Best Battery Brands

A number of electronic devices need batteries to operate. These include the remote controls, laser pointers, flashlights, drones, cameras, and Wii remotes. If you are curious to know the quality of the battery brand you have bought, you can check the energy ratings in it. Better and long lasting batteries have more energy. Batteries that have high-drain are best and are mostly created for use in high current gadgets. Before purchasing a battery brand please consider the Voltage, current ratings and the capacity.

Below is a rounded up list of the Top 10 list of the best battery brands

10. Rayovac


This is a French Battery Company, and their first ever products were used for either engine ignition or telephone operations. In 1910, the Company started selling flashlight batteries. Later in 1934, the name of the company changed to Rayovac Company. The workhorse premium flashlight was introduced by Rayovac in 1984. This battery brand lasts longer and it is sold at an affordable price.

The quality is tested to ensure that the product is of high quality and performance. Whatever is written on the batteries are what they actually do. No shortcuts. An alkaline battery was introduced which was renewable and long lasting in 1993. Later, Rayovac introduced both a Nickel-Metal Hydride and 1-Hour charger in 2001.

9. Optima


Choosing a new car battery can be tedious. No one loves a dead car battery, since it automatically ruins your day. But Optima will give you peace of mind because you will be geared for success. This car battery is designed to last longer. With the outstanding design and performance, Optima is a great choice for a battery. The coiled rolls fitted in the battery protects against vibration and gives you zero maintenance cost. Your car will always be powered the whole journey.

8. Eveready

Eveready Top Most Popular Battery Brands 2018

Manufactured by Eveready Battery Company, Inc. This is a high performing battery brand. Eveready is readily available in the market, and their batteries work well and last for long. They are affordable and works well as Energizer since both are owned by Energizer Holdings. They are some of the best batteries you can use in your house. Eveready batteries are mostly marketed for lower end devices. If you are looking for a battery brand that can easily be relied upon especially for your smaller devices, search no more.

7. Trojan


The Trojan batteries manufactured by Trojan Battery Company are trusted, innovative and superior. This Company manufactures heavy duty, deep cycle batteries to be used in aerial work platform, marine, cleaning machine, RV, and several other specialties. Trojan batteries are sold in a larger scale compared to any other battery distributor.

6. Die-Hard

Die-Hard Top 10 Best Battery Brands 2017

This brand is marketed by Sears Holdings retailers. Although it is owned by KCD IP, LLC., Die-hard was first established in 1967 and the battery was thought to last forever. This was as long as the former owner still had the automotive in which it was initially installed. Die-hard was since expanded to include non-automotive batteries and were now used in motorcycles, golf carts and snowmobiles. These batteries tops the list for being the long lasting automotive batteries. It is not only used in battery chargers but also in booster cables, work boots, and power inventors.

5. Voyager


This battery brand is quite popular, and have high quality products. Voyager’s design is on top, it has a premium-feeling magnesium material. This material is cut with some sharp lines which gives an angular design. It is light weight and fits well in your hands. The display on the Voyage sits flush with the bezels instead of being recessed in them. This battery brand makes use of haptic feedback and page turn sensors which gives a vibration when pushed on either bezel.

4. Power King


Power King Batteries are manufactured in a China-based Company. These batteries give good performance for high vibration and deep cycling. They are perfectly designed to provide a reliable, convenient and high performance service. The brand is made from the best and strong quality material. Power King are featured with hybrid radial grids with safety vent caps, polyethylene envelope, center line lugs and stainless steel terminals. Power King batteries also have a high density, are light weight and are widely used. Power King offers different sizes and shapes that are in the market for sale.

3. Panasonic


Panasonic is a world renowned company, since they are incredible in almost everything they make. Panasonic was founded in 1918 and produced electronics in large scale. As compared to Energizer and Duracell, Panasonic are much more affordable. This battery brand together with Sanyo, Samsung and Sony are on top when it comes to cell manufacturers. They have Alkaline batteries that are good for game controllers. It has a durability period of 8 years with a standard size of 18mm by 65mm. This makes the battery to easily fit in almost all compatible devices.

2. Duracell


This battery brand is ten times more durable than the ordinary batteries. Duracell battery lasts longer in everything unlike most other brands. Duracell batteries are manufactured by the Procter and Gamble Company. A research was conducted on the durability of Duracell, was seen to be efficient, and lasts longer. It provides a variety of power inverters, battery chargers and power packs.

Duracell also manufactures other specialty batteries like NiMH that are rechargeable and batteries to be used in watches and Hearing aids. Most prefer Duracell to other brands. It provides 100% trusted power solution, and many people think that Duracell batteries are more superior and durable than most other batteries in the market. Duracell Quantums are some of the most acclaimed batteries available today.

1. Energizer


This brand is manufactured by Energizer Holdings, Inc. Their batteries lasts longer than others, especially when used in Clocks. A research was conducted in a science Laboratory and Energizer was found to be the best battery manufacturer, simply because it lasted the longest. Energizer batteries are marketed for the power-hungry devices. In 2005, they partnered with Red Cross to provide Batteries, flash lights and razors after the Katrina Hurricane.

If you are fed up with the hitches of the ordinary batteries, please choose from the above list. Look for a battery that is less wasteful, and easy on your pocket, and have a long life span. You can’t go wrong with batteries from the above listed brands.

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