Top 10 Best Assault Rifles in World

When a person has an interest in guns they may want to know what the best assault rifles are. These guns have a lot of power and have been used by militarise all over the world including the United States. The guns are rated on accuracy, reliability, range, and some other features that make them stand out from the rest. Many people have an interest in guns and their right to bear arms. These are the top 10 best assault rifles in the world 2018.

10. M16

Best Assault Rifles

This rifle was first used by the United States Army. It became the military standard weapon that was given to those in the infantry. This weapon was first designed in the 1950s but has seen many advances over the years. It is made from lightweight material and has an ergonomic design. This gun was design to reduce recoil and will shoot smoothly.

9. AK 103

Best Assault Rifles 2019

This gun was first introduced by the Russian Army. The ammunition that is put into this gun is only 7.62 x 39mm making it small yet powerful. The run has great penetration as well as stopping powering making it good for the users. This weapon is powerful and reliable. It can withstand misuse such as being dropped or thrown. It will still operate even when put through some harsh conditions. This weapon is easy to use. This gun is easy to take care of and all a person has to do is pull the trigger and they are ready to go.

8. Heckler and Koch G36

Best Assault Rifles

This gun has been used by the German military and has become a success all around the world. The rifle is automatic and has a simple design that is easy to use. This gun used modern technology in the design to make it reliable and easy to operate. The gun can shoot up to 30 rounds at a time. Additional magazines can be loaded so a person does not have to stop. There is a duel sight system making it easier to aim and this rifle was designed to take a shot a long distance away from the target. This is a grenade launcher that is also built up. The gun is light to use and will allow a person to increase the accuracy of their shot.

7. Heckler and Koch G3

Best Assault Rifles

While people like the G6 this is still a great assault rifle. This gun was also used by the German military and now is still sold to countries all over the world. The rifle has a roller delayed blowback operating system reducing the stress on the shooter. It is also to shoot 20 rounds at a time with additional magazines that can be added. There is a scope for accuracy when shooting as well as a night scope so a person can aim in the dark. This gun also comes with a grenade launcher and can hold additional accessories such as a silencer and a bipod.

6. Steyr AUG

Best Assault Rifles

This was designed by the Austria government and is a popular army weapon. This gun is gas operated and has a selective fire. It has different barrels which can change the function of the gun and allow it to adapt quickly. There are different firing modes to this rifle. If a person pulls the trigger half way only one shot will be fired. If the pull the trigger back all the way this will become an automatic weapon. This gun was designed to shoot targets up to 300 meters away. There is a grenade launcher that is attached to this gun as well.

5. Galil

Best Assault Rifles 2019

This gun was designed in Israel. It has a number of different chambers and is a great assault rifle. There is feature that will reduce the kickback on this and it is powdered by a modified gas system. The gun can shoot 35 rounds at a time and is light to carry.

4. Tavor TAR 21

Best Assault Rifles

This is another rifle that was developed for use by the Israel military. It is tough and has become the standard rifle for their infantry. This gun is operated by gas and has the barrel can be replaced within a couple of seconds allowing this gun to have a number of functions. This rifle is great for long range firing as well. It can fire 30 rounds at a time and there is a scope as well as a scope with night vision. This gun has a shorter barrel and is easy to carry. The rifle also has a place to install a grenade launcher and is both reliable and accurate.

3. SIG SG 550

Best Assault Rifles

This gun was designed for use by the Swiss Army. It is used by special forces all over the world. this gun is gas operated and has selective fire. This rifle can fire 20 rounds at a time but there is a magazine that can be attached so it can be loaded quickly. This rifle has a scope that can be added if a person has to make a shot at a target that is a long distance away. There is a red dot to use with the target to increase accuracy. There is a night vision scope that can be added to the gun as well. This is one of the most accurate rifles that have been made and it is very reliable. There gun can be set on auto fire and still be comfortable to use.

2. Heckler and Koch HK416

Best Assault Rifles

This is another great rifle that was designed for use by the German military. It is also used by law enforcement agencies all over the world. This rifle has a gas piston system and is reliable. It is a great size to hold comfortable and there is a carbine as well as sub compact system in this gun. There are a number of different scopes that can be attached to this rifle for firing at a distance as well as a grenade launcher.

1. FN Scar

Best Assault Rifles

This assault rifle was developed in Belgium and is one of the best in the world. it is now used by the United States Special operations Command as well as the special forces. This weapon is used by elite law enforcement agencies as well. It is gas operated and there are a number of different fire options. This gun has three different barrel options based on what a person is looking to use it for. They can be replaced within a matter of seconds. This gun can shoot 20 rounds at a time and is compatible with ammunition from a number of different riles. This way if a person is behind enemy lines they can use just about any ammunition that they can find which can mean the different between life and death. The rifle is easy to carry and will allow a person to have increased accuracy with their shots.

These are some of the best assault rifles in the world 2018. They are used by some of the top military forces and were designed to be easy to use, light to carry, and will allow a person to take an accurate shot. The latest in technology also went into the design of these assault rifles.

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