Best Baby Food Brands

Baby food is a meal designed for babies. The food is usually very soft in consistency and can be consumed easily. The food can be in form of fruits, vegetables, meat or minced meat for easy digestion.

Baby food is mostly given to babies between the ages of four months to two years and can come in various brands, varieties and tastes. It can be either in two ways; food that is being consumed by the family but is mashed for easy consumption of the baby or food that is already made by producing companies for the baby to take.

There are many companies that produce very many food products specifically for babies in the world. Some of these companies have over the years produced amazing baby food products. The products have therefore become a household name in many parts of the world.

The following are top ten known best baby food brands


GERBER Top Most Famous Baby Food Brands 2018

This is a baby food company and also baby product manufacturing company which was formerly owned by Daniel Frank Gerber in America. Its headquarters was in Fremont Michigan and is under the Nestlé Group which is a branch of Gerber Life Insurance Company whose headquarters is New York. It mainly offers more than 200 products all over the world. Some of the examples of products produced by Gerber are: gerber turkey, chicken and meat stick in water, gerber oat meal, gerber boxed food, gerber strained peas. Their products supports and can be used by pregnant ladies, supported sitters, crawlers and toddlers.



Camila Alves a Brazilian was the co- founder of the organic frozen baby food company of Yummy Spoonful. Yummy Spoonful launched its products for babies and toddlers. It was founded with a philosophy that healthy babies are happy babies. Yummy spoonful meals are basically packed with fresh natural and flavored ingredients. The company produces over 220 products all over the world which are produced in large quantities. The company mainly produces salt, preservatives, gluten, dairy, additives, sugars and fillers. The company has grown from its humble origins to become a top brand in the baby foods manufacturing industry.


BEECH NUT Top 10 Best Baby Food Brands 2017

Beech Nut Nutritional cooperation is a food company that is currently owned by a Swiss branded consumer group known as the Hero Firm.

The company ensures 100% completely that there is pure natural flavors flows in different and many flavors like apple, carrots, banana, mangos, sweet potatoes, blue berry, pumpkin, green beans, spinach, cucumber, peanut butter jam, pork and beans, fruit drops and macaroni.



It was first started by Alfred Bosworth; a student in Tuft University and was marketed by Abbort laboratories. It has over 250 products being products which are sold to over 96 countries in the world. Its products are usually aligned and categorized according to the level of the baby i.e. for there is a product allocated specifically for premature babies, newborn and infants, toddlers and special needs babies.



Was founded in 2004 by a former chef named Sussie Willis and stationed her company in United Kingdom at a place called Taplow. The difference between Plum Baby Brand Company with the others is that plum baby’s products contain no added sugar, salt or water, it has no extra additives. An example of a Plum Baby product is the teensy fruit and puffs. Plum Baby has carved a niche for itself in the highly competitive baby foods industry. This is not surprising considering the innovation that goes into the products the company produces.



It was first started by Edward Mead Johnson in New Jersey with the main purpose of feeding young babies under 12 months and below. It is prepared with bottle or cup-feeding from powder mixed with water. Its products are usually frozen and packed. The frozen packs contain cereals, fruits and whole sets of grains well stashed in the pack. They are mostly used to feed children with special needs who are allergic to cow milk thus producing products that are allergic free to them.



It was started in 1919 by John Campbell which produces over 300 different products worldwide. Mom Made Food is usually inspired by those all prepared familiar dishes kids enjoy and love. They help build up nutrition for kids and boost their growths. The main products produced are cereals both hot and cold cereals. Examples mainly include wholesome grain cereals. The company has continued to be a brand that many mothers love because of the nutritious nature of its products.



Ronit Cohen who was the founder of Petite Select brand main aim was to produce baby foods that maximize all required nutrients needed. She learnt that well established and successful companies produced baby food limited minerals and vitamins. Therefore, she begun this company to produce and supply quality healthy products for babies. They are mainly sugar free and salt free. Examples are mango jambo a mixture of mango, banana, apple and guava.



This company was co-founded by Lauren Mc Culluough in 2008 which were instead devised quickly and dried organic food made for babies. Its maximum production of products was estimated over 250 products being produced and exported to over 100 countries in the world. The most manufactured products are vegetables, cereals, fruits, eco pouch and wholesome grains.



Earth’s best was originally founded by Ron Koos and Annie Koos in 1985.they discovered they needed wholesome, safe and pure baby food for all babies. Later on in 1993 Heinz founded Hain celestial group which took over Earth’s best in 1999 which began embracing products like fruits, vegetables and hand picked organic orchards.

It has complete multi nutrients available in its products and can be accessed all over the world easily. The company continues to embrace modern technology that helps in the manufacture of wonderful baby food products.

These are the top 10 baby food brands today. Each brand that made it to this list has the interest of the young ones. The brands and the companies that manufacture them also spend quite a fortune in research and innovation. This is what helps them to produce such top products.

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