Best Caster Board Brands

A castor board is a two-wheeled human-powered vehicle that aims at easing movement between tight spaces. It is functional both indoors and outdoors. Rather than walk around your neighborhood, why not glide through with a castor board. While they aim at delivering on convenience as well as efficiency, you will notice that they come with varying features and capabilities. Even with the ability to narrow down the features, you will realize that you will still have a variety of brands to choose from. To help guide you through making the right choice, the following are the top 10 best caster board brands for 2017 to consider.

Here are the Top 10 Best Caster Board Brands

10. Exboard

Exboard Top Most Popular Caster board Brands 2018

The Exboard brand may not have a wide coverage or a wide array of caster board but they offer different boards that aim at suiting the different needs and preferences of riders. It is good for beginners, professionals, as well as for riders who are simply looking to have some fun. By choosing the right board, it is bound to serve you in the long-term.

9. Essboard


This brand remains very competitive in the market offering caster board for both beginners as well as professional riders. If you are looking for a fancy looking design that will meet your needs on functionality, this is a great brand to consider. Though it is one of the first brands to invent caster boards, it is not in a rush to flood the market with caster board. However, their products are designed to deliver on precision. You will notice fine detail. In addition, they will deliver on durability.

8. Blade Board

Blade Board Top Most Caster board Brands 2017

Blade board brand leaves riders with reason to enjoy the experience. This brand is competitive due to its great combination of features, specifications as well as outstanding design. It offers a number of products to meet a variety of needs and preferences in the market. With the advancement in technology, Blade Board is seeking to take the market by storm with some new advanced products. Watch out for the most recent caster board from this brand.

7. Razor


Razor is one of the oldest brands in the market and it is holding up well. It offers a wide variety of designs and specifications. Looking through its products, you will notice the durable and attractive material used to build them. Just to mention but a few, have a look at the Razor Sole Skater and the Razor Pro model. These models offer a wide variety of products for individuals who are looking to begin their act as riders.

6. SwaveBoard


Swaveboard takes one of the top positions thanks to its outstanding features. They are designed with the key objective of boosting stability. This brand accompanies its caster board with adequate protective gear to match. In this, you can have full gear with this brand. The finishing is outstanding allowing for flexibility. Just as the name suggest, you will be able to swave around while retaining stability.

5. Axis Casterboarding


This brand is keen to deliver the best for professional riders. While it may not be the best option for beginners, it offers outstanding features to deliver on stability as well as traction. This brand offer a new surf hybrid which allows riders to take on difficult turns and curves on the streets. This brand comes with a rock and shock wedge system it takes on both downhill as well as on level ground. In this, it ensures that street riders have caster board that meet their needs.

4. VigorBoard


The VigorBoard brand offers a sleek design and an outstanding finish. Other than its appearance, it comes with features that are outstanding to help surfers ride with stability as well as foot control. This brand does not cover a wide array of products but with what it offers, you will be drawn to love caster board. Watch out for the Vigor board air pro model. This is a popular model under this brand. It has gained popularity for the right reasons.

3. Street Surfing LLC


Just as the name suggests, this brand is out to define what caster boarding is all about and offer product that bring out the best. This brand may not be as old as some well-known brands but it is giving them a chase for their money. With the company founded in 2004, this brand is catching up. You can purchase your caster board online though it has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. However, its operations run in a number of countries across the globe. Watch out for the Street Surfing BoardWave 360 amongst other products.

2. Timberwolf


Timberwolf may not have a very wide range of caster boards but it is keen to provide some of the best in the market. Their key feature is the bi-directional aspect. This brand is designed to be lightweight making them fast. With this, they are not recommended for beginners but they are great for individuals who know what they are doing. They deliver on functionality as well as offer a great design. Have a look at the ConVert and the TimberWolf Xtreem Caster board.

1. Ripstick


Ripstick brand for caster boards falls under the Razor manufacturers and has taken the market by storm thus the number one position in this list. They come with a sleek design, deliver on functionality, as well as offer a wide range of outstanding caster boards that are amazing. This brand offers a combination of great features to ensure that you stay on your feet and enjoy a ride like no other. In its products line up, you will notice the Air Pro, Classic, Risper, RipStick Brights, as well as RipStick Electric. With this wide variety, there is definitely something for everyone looking for a caster board to suit his or her needs and preferences.

There you have it. The above top 10 best caster board brands for 2017 will boost your sporting experience. They all aim to deliver on durability so they can serve you in the long-term. Be keen to check on the weight limit requirement before purchasing from any of the brands. While they may offer varying designs, they have varying features and specifications to meet the needs and references of different surfers.

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