Best Brands for Audio Equipment in World

An audio equipment is an electronic device which is integrated for producing amplified sound as in mobile disco, Hi FI or public-address systems on stage.

Audio equipments can also be defined as electronic devices that record, process and reproduce sound.

Audio equipments began to be produced in the 18th centuries when each brand inventor came up with his or her own theory of producing, receiving and converting sound energy to various magnetic patterns in order for sound to be enhanced or produced. They came up with many brands which are used today in the production of different audio equipment all over the world. Scientists believed that sound could be produced in very many different ways and patterns and could be converted to produce quality sound after the process is completed.

The audio engineering society (AES) was the first company to come up with its own sound enhanced product making the challenge to other companies to produce the own brands.

The top ten best brands for audio equipment include:



Wadia digital was first started in 1988 and it became the firsts companies fully dedicated in the advancement of high quality performance modern digital audio reproduction. It was founded by a team of sound engineers from St. Paul-based 3M Corporation who had many years of sharing knowledge and experience in complex digital telecommunications development and research. They were intrigued by the development of the compact disk technology in 1980’s though they were disappointed with the quality of sound they produced. They enhanced their production enhancement in the sound system production in engineering, refining, listening and more improvement.

Wadia products include; amplifiers, decoders, cd players and digital controllers.


BOSE Top 10 Best Brands for Audio Equipment 2017

This is an American privately owned company that is responsible for designing, manufacturing high quality audio equipments and exporting them. It is well known for its home speakers, audio systems, automobile and professional audio systems and noise reduction headphones.

Bose was first founded in 1964 by a graduate student at MIT named Amar Rose who was very disappointed with the performance of a stereo system after purchasing it. This made him to further his research on the importance of reverberant or indirect sound on a perceived audio quality. The products that Bose brand produce include; speakers, home theaters, headphones and DVDs.


KENWOOD Top Most Popular Brands for Audio Equipment 2018

Kenwood is a Japanese company or corporation which is normally involved in designing, developing and marketing a range of different audio equipment devices especially in cars, Hi-Fi home professional two way radio communications solutions, personal audio and amateur radio equipment. The brand was founded in 1946 which was by then known as kasuga radio co. ltd. In komagane city located in japan. Around 1960 the company brand was changed to Trio Corporation. Then by 1963 Kenwood was born as it became the official brand name of the company.

Kenwood brand has many products that it produces. Examples are HF, VHF/ UHF, very portable amateur radio models, TS receivers, amplifiers, microphones, headphones and analog Vu meters.



This is a multinational organization or corporation which mainly specializes in the production of modern digital entertainment products. Its headquarters is based in Tokyo located in japan. Pioneer company or corporation was first started by Nozumo Matsumoto in 1938 still in Tokyo. The company mainly played the role in developing new interactive cable televisions, the laser Disk player which was the

-First automated compact disk player

-First detachable face of car stereo

-super tuner technology

– DVD and its recording plasma display

-LED organic display



This is a French company which was begun in the 1980’s and is responsible for selling high-fidelity audio systems. It was based in Saint-Etienne and was founded by an enthusiastic journalist known as Jacques mahul. He started manufacturing very loud speakers for home purposes, headphones and speakers for automobiles and professional monitored loudspeakers.

Focal’s main industrial plan or strategy mainly concentrates to have full control over the whole or entire production process that is from the designing to the manufacturing of all of the speakers drivers to the assembling part of the finished or final product. All of its products are basically and entirely developed and designed in France and most of its production process is carried out a factory located in Saint-Étienne still in France.



This is a corporation that deals with consumer electronically manufactured products, which specializes in audio equipments and home which include surround sound speakers, receivers and portable devices. The word ‘Onkyo’ is the synonym of the words ‘sound harmony’. It was first begun in 1946 in japan under the name Osaka Denki Onkyo which used to specify its production on speakers. Later on it changed its production and began producing very high quality amplifiers which could amplify sound in large patterns.

Onkyo brand products include; amplifiers, portable audio, personal audio systems, hi fi components, computer accessories and speakers.



This brand company was founded in 1899 by a German engineer know as Marie Auftrag who saw that sound coming from speakers ca be produced with very magnetism involved. He made very large fantastic floor speakers with high magnetism that had very cold and original or natural sounds. It had no bugs, the sound produced was very clear and enjoyable to listen to.

Some of the products that the company produces are: loudspeakers i.e. APM, PPA-1, PS-5, DPA-1m, PPA-2, DPA-3, AC-61, and AF-61.



This is a company that produces a more conventional subwoofer speakers and also a well floor-standing, in-wall mounted hybrid speakers which uses electrostatic loudspeakers together with a large planar magnetized thin film in loudspeaker technology.

Martin Logan was begun or founded by Ron Logan and martin Sanders in 1970s when they met at an audio store in Kansas. They had passion for vey loud music and could not withstand speakers that produced low sound. They formulated formulae and were able to come up with the Martin Logan brand. There main product are loudspeakers and headphones.



This is a form of waterproof high end audio equipment used to produce speakers which are built like a tank that generate soft sounds. It was founded in the late 19th century and is commonly widespread all over the world.

Its main products are amplifiers and very loud speakers



Yamaha corporation brand is a Japanese international and conglomerate which deal with a very wide rage variety of products and services. They include musical instruments, power and sport equipments and electronics in general.

Yamaha products usually have large sound bars which produce sound in a wide range and they are more dynamic and very clear. It was founded in 1887 by Torakussu Yamaha in Nippon Gakki Company limited.

There are many varieties of different audio equipments in the world which have been improved in order to be user friendly to human beings due to the new technological development.

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