grills in town. The grills can range from the gigantic beasts of steel to some of the delicate and portable, but durable at the same time that can be taken anywhere like a hill station, park, etc.

A list of top 10 best-selling charcoal grills has been given below along with some of their qualities.

10. Landmann Kettle Charcoal Grill: Price £27

Landmann Kettle Charcoal Grill Top Most Popular Selling Charcoal Grills 2018

The Landmann Kettle Charcoal Grill has a classic design and you can have it in just £27. This charcoal grill is reliable, durable and has a size that is big enough for feeding a hungry family that is not too large. It is not suitable for great outdoor parties; however, if you want to get something inexpensive and you don’t have lots of people who go out with you on barbecue parties then it would be good enough for you.

9. Lodge Sportsman Grill: Price $100USD

Lodge Sportsman Grill Top Famous Selling Charcoal Grills 2019

Lodge Sportsman Grill is manufactured from very heavy duty cast iron that makes it durable enough. Lots of people prefer buying this grill for barbecue parties in many different places like beaches, parks and other spots in the city. A number of other such metal worked grills also moved overseas and they got cheaper and cheaper and virtually got disappeared. But the Lodge Sportsman Grill has remained in the business and it has literally thrived in the world of cast iron.

8. The Flaming Coals Cyprus Spit Deluxe


The Flaming Coals Cyprus Spit Deluxe has a desk-like design. It has a bigger structure comparatively but that is not really complicated and can be built up easily by setting the different parts in the right positions. This charcoal grill has kebab skewers that are supposed to be run by a battery motor; it keeps on rotating above the coals so that the heat can be distributed evenly. The Flaming Coals Cyprus Spit Deluxe is manufactured by The American BBQ Company.

7. Weber Performer Deluxe: Price $350USD


It is considered to be one of the most successful products of its type that are ever made. Weber Performer Deluxe is sold in many different countries of the world and it is recognized by some of its qualities that include versatility, capacity, etc. This charcoal grill comes up with a large sized table, a charcoal lighter that is powered by gas and a digital timer. It lets you have an outstanding cooking experience.

6. Barbecook Optima Charcoal Grill: Price £129


Barbecook Optima Charcoal Grill stands above a mini-lectern that lets you give a short speech as you cook some steaks. It is a lidless charcoal grill and comes up with a lighting system that is hassle-free. There is also an option given for adding some water to the base of the grill for bringing extra stability and it is considered to be great especially when you prod the pieces of meat and shift them all around the grill.

5. Broil King Steel Keg: Price $1029


The Broil King Steel Keg has a number of truly impressive features and an innovative design. It has the capability to hit a very high temperature inside while it stays cool from outside as it has a great system to control the temperature. The grill can be mounted onto the trailer hitch and it can be taken tailgating. This grill also has some small issues that may arise due to its design, so you should also keep a check on them.

4. Kikkerland Stainless Steel Portable BBQ Suitcase: Price £64


This Kikkerland Stainless Steel Portable BBQ Suitcase looks almost similar to a briefcase of a spy. However, there is a deft lift of its lid. This grill has a size big enough for cooking a meal for two persons decently. It has a little tray for keeping charcoal and there is also some space where the steaks are to be kept and cooked. It is great and amazing.

3. Portable Kitchen Cooker: Price $370


The design of this Portable Kitchen Cooker is supposed to be primitive. It is an outstanding grill and it has a capability of raising the temperature high for grilling and maintaining slow smoking. There is a limitation of size for this grill but overall it is amazing.

2. Weber Mastertouch: Price £269


It has lots of things that are to be admired. The design, the way its lid is adjusted, the cooking space and a lot more. It lets you cook a meal for ten people easily at a time. It also has a built-in thermometer that lets you maintain the temperature and keep a check on it.

1. Weber Original Kettle 22: Price $149


It has a round design that focuses on controlling the ventilation of heat. It has a large area for grilling that gives enough space for both direct as well as indirect grilling. An optional rotisserie kit is also offered with it.

You have lots of options that can be considered if you want to buy a charcoal grill. However, you should only choose that piece which is the best for you in every aspect. You should check out the qualities of a number of different grills and their prices as well, and then decide to get the one that would be the most useful for you while fitting in your budget. You do not need to buy something that upsets your budget.

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