Best Blazer Brands

Blazers say a lot about a man or a woman. When it comes to buying best blazers; the cut, fit, style, and design matters a lot. A blazer is formal or semi-formal attire that is mostly used around the world by men. For the past 100 or so years, men have been sporting blazers to attend events ranging from a dinner outing to formal gatherings.

A blazer can be used to match with trousers or it can be used to break up a suit. There are two common styles of blazers namely: American style and English style. Classic American cut blazer come inclusive of a center vest and two buttons while traditional English blazers emphasize more on shoulders and chest. Here, we shall look at most popular blazers worn all over the world

Here are the top ten Best Blazer Brands

10. Diesel –

Diesel Top Most Blazer Brands 2017

Diesel has been around for years and years and up to date, they are a go-to for many men and women out there. Diesel is an Italian based company that produces nothing but high quality jackets for their men’s wear line. Founded by Mr. Renzo Rosso, diesel offers its customers a wide variety of designer clothing attires for them to choose from. Diesel blazers are not traditional; they are more for the man looking for edge cutting style and designs.

9. Zara –


Zara is worldly known for delivering stylish and trending items at an affordable price. When it comes to blazers for both men and women, it does not disappoint. Zara offers a wide range of jackets ranging from clean cut to whatever else you might be looking for in a blazer. They are very affordable and just about anyone can be able to afford a well cut and trending piece from this store.

8. Kenneth Cole –


When you are looking for affordable accessories, jackets, and shoes at reasonable prices, then Kenneth Cole is where you need to visit. This brand holds a variety of items designed with unique patterns and colors that are incredibly hard to find somewhere else. Kenneth Cole is an American fashion brands that was founded by Kenneth back in 2982. It offers a wide range of color options and different men’s wear at affordable prices.

7. Joseph Abboud –


Abboud is an American born fashion designer that is fighting with the big dogs. After he worked in the fashion industry for a couple of years, he ventured off on his own and started his highly popular brand back in 2986. For anyone looking for men’s sport blazers, then this is just where you need to shop.

6. Giorgio Armani –

Giorgio Armani Top Popular Blazer Brands 2018

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion house that has curved a way for their exceptionally unique style and design. Founded in 1975, Giorgio Armani provides a wide variety for their customers. Next time you are looking for a blazer to take you simple outfit to another level, then simply slip into a Giorgio Armani jacket and marvel at the transformation. Armani produces elegant and classic jackets that are guaranteed to last for a long time when well cared for. Simply hunt for a jacket that matches your event and you are good to go.

5. Top Man –


Top Man is a British based brand that now serves in more than 50 countries worldwide. Top Man was established in 1970 and it is still going strong. Mr. Philip Green is the current brand director and from our research, he is doing Top Gun justice. Top Gun produces fashion forward items that have been donned on by multiple celebrities in United States and Europe.

4. Ralph Lauren –


Many of us associate Ralph Lauren with designer perfumes but what we do not know is just how fashionable their blazers are. Ralph Lauren is renowned for their high-quality jackets that can be worn by men to just about any formal gatherings. If you have been looking for something to turn your very simple jean into a dinner worthy attire, then simply slip on a Ralph Lauren blazer and you are set to go. Started back in 1967 in New York City, Ralph Lauren has broken into the designer industry with a storm. This brand is famous worldwide and it looks like there is no stopping it.

3. Calvin Kline –


When you are looking for quality items that are within your price range, then Calvin is just what you should be looking for. Calvin Kline produces pieces that are trending and always stylish and unique. Granted that they are a little pricy, Calvin Kline products will last for years to come. Founded by fashion designer Calvin Kline back in 1968, this company has had impressive breakthrough and its still regarded as one of the best designer shop across the world.

Calvin Kline was initially introduced to produce nothing but men’s blazer but as years went by, they started exploring other markets and as of yet, they offer their clients a wide range of clothes for both men and women. Calvin Kline also produces perfumes, men fragrances, and much more.

2. Tommy Hilfiger –


Tommy Hilfiger is now known for delivering nothing but high quality bags but many forget that their blazers are worth every penny spent. Tommy Hilfiger launched his company back in 1984 in USA but as of last year, this company has broken grounds worldwide. Tommy Hilfiger has since then ventured off into producing incredibly unique bags and perfumes for women that are worn and sold worldwide.

However, this fashion house is still well known for providing men with a platform where they are able to purchase designer blazers at affordable prices. Their most popular blazers include their double button jackets and their vent trim. Tommy Hilfiger deals with both men and women clothing.

1. Hugo Boss –


We are certain that many of you are well acquitted with Hugo Boss. From their designer fragrance to their well-cut clothes, Hugo Boss does not disappoint. Hugo Boss is a German brand that includes high quality clothes and trending fashion. This brand is named after its founder, Hugo Boss. Hugo started his career in 1924 and ever since then, he has seen nothing but an increasing rise in popularity.

If you are looking for a show stopper, you can never go wrong with a Hugo Boss designer blazer. These items are made from high quality materials and they are made to replicate trending fashion and style. In 2010, Hugo had an estimated sale of $2,345,850,000 and a net profit of $262, 183,000.

What you wear matters a lot. Just because you might regard it as a simple jacket, it might be what makes or breaks your outfit. When it comes to finding best blazers to go with your attire, there is no better place to purchase them than from our top 10 picks, these fashion houses are worldly known for producing quality items that are made from durable material and best of all, they are very unique.

Our top picks provide clothing best suited for both men and women. But most of all, our chart is mainly based on men’s blazers. Which brand do you use? We would love to hear from you so do leave us a comment below. Also, do not hesitate to comment and let us know what your favorite fashion is.

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