Top 10 Best Selling Car Speakers

Having or owning a car is a great experience if you have added speakers which provide a great sound experience. Speakers are of different kinds. Some people enjoy music when they have bass effect and some may not.

Based on the user’s requests and requirements, we have made a good research and mentioned top 10 best selling car speakers in this article. We have kept general audiences in the mind for this research based article.

Speakers installed cars have great music listening experience. When you are travelling with your friends or family for a trip, then you can enjoy music at maximum with speakers installed if you are a music lover.

Based on the loudness, sensibility, RMS, wattage usage, we have provided the list of top 10 best selling car speakers

10 . NVX Car Speakers


This set of speakers provides good treble sound with remarkable definition and sound. It is best suitable for low and mid tone. KVS voice coil with high temperature gives the best current distribution. Surrounded with Nitrile Butadiene rubber to support smooth and linear movements. It has a cost tag of 43.99 USD.


• 20 mm silk dome tweeters
• Light weight
• Polypropylene cone material built
• Per pair RMS power – 140 w and peak power 280 w

9 . CT Sounds Bio Car Speakers

CT Sounds Bio Car Speakers Top Best Selling Car Speakers 2017

CT sounds Bio silk dome co- axial car speakers come in different sizes. Users can get them based on their requirements. The product costs around 44.44 USD and weighs around 2.8 pounds.


• Silk dome tweeter
• MBR surrounded plastic polypropylene material
• Frequency ranges from 50 Hz to 20 KHz
• SPL: 89 dB at 1w per minute
• Mounting depth: 2.16 inch

8. Jaras JJ-2646 Car Speakers

Jaras JJ-2646 Car Speakers Top Most Famous Selling Car Speakers 2018

If you like the speakers to be in color, then these are cool speakers of your choice. This item costs around 49.99 USD and weighs up to 3.8 pounds.


• 6.5 inch tri- axial speakers
• 360 w peak power handling
• 3/4-inch Piezo tweeter
• ASV voice coil
• 1-inch neodymium film dome of midrange

7. Kicker 41DSC654 D-Series Car Speakers


The Kicker is one of the most used car spare parts brands. This product is available for 83.69 USD. The item weighs up to 9.5 pounds.


• Thin profile
• 60 w RMS
• 2 way 480 w
• Peak 240 w
• Minimal tweeter protrusion

6. Pioneer TS-F1634R Car Speakers


Pioneer TS- F1634R car speakers are the best seller among coaxial car speakers. The item costs around 39.99 USD. This item weighs up to 2.2 pounds.


• 200 w full range speakers
• 4- ohms impedance
• 25w RMS
• Frequency 31Hz – 16KHz
• 2.2 pound weight
• 1 5/8 inch mounting depth

5. Pioneer DEH-150MP Car Speakers


This comes with 1 DEH150MP and 2 Pairs of JVC Speakers. Pioneer DEH-150MP Car Speakers is available for around 249 USD. It weighs around 6 pounds. Playback of CD-R, CD-RW, CD, MP3, WMA and WAV AM/FM tuner with 18FM/ 6AM presets. Included with advanced sound retrievers for audio enhancement with compression technology.


• 50 w X 4 channel peak
• RMS 4 X 14 w
• Theft determinant
• Wireless remote control
• Detachable face plate
• Top mount 1 23/ 32 inch
• Frequency 32 Hz to 22 KHz

4. BOSS AUDIO NX654 Onyx Car speakers


This product is available in different sizes with different wattage power. BOSS AUDIO NX654 Onyx Car speakers is available for 25.49 USD. The product weighs up to 1.8 pounds.


• 4 way 400 w
• 200 w RMS
• 90 dB sensitivity
• Frequency ranges from 65 Hz to 20 KHz
• Rubber surrounded poly injection woofer cone
• One 12v battery required
• 3.4 inch depth

3. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D Car Speakers


MTX is the best seller at Amazon among car subwoofers. The product is available with amplifier too. If you want to add extra bass sound effect for your speakers, then this is the ideal product. This weighs up to 45 pounds and is available at 135 USD.


• 2 – 12 inch terminated subwoofers
• 5/8 inch MDF construction
• 400 w RMS
• Aviation grade carpet
• 2 ohms enclosure
• 1200 w maximum power
• 800 w Peak Power

2. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 coaxial Car speakers


Rockford Fosgate is the best selling brand in Marine Speakers. Full range 3 way coaxial speaker pair. These are available in different sizes for different car types. One 12v battery required. The product weighs up to 3.5 pounds. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 coaxial Car speakers are available for around 60 USD.


• Rubber surrounded vacuum polypropylene cone
• Integrated cross over tweeters
• Included with grills and mounting hardware
• Silk dome pole mounted
• Mid range and Peizo tweeter
• 4 inch depth

1 . UBL CX-S697 Car Speakers


Of course UBL is one of the best selling car speakers brand which leaves the listeners with a great feeling. The best speaker from the amazon site with more than 4* rating. It provides less noise so the clarity of the sound is great. No amplifiers are needed along with this for clarity of voice. It costs around 5500 INR.


1. Super tweeter, Mytitm super tweeter
2. Balanced dome tweeter
3. Power handling up to 100 wrms and 400 w maximum
4. Frequency ranges from 40 Hz – 21 KHz

These are our pick of top 10 best selling car speakers. Choose the best speakers for your car based on the usage, type, suitability and availability. Every speaker doesn’t fit for all cars. Choose the compatibility before buying them.

If you found this article helpful, do share within your group of family and friends. If you found speakers other than those mentioned in the list, feel free to share with our readers. They will get benefited from those may be.

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