Best Categories to Buy on Amazon

With the best 10 categories to buy on Amazon, you’ll never have to worry running out of time to get that perfect gift or go shopping 24/7. The ecommerce has more than 20 categories that are either sold or brought on the official site.

It even forced some major department stores to go bankrupt or close it’s doors just recently. Some being Kmart, Sears, and even some Wal-Mart’s in various areas of the nation. Not to say that it’s all Amazon’s fault for this, they did make more than $4B in sales by the end of the last quarter of 2017. Financial experts suggest this had to do with the boom of eCommerce stores.

Beside, the eCommerce tycoon has so much products for sale, why would you want to go shop elsewhere? Yet, they aren’t the only company online that you can shop on; they are the “top shelf” considerably. When compared to the Europeans, Americans seem to buy more in the video games and books, for instance. But, for those die hard shoppers, Amazon is a dream come true. Some categories you may never wonder into, but it never hurts to broaden your horizons when it comes to Amazon shopping.

Here are the top 10 best categories to buy on Amazon

10. Cameras and Photography equipment

Cameras and Photography equipment Top Most Famous Categories to Buy on Amazon 2018

Some things are hard to pass up but these are necessary no matter if they’re digital or not. When it comes to the lens, it seems people are still going to buy cameras, camcorders, even telescopes. Online shoppers will buy them new, refurbished, but definitely not used on

9. Home and Garden

Home and Garden Top Famous Categories to Buy on Amazon 2019

How can you not buy anything for the home or garden. When it comes to thing for the house, you’ll buy it on Amazon. Especially things for the Kitchen and Dining-room, consumers will buy furniture too for the house. This includes appliances and anything for the bedroom (i.e. sheets/pillows/bedding…).

Another element in this category are the sub categories that really count under the home and garden department. This items are for your pets; such as pet supplies, and pool supplies, and patio/lawn supplies and furniture. There’s also the home appliances and landscaping tools and equipment. You can even buy collectibles for the house and antiques, but at a reasonable price. Snow removal equipment and generators are also popular for Amazon shoppers. Although, they have to be new, refurbished, and preferably not used. It is for your home and garden. This is the reason why it’s on the Top 10 Best Categories to buy on Amazon.

8. Luggage and Travel Accessories


When it comes to travel necessities, buy it on Amazon if you don’t know where to go. It’s seems that this category is looking pretty hot these days. As people are traveling more while luggage is expensive, so are bags, briefcases,…etc. But on Amazon, you can get some nice leather goods for some affordable prices. Also, what sells and what people buy are tons of backpacks. Another item that sells in this category are umbrellas, travel accessories, and remember people are only going to buy them new or at least get an approval if you want to sell an item in this department yet you have to contact Amazon about this. Approval is required for “professional sellers” only and there are certain criteria to be considered a profession.

7. Accessories – Shoes, Handbags, and Sunglasses


Shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, handbags, sunglasses, eyewear frames, and they can all be NEW only when selling or buying these items. Plus majority of them are being sold by professional sellers only. Therefore, you must get an approval to sell under this category for some reason. You’ll have to contact Amazon support team for it.

6. Music/Music Instruments


This category is tricky because there’s so much in the music department that you can buy, trade, or sell. Refurbished or not, you can get CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl, and other sound recordings. Also, you can get them used, collectibles yet, they are not accepting any new sellers. Additionally, for the musical instruments, its great for those who want to buy or sell guitars, orchestra instruments, recording equipment, and that’s all new or refurbished that you can buy or sell. It seems that there’s no used or collectibles that are being sold in Amazon though.

5. Toys / Games


For infants and preschoolers, this category is especially for them. Also, you can buy or sell learning and exploration toys which are always fun to look through in Amazon. Nonetheless, things such as ride-ons, action figures, dolls, board games, craft/art supplies, and anything hobby related. No used or refurbished items are sold in this category, not even for holiday sales.

4. Sports/electronic sports


In this category, items such as exercise and fitness items are a big thing in this category; such items are hunting accessories, team sports items, plus things like licensed and fan shops. When it comes to sports, Amazon is a great seller because you can literally find anything on this site, and sell it. Other notable items for sell in the top best categories to buy on Amazon are athletic apparel, boating and fishing, game room accessories. They have to be new, or refurbished. Although, when it comes to the Sports Collectibles category, you can buy trading cards, games that are used, even autographed sports collectibles. Although, Amazon isn’t accepting any new sellers, you can contact they when you need to see when they will be for the sports category.

3. Tools and Home Improvement


This is a classic. Most tools, especially power tools are easy and cheap on Amazon. Compared to other places, you’ll be able to get part for home improvement as well. Such items like building materials, plumbing, electrical, and appliance parts as well. Although, you do have to have them new or refurbished also because no one really wants to tools that are old and used including for improvements on your home.

2. Games (Software and Computer Games)


There’s a big consumer based for this category and that’s the gamers out on the shopping market sprees. They want to buy so much media and hi-tech games that it’s unreal and a billion dollar industry for Amazon. This is the reason why it’s on the Top 10 Best Categories to buy on Amazon. Also, for utilities and security items like having Smart Home for instance. All those “smart” products can be brought or sold on Amazon. Naturally they all have to be new or at least refurbished to sell on Amazon also.

Video, DVD and Blu-Ray items fall into this category because they go hand-in-hand with software, computers and games. So, with that said, the movies, TV’s new and used, but collectibles need to get an approval from Amazon’s support team. And also, if you’re a Professional Sellers, then you’re fine to sell on Amazon only. If you’d like to sell on Amazon in this category, you have to apply. Video Games gift certificates are a high commodity on Amazon.

1. Books / Kindle (Books)


Hello! This is what everyone remembers Amazon for was because they were all readers so everyone had to buy their books from Amazon books, no less! What happened? Now we can buy other stuff, but in reality, this category was probably the only category that people came on Amazon for, for the BOOKS! And the Kindle books of course. Naturally when you think of Amazon, you should think of the number one category first because this is the main reason why Amazon got started in the first place.

Europeans and Americans want to have thousands and thousands of them, but on a device for some reason. And just in case your wondering, Americans read a lot about people and events and like to run free into popular movies for entertainment. Whereas, Europeans, like to the same although, they prefer video games more.

Finally, if you do want to get into these categories and find some of the best selling products on Amazon, hap at it. So much to see and buy, sell and trade. It’s so surreal at times since what we find online, we can simply buy at the stores, right? Yet, we don’t have to rush through the crowds, find parking, put gas, walk around and browse, wait in lines, …to name a few. It’s still Amazon, and it’s here to stay, while we know we have options, sometimes it feels good just to stay home and sell or buy on one of the best online-shopping websites to date.

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