Top 10 Best Selling Card Shufflers

Card playing is a game that has gained popularity across the world with people playing the game both for fun and also makes money through gambling. The shuffling of cards can both by a specialist referred to as croupiers or by a Card Shuffler which is a machine. Card Shufflers are mostly used in casinos. This is because the Card Shufflers increases shuffling complexity as well as improves the quality of shuffling.

It also reduces the cases of some players collaborating with Croupiers to play unfairly to other players. The Card shufflers differ in performance, and also, they register different sales margins in the market.

This article discusses the list of top 10 selling Card shufflers in the market.

10. Trademark Global Automatic Card Shuffler: Price $ 19.50


Global automatic shuffler can handle casino shuffling. It’s manufactured by Global companies limited. This shuffler shuffles at a go maximum of two decks of cards. It shuffles the cards perfectly and gives out results of perfect randomness something which nobody without the help of the machine can do. This shuffler is well known for handling poker cards, standard cards and also bridge cards. The design of this shuffler well suits its role of shuffling.

9. CHH 6-Deck Card Shuffler: Price $ 17.00

CHH 6-Deck Card Shuffler Top Popular Selling Card Shufflers 2018

6-Deck Shuffle is well known for its amazing ability to shuffles at a go six decks of cards. Most of the common shufflers only shuffle two decks of cards, but this deck beat all them in this particular aspect. Within a very short time, this deck can give quality shuffling despite the fact it shuffles six decks. It can shuffle bridge cards as well as standard cards.

8. 6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler: Price $ 18.00

6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler Top 10 Best Selling Card Shufflers 2017

C-sized batteries run this shuffler. It can shuffle six decks at a go for cards used in poker and bridge. This shuffler it’s made of plastic and its performance its way beyond its looks. It can shuffle poker cards and bridge using the standard cards.

7. Trademark Poker Wooden Card Shuffler: Price $ 14.00


This device can shuffle bridge sized cards or standards of decks within a very short time using only a pair of AA batteries. This device has been developed by a very respected and well-known brand that is given a high level of respect. It carries the shuffling trademark of the global shuffling system. The shuffler has been made in a way that it can as well be used as a beauty or decor items.

6. Hand Cranked Card Shuffler: Price $ 16.50


This is a manual shuffler that gives perfect and quality shuffling. At once it can shuffle two decks at once. This shuffler sells on the advantage that it doesn’t need battery power to run therefore its very economical and reduces chances of failure due to power problems. Despite the fact this shuffler its manual it runs quietly and gives perfect and quality results just like any other automatic shufflers.

5. Joba – 4 Deck Card Shuffler: Price $ 10.44


AA batteries run this shuffler. This is advantageous since there is no worry of replacing the batteries after they run out. The batteries are readily available and at very affordable rates. This is the main reason why this shuffler performs well in sales. It can shuffle four decks at a go and within a very short time, it gives quality shuffling.

4. Classic Game Collection Manual Card Shuffler: Price $ 16.00


It is a manual shuffler which guarantees quality is shuffling for casino class. This shuffler is mostly used in casinos due to its ability to give perfect shuffling. At once it can shuffle two decks, and it’s more reliable than most of other shufflers. It is made of plastic and looks pleasing with its ability to shuffle both bridge and poker cards.

3. 1 to 2 Deck Automatic Playing Card Shuffler: Price $ 15.00


This shuffler shuffle cards perfectly well and faster compared to manual shufflers. It shuffles maximum of two decks of cards and after shuffling it automatically boots itself. For anyone who wants to upgrade from manual shuffler, they can choose this shuffler and be assured to get perfect results.

2. Casino Deluxe Automatic 4 Deck Card Shuffler: Price $ 16.00


This is the second selling shuffler which is perfect for casino use. At once it can shuffle four cards decks. The shuffler is equipped with fingertips controls which give the ability of the cards to be shuffled faster compared to other shufflers. This is the reason the shuffler is currently the second top selling shuffler across the world. This is brought about by the premium features that makes it suitable for commercial purposes like casinos. They give the most complex shuffling which makes it hard for players to guess easily.

1. Casino 6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler: Price $ 19.00


This shuffler can handle six decks at a go in a very short time giving quality and complex shuffling. This is an ideal shuffler both for casinos and home that’s why it’s the top selling shuffler in the market. This is an automatic shuffler that runs on a battery with its shuffling speed very high compared to manual shufflers.

Technology is advancing day after day, and new shufflers are designed to time over time to give a new experience in the industry of card playing. For the companies that design and make the shuffling machine, they have to be innovative in order constantly they can compete in this fast-growing industry. The spirit of gambling is increasing amongst people across the world which now is raising the demand of the card shufflers. Only the companies that are innovative will harvest the benefits which come with the increasing demand.

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