Best Bed Brands

Sleep is something that every single person needs. Every night the world lays down on mattresses of all shapes and sizes. If it is time for your mattress to get an upgrade in your home, there are hundreds of brands that you can choose between. The later listed items comprise a list of the ten greatest mattress brands making products right now, and a great place to begin when it comes to your purchase plan. Use these high quality products as a bar in which to gauge all of your options, and do your best to personally feel these brands for yourself at mattress stores in your area.

Here are the top ten Best Bed Brands

10. Denver Mattresses

Denver Mattresses Top Most Popular Bed Brands 2018

While this is a company that has been around for a while, they are a lot less known than the other companies that will be featured on this Top 10 list. This is a company that has its hand in everything from the creation of each version of its award winning mattresses, and has direct control over the sale of these products. This is due to the fact that the Denver Mattress company operates retail locations all over the United States, which gives them the advantage to oversee both the quality of their products as well as to directly control the pricing of the mattresses themselves instead of leaving it to a third party to upcharge.

9. Bed In A Box

Bed In A Box Top Most Bed Brands 2017

Bed In A Box has been turning a lot of interested heads in the past several years for a number of different reasons. For one, the mattresses themselves are very highly acclaimed as some of the most comfortable that reviews suggest the various users have ever experienced before. In addition to this, the direct shipping from the company to your doorstep cuts out the middle man that tends to dramatically upcharge the cost of high end mattresses to turn their own profits. By omitting this step, and offering reasonable (to even free) shipping, the savings all belong to the eager sleeper and makes Bed In A Box one of the top names in the sleep game these days.

8. Amerisleep


Amerisleep is a company that is also making quite a name for itself, but admittedly this has always been a brand that has been rather popular throughout the years. This brand got with the times and went the way of Bed In A Box, cutting out its actual store sales by nearly 100 percent over the past several years. For those that are a little gun shy about getting a mattress that they haven’t gotten to take a few minute trial on in a storefront, the website for Amerisleep is always offering their standing promotion to try any of their beds in your home for 100 days risk free. If it isn’t something that you aren’t absolutely in love with, you can return it to the company with no questions asked. So there really is a lot less to worry about, and that shows the level of confidence that Amerisleep has in its high end mattresses.

7. Sleep Number


Sleep Number is a bedding company that really is not for everyone. While the premise is something truly unique and innovative, it is something that some people just aren’t hip to I guess. There are likely millions of people now who have one of these mattresses though, and for those that can fully utilize it to its fullest potential, it is like no other on the market. The design of the full frame and mattress system allows each user, one on either half of the bed, to determine their level of firmness or softness for optimal sleep and adjust it back and forth according to their needs. While these systems are not cheap by any means, they are ideal for couples with very different sleep needs.

6. Tempurpedic


Tempurpedic is a brand that many, many people own. They have a lot of varieties to this particular major brand, offering a lot of versatility to the needs of their loyal customer base. If you are looking for a quality mattress that isn’t going to break your bank, this is going to be a great place to begin your search. These are sold either directly from the retailer’s website, or through any number of storefronts around the country, as they are one of the top and most well-known of mattress brands across the country. Having their products in a number of stores allows you as the potential buyer to literally lie down on these mattresses and see if it is ideal for you or not.

5. Sealy


While the most known variety of this major mattress brand is the Posturpedic, Sealy is one of the best mattress brands overall based on its dedication to its customers and actually adjusting their respective lines based on the feedback that they were receiving from these long time users. Offering a wide range in pricing, Sealy has something that nearly anyone could afford. They are also a brand that you will likely find in a number of retailers all throughout the country.

4. Simmon’s Beautyrest


Beautyrest is best known for being a brand that is deemed to be high end and very comfortable for all kinds of sleepers, but that is created at a price that the average homestead can afford. While there are certainly some very high priced bedding solutions on this list, if you are on a budget this is a sound option that you can check out to keep you having the high end feel without that high end price tag. These brands are also readily available in retailers all around the United States, making these mattresses able to be experienced firsthand and able to have in your home as early as the same day that you try it out.

3. Casper


For all intents and purposes, Casper seemed to really bring about a lot of buzz over the last couple years. Before this they were basically little known. Their buzz really kicked off when they were making acclaimed lists all over the world as the most comfortable bed. When people are researching the best beds, like this list as well, you are going with the brands towards the top of the heap. Over the past couple of years, there isn’t a list to be found online that doesn’t have mention of this brand.

2. iComfort


It seems kind of like a cop out to put iComfort in the list right underneath Serta. Serta is responsible for the iComfort brand, even though people seem to commonly mistake the brand to be its own company. These are the high end Serta mattresses that really live up to their price tag. From review to review all over the internet, people are ranting and raving about the bed sleep they have ever had. So if you have the extra scratch and can afford to really spring for something as important as a truly high quality mattress, look no further than iComfort.

1. Serta


It would seem that with the recent successes of iComfort, a brand that Serta heads up, that Serta would be sitting at the second spot on this list. What has them sitting at the top of the pile is the sheer number of different mattresses and varieties of designs that this company is able to develop. They literally offer everything from the lower priced options for those adhering to a stricter budget to options like the aforementioned iComfort, which is one of their more luxurious and pricy varieties that they offer.

If you are shopping online, you can go to their website and get a breakdown of the kind of sleeper you are and the mattress that would best suit the kind of sleeper that you have determined that you are.

Choosing a mattress can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, especially when even a condensed list of the best brands still offers you ten to choose from. The best choice is to take your time and do all that you can to sample the feel of your potential new mattress before you are bringing it into your home for the first time.

What thousands of people might consider the most comfortable mattress in the world might not be the greatest fit for you and so on. It is important that with all of these quality options, you are still making an educated decision on what feels best to you personally.

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