Top 10 Best Selling Car Security Alarms

Car security alarm is useful device to assist you from any criminal activities that may happen on your car. To use car security alarms, you need to know best-selling car security alarms along with information about how to install the best security alarm system that is appropriate for your needs. There are certain useful car security alarm systems that are obtainable on the market. You must make sure that you think wisely and also compare some alarm systems before you select a good one for your needs.

Below section will show you some of the best car security alarms for your regular needs.

10. Bulldog 802 at $20

Bulldog 802 Top Most Selling Car Security Alarms 2017

Bulldog 802 creates a loud noise in case a shock to the vehicle is perceived. Example of this is a broken window initiated by a break-in or when there is a fluctuation in the electronic current. This model is much easier to install and also recommended for use. It comes at a price of only $20.

It will help to keep your car, truck or SUV secured from theft using its advanced alarm system. The unit comes in a form of a one-piece, self-contained system with an ear-piercing siren installed within. This car security system alarm operates from a distance of up to 250′ and also possesses one 4-button remote transmitter.

9. Hornet 740T at $55


The Hornet 740T is a sure step above “basic,” having a whole host of features included to protect your car. It provides a remote starter kill, a shock sensor, 6 diverse sirens, LED status indicator, Clone-Safe(r) Code-Hopping(r), 2 auxiliary outputs, dome light management and a parking light flash. The remote starter kill installed within is where this car alarm gleams above a universal alarm. The entire system is much inexpensive as it can be purchased for about $55 with prominent features.

8. Ready Remote First Defense at $70


This car security alarm features a remote starter kill, which can be triggered from distance of up to 400 feet. It comes with a remote headlight control and is also easy to install as there are only 2 wires to keep track of. It offers many prominent features like- Remote Start Security System with Keyless Entry, Active and passive arming, etc. It has included two remotes, one LCD remote and also one 4-button remote. It can operate in panic mode that will sound alarm and flash your parking lights.

7. Clifford Matrix +1 at $80

Clifford Matrix +1 Top Popular Selling Car Security Alarms 2018

This Clifford model comes at about $80 price, based on the retailer. It provides accessibility as well as function for car security. It comes with remote defroster output and an inbuilt turbo timer. Its main features are the remote starter kill, organized with a 3 channel start and entry system and also 1 auxiliary output. This car security system will surround your car in protection, with the classiest technologies of today, counting the Stinger and DoubleGuard shock sensor.

6. Viper 350 Plus at $240


This car security alarm from Viper is the one which is top of the line. It has several features which are useful to users such as Shock sensor, starter kill, 6 sirens, Clone-Safe(r) Code-Hopping(r), LED and dome light regulation and more. Cheap upgrades are obtainable to substitute universal alarms, along with this advanced alarm with price tags to match.

5. Avital 5303L at $100


The 5303L car security alarm from Avital comes with many useful features for security. It is cram packed with all that you need to secure your car, connect with it remotely and also start it from nearly a quarter mile away. It offers best features like remote start, keyless entry, dedicated trunk release and dual zone shock sensors – all supervised on a state-of-the-art LCD remote. This car security alarm is a great deal at low price of $100.

4. Scytek Galaxy G5.2W at $100


This is a great two way kind of car security with a remote start system. It comes with useful features like keyless entry, 2-way paging, remote start, dual shock sensors and an LCD remote, with a push button backup for ease of users. It can cover a range of up to 3,000 ft, letting you to connect, monitor and initiate your car even if you are situated over a half a mile away from it.

3. Crime Stopper SP-600 System at $98


This car security alarm comes with the two 2-way rechargeable LCD pager. You can regulate all of these systems features, for up to two cars. The inbuilt LCD pager is rechargeable via a micro USB port. This suggests that you will never need to purchase separate batteries for its operation.

2. Directed Electronics inc 5906p at $309


If you are searching for an innovative security with remote start system for your car, you will be much satisfied with this car security alarm from Directed Electronics. This is a 2-way system based alarm, which comes with an HD color 2-way remote and also a 5-button 1 way remote. The alarm is accomplished of delivering a range of 1 mile. This promises that you can use it a great distance away. You can even apply its remote to control your car’s dome light.

1. Autopage c3-rs730lcd at $125


With this car security alarm, you need not to worry on car security and it comes with affordable rates. This system is proficient of transmitting on 4 channels and applies a two-way paging transceiver for better reception. With a purpose to offer you with increased range, the car security alarm comes with a window mount super extender.

Above is the list describing top 10 best-selling car security alarms along with its price. You can be assured that having a look at this list, you will be made to think better while deciding to purchase best car security alarms. All of these products come with excellent security features for car security.

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