Best Selling Calculator & Brands in market

Calculators have become very popular over the last few years. With them there is some ease in calculations and the computation of various things. In most cases they are used in businesses and also for personal purposes. Now they have also been introduced in schools to help ease the stress of various computations. This therefore means you have to choose a very good calculator for what you need. Here you will need to have various features in mind when looking for one. The when you get you will be sure you got the best there is.

Here are some of the best calculators there is in the market.

10. Texas Instruments TI-84 plus C Silver Edition Graphing Calculator


This calculator has been used by very many people and they also say that the calculator is one of the best there is. This calculator will definitely provide you will all the needs you would have. The calculator is also fitted with USB technology which makes it very easy to share information between this calculator and other devises such as iPod and computers. It is also very good because of its remarkable resolution hence it is fit to be used by people pursuing various scientific courses.

9. TI- Nspire CX Graphing Calculator


For anyone looking for a slim and very nice calculator, they should consider this one. It comes with various computer like features including folder features, click interphase among others which makes it a very simplified graphic calculator. With it you will be able to perform some functions such as simple algebra and calculus. This therefore makes it very suitable for various students in scientific courses such as engineering. Apart from that it is also very good for people in these professionals. It is also good for geometry and statistics.

8. Casio FX-300MS scientific calculator.

Casio FX-300MS scientific calculator Top 10 Best Selling Calculator Brands 2017

Now in black is this amazing calculator whose features are amazing and what you would need in a calculator. This calculator features two line display and supports complex number calculations such as algebra, calculus and 18 level parentheses. The good thing about it is that it is simple enough for students and also has all the features needed for complex computations. It is just as fit in the household as it is in the office or class. This calculator is one of the best there is. With it you are sure you will be ready for any computations ahead of you.

7. Texas Instrument BA II plus financial calculator.


This is a calculator that has been made with the people in the financial world in mind. Even form the name, the calculator is well featured to deal with various financial problems. This is a calculator that is good for students and also for professionals. It has various features such as worksheets and amortization among others. All these have been added to this calculator to help improve its functionality. This calculator is truly a great calculator that will be a great friend for anybody using it

6. Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM color graphing calculator.

Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM color graphing calculator Top Most Selling Calculator Brands 2017

High school students have started using this calculator in their studies because of how well it is displayed and how simple it is. This makes it one of the go to calculators out there. Apart from that it also has a very high resolution that makes it a very nice calculator even for people who are working. It is also a very cheap calculator which makes it affordable and also it comes in various colors including pink yellow and blue

5. Texas Instruments TI-36X pro engineering/ scientific calculator.


It is ideal for various curricula where graphics technology may not be permitted. It is an advanced type of calculator with a very high level of mathematical and scientific computations. It is also a four line scientific calculator which is ideal for people in engineering or scientific professionals and courses. The feature math print shows math expressions and symbols, stacked fractions and others just as they are in the books. This calculator is an ideal one for various problems one would have in a scientific setting.

4. HP 12 CP financial calculator.

HP 12 CP financial calculator Top Popular Selling Calculator Brands 2018

We again have another financial calculator here. It has been time tested and proved to be very competent in what it does. This is a great calculator that makes mathematics interesting. It comes with a very easy to use layout that makes it great. There is a one line LCD display of the answers you want that makes it very easy to read even on an angle. It is also very easy to use in calculations such as loan payment, interest rates among various other financial problems. It comes with over 120 in built functions in it.

3. Ti- 89 titanium programmable graphing calculator.


This calculator has been made like a computer hence has various apps and one can access them on the desktop. This is one of the best calculators there is. This calculator is good for various functions such as trigonometry and algebra among many others. This is a calculator that gives you a good advantage when in school or college

2. Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus graphing calculator


Texas instruments have really out done themselves. They have provided the consumers with a one of a kind calculator. With this calculator you are well ready to tackle any mathematical problem that may face you. It has various advantages especially to starters of graphing calculators. It has been designed to handle a lot of memory hence you can save your work on it and can also split the screen to show values and show graphs. This is truly a great calculator to have with you.

1. Texas Instruments TI-30 X IIS 2-line scientific calculator.


When you get such a calculator, you are sure you got one of the best there is. It has a 2-line display among other advanced features. Apart from that, it also show both the equation you are creating on the first line and the values you are entering on the second line. The results to your problems are usually displayed on the second line. This is one of the best calculators there is.

Calculators are very important for various professions and also for school. When determining which one to buy, you need to look at all the features then decide which the best is. This is because this way you will make the right decision

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