Top 10 Best Selling ATV Tires

Many vehicles like vans, cars, and trucks run well on leveled roads. However, outdoor enthusiasts use ‘All Terrain Vehicles’ to travel to natural and unimproved terrains. The vehicles utilize spiral tires to maneuver off the road, therefore making it essential to those who go to wild areas and natural terrains to buy an incredible set of ATV tires. The vehicles are mostly used for recreational purposes, although individuals with mobility difficulties often use off roads when riding on their wheelchairs. There are many choices available for those who require the tires, which makes it challenging to make a choice.

Here are ten of the best selling ATV tires

10. ‘WANDA ATV/UTV P350 Tires.’


Price: $ 78

The ‘ATV/UTD P350′ tires by Wanda are a great version that comes in a pack of four. The edition is widely accepted and popular in the recent days. This specific set incorporates more shoulder lugs for the protection of tire rims in a better way. High-grade nylon is used in the manufacture of the tires, and thus it becomes resistant to punctures and abrasions in a very great way. These particular tires are easy to install and give high stability on challenging trails, giving you a wonderful experience.

9. ‘GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tires’

GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tires Top Most Popular Selling ATV Tires in 2018

Price: $ 79

Here comes the dirt devil tire that blends bold and stylish looks. The incredible tire remains a superb favorite for All Terrain Vehicles as well as of road drivers. ‘GBC’ tires give a perfect balance in the controlled tractions and lasts longer. The product can be applied on quad bikes, mini bikes, gators or any other kind of off-road automobile. The tires are economically priced but made to be strong to withstand all terrains. The tire is tested and ranked as an appropriate one for all weathers.

8. ‘Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire.’

Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire Top Most Famous Selling ATV Tires in 2018

Price: $ 28

‘Carlisle’ manufactures the incredible tire known as ‘Knobby ATV’ enables vehicles to in most moving surface terrains like dirt and soft sand. The ATV tire gives unmatchable stability as well as traction, leaving you with a wonderful experience. The product is friendly priced and performs well in all off-road terrains. The Carlisle tires are designed with a great aspect ratio to make them maneuver through sand, mud and other difficult terrains. They offer control and stability at high speeds, meaning the tires can be used on the road and off the road.

7. ‘Sedona ATV Mud Rebel Tire.’

Sedona ATV Mud Rebel Tire

The ‘Sedona ATV Mud Rebel Tire’ is made by TAS for utilization on muddy conditions as well as normal utility. The tire is compatible with ATVs and UTVs and performs well in rugged dry, muddy and rocky terrains. The manufacturers of ‘Sedona’ use carcass materials of high quality which deliver incredible performance while maintaining the inflated size. The Mud Rebel Tire has enhanced sidewall that absorbs impact greatly and gives incredible puncture resistance.

6. ‘Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire.’

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire Top Best Selling ATV Tires in 2017

Price: $ 100

The ‘ATV Tire’ version is made by Carlisle with great biting power to adequately pull the deep mud, sand, snow and other hard terrains conveniently and easily. The tire is acceptable by the OEMs and other ATV makers because of delivering a performance of high quality. The product performs without failing in many exploration trips and on rocky, rugged as well as muddy excursions. The tires are relatively lighter than other editions of ATVs and therefore maneuver with great traction reducing drag in your ATV.

5. ‘Kenda K284 ATV Tire’

Kenda K284 ATV Tire

Price: $ 54

The ‘Kenda K284 ATV Tire’ is a great heavy duty tire that is always ranked high by customers. The tire has distinct tread profiles on the front and rear tires. The tires have a longer life as compared to other tires that easily tread on the mud. The tire is popular, accepted and does have great demand in the current market. Every tire has knobs that reinforce them well to give an incredible tracking, cornering and a firm contact center. The tires will give you a comfortable ride in light mud, trail riding, and hard pack.

4. ‘ITP Mud Lite-XL Mud-Terrain ATV Tire.’

ITP Mud Lite-XL Mud-Terrain ATV Tire Top Popular Selling ATV Tires in 2019

Price: $ 98

The ‘ITP’ company manufactures this ‘Mud Lite-XL’ tire that has a marginally bigger profile that ensures great cornering stability as you use the ATV. The great tire is made using hard wearing and first-grade rubber that extends the life, offering superior value. The tire features loose gaps, knobby designs, rounded carcass crafted to offer high steering response and simple control. The features make the tire appropriate for off roads and diverse terrains by using stride compounds to give a balance between control and stability.

3. Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire’

Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire Top 10 Best Selling ATV Tires in 2017

Price: $ 103

‘Carlsle’ gives another ‘AT489C tire that has the enough biting power to pull ATVs through deep mud, sand as well as snow just like the ‘Carlisle HD Field Trax’ that we reviewed earlier. The tire allows you to maneuver through challenging terrain zones. The edition is common with many ATVs and thus a global item. The tires are well usable in wild zones as you explore the wild animals as well as in off roads. This model is much lighter when compared to other Atv tires.

2. ‘Kenda Bearclaw K229 ATV Tire.’

Kenda Bearclaw K229 ATV Tire Top 10 Best Selling ATV Tires in

Price: $ 59

The tire set contains directional treads and performs well in places like mud bogs, soft park zones, and thick trails. The tires have angled knobs that work well in any topography with control and stability. The treads provide maximum traction to facilitate a controlled and stable ride. The tires are the best for anyone who is going for camping sites and mountain rides. It has a unique tread design that is loved by many customers.

1.‘ITP Mud Lite-AT Mud-Terrain ATV Tire.’

ITP Mud Lite-AT Mud-Terrain ATV Tire Top Famous Selling ATV Tires in 2019

Price: $ 64

The tire literally stands true to its name, a model of high grade that offers ultimate performance in difficult terrains, giving great success. The lugs measure ¾ of an inch, enabling the vehicle to conquer diverse weathers. It performs well on mud, snow, and sand. The product is manufactured using six ply materials that work well on hard terrains. ‘TP Mud Lite-AT Mud-Terrain ATV Tire’ is always the first choice because many riders love it.

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