Top 10 Best Selling Cat Carriers

As per the research more than 3.4 million families across the globe have pets like, dogs, puppies and cats and they consider them as a family member. And they feel lonely when travel without them and if you are also one of them, then do not worry anymore, because we are going to provide you some list of cat carriers/pet carriers in the below. In this article we will know about different types of cat carriers, their features, durability, size etc.

Top ten best selling cat carriers are listed below please have a deep look.

10. Sherpa Park Tote


Sherpa part tote is a durable and light cat carrier that is specially designed for transporting and carrying cats and other small sized pets. It has black theme which requires low maintenance and support cat weighing up to 12 pounds. For every exploration, this is perfect carrier. This is a machine washable product which has breathable roll-back mesh sunroof panel that provides full comfort and support for pets. Side and top openings for easy loading, while one can carry it as a backpack or messenger bag.

Price: $ 74

9. Pawfect Pet-Large

Pawfect Pet-Large Top Most Famous Selling Cat Carriers 2018

This cat carrier is known for its performance and best quality material. This bag allows you travel with worry-free. It is tested for safety and health while cost effective as well. Most importantly, this bag is airline approved which gives your pet full comfort while you and they are on the move together. It has sturdy internal frame which allows you maximize internal space while its zipper protect your cat from escaping in transit.

Price: $ 29

8. Pet Gear I-GO2

Pet Gear I-GO2 Top Famous Selling Cat Carriers 2019

You can consider this product if you need some good and extreme flexibility for your cat. It is specially designed as a car seat, rolling bag and backpack. It is not an airline approved bag because of its odd shape. It has some quite good space for your cat where they can sit up during the travel time. It comes in four colours such as, sage, black, blue and ocean. Therefore, it can be the perfect bag for your cat, if you are looking for some good product.

Price: $ 62

7. Petmate Compass


It is made of high density plastic which gives your cat extraordinary style and comfort. It support up to 10 pounds and has an easy and light to carry your pets. It comes with secure system, chew resistant that minimize the risk of cat escaping. While this cat bag is quite stylish and smart which has good ventilation system for your pets, it is also very good looking, cost effective and safe for pets.

Price: $ 39

6. Pet Obedience Airline Approved cat carrier


If you are looking for some airline approved pet carriers then, this is perfect bag for your cat. You can fly with your pet with this bag which also made of superior quality material and has very compact size. It can hold up to 18 pounds weight. This bag has external pocket for cat’s needs. It has telescoping handle which can be turn in rolling suitcase. This cat carrier comes with life time warranty, sturdy construction, and waterproof canvas material.

Price: $ 39

5. Pet Carrier for Dogs & Cats Comfort Airline Approved Travel Tote Soft Sided Bag


This is quite good cat carrier for cat’s comfortable accommodations. It has removable fleece cushion which provides ultimate experience to you. It has enough space for ventilation and has padded shoulder strap. This bag has small zip on the top which allows you to quick access your cat. This product has multiple convenient pockets and superior ventilation.

Price: $ 26

4. OxGord Pet Carriers


If you travel on regular basis with your pets then, this bag is quite perfect for you. This airline approved bag is made of fine quality material and has very compact size which provides you relaxing travel with your cat. This bag will never disappoint you because it is durable, light, easy to carry pets, and most importantly comes with padded fleece bed where cat can take rest in transit. Its adjustable shoulder strap gives you convenient transportation. While it has compartments for toys, medication, breathable, etc. this bag has sturdy construction and fully washable.

Price: $26.95

3. CAT1st Portable Ultra Light and Sturdy Cat Carrier


If you are looking something light weight cat bag then you can go for this one. This bag has very attractive design that is specially designed for small pets. Although it is not air line approved but has some other advantages such as, washable, breathable, easy to carry, light weight, cost effective and most importantly, it can carry cats up to 18 pounds. It has good ventilation system in it, less maintenance required.

Price: $ 19.99

2. Pet Magasin


Pet Magasin is an airline approved, portable and durable travel pet carrier. It is perfect for the puppies, dogs and cats. It has blue themed body and attractive design which looks quite stylish. It made of fine quality soft sided material that provides healthy environment to your pet inside the bag. You cat will not feel suffocation inside it because of well ventilated sides. It has zippered panels which prevent your cat from falling during the transit. This pet carrier is very easy to clean, affordable and had a water resistant body. It comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty and 1 year money back guarantee.

Price: $ 26.97

1. Petmate (Two Door)


This bag has two door systems which provide healthy ventilation to your cats and other pets. It made of steel and high strength plastic that makes your travel convenient and hassle free. Ergonomic carry handle, sturdy construction makes very ease transportation. If you have faced some challenged before regarding pet carriers then, I am quite sure that, this bag will not disappoint you anymore. Your pet and you will enjoy the original value. You can easy clean it and it support up to 15 pounds.

Price: $ 39.99

From the above discussion it is very clear that pet carriers are very important for those whole likes to travel with their cats, dogs and puppies. In the above the list some, we came to know about the different cat carriers along with their special or normal features. Some of them are air line approved while some of them are not.

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