Top 10 Best and Largest American Stores

There are many retail outlets all over the United States. However, only a handful of them can really be considered giants. The retail establishments that have a powerful marketing presence have the merchandise, manpower, outlets and name brand that consumers need to make their lives easy, functional and entertaining.

Here is a look at the top 10 best and largest American stores in 2017. The stores on this list are not arranged in any order but the biggest ones are located at the top positions simply because of their economic might and power.

Following are the Top 10 Best and Largest American Stores

10. Home Depot

Home Depot Top Most Popular and Largest American Stores 2018

The Home Depot is home supplier outlet that is extremely popular among the masses. Starting sometime around the 2000’s a home improvement trend emerged among many consumers. People everywhere wanted to improve their living environment, so they started to engage within many home building and renovation projects. Stores such as Home Depot became extremely relevant and popular. This organization is the number one home improvement outlet within the United States and it still continues to grow every day.

9. Lowe’s

Lowe's Top Popular and Largest American Stores 2019

Lowe’s is the second largest home retailer within the United States and it is a major retail outlet even though it specializes in home supplies, appliances, equipment and furnishings. Lowes is a store that has a good feel to it. Consumers like it because it typically has the things that they need to keep their home operating smoothly and looking its best. Remember that Lowes gained popularity from the recent home improvement trend that has been sweeping the nation. Just like Home Depot, they benefited immensely from consumers wanting to make their living environment a magical place to be.

8. Sears

Sears Top 10 Best and Largest American Stores

Sears has been around since the 20th century. This store is extremely old and has peaked sometime during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Starting sometime in the mid to late 70’s, Sears started to decline as a retail outlet of significance. The primary reason why this store has managed to hang on until modern times has to do with its brand, its ability to adapt with the times and the fact that it strategically placed itself with many different shopping malls, centers and outlets. Sears might not be the force that it used to be in the past, but it is not a business that is fading entirely away from the scene.

7. Walgreens


Walgreens is a big pharmaceutical company that has been around for a while. They are the number one commercial pharmacy outlet and generate billions of dollars each year. Wallgreens has become a very important outlet for many people because of the explosion of prescription drugs that people take in modern times. This organization is responsible for administering prescriptions to people.

Wallgreens is also a familiar face for many consumers. Not only can they purchase or pick up their prescriptions at this store they can also purchase many other commercial medical supplies, cosmetics, grocery items and some general market products.

6. CVS

CVS Top Most Famous and Largest American Stores 2018

CVS is the second largest pharmaceutical retailer within the U.S. CVS is almost the same business as Walgreens except it just has a different logo. CVS has become extremely popular within the last 15 years. This is due to the rise in prescription drug usage and the sudden increase in mental health issues.

People needed prescription drugs to help them out in life and CVS is another major outlet that provides this service. They too sell other items that consumers want (or need as well). CVS is steadily growing and is trying to capture the number one pharmaceutical company position.

5. Target


Target is the second largest retail outlet in terms of being a discount store for a wide variety of goods and merchandise. Target is basically a slightly more expensive version of Wal Mart. However, it does not have more products than Wal Mart. Also, they are not as culturally significant as Wal Mart. Even though this is the case, Target is a strong contender within the retail market because many consumers put a premium on them for specific goods.

Target stores generate around $75 billion dollars a year whereas Wal Mart is pulling in half a trillion. So, there is a huge difference between the two. Target is not going to fall off simply because many consumers view them as one step above Wal Mart.

4. CostCo


CostCo is a sleeper on this list. Many people have heard of them but many people do not fully understand who they are. Regardless, there are millions of people who know that CostCo is a members only company that caters exclusively to their clients. In other words, only people who sign up and a get a membership and shop at this retail outlet.

While this place is exclusive, it works. Many people like the exclusivity that CostCo provides. It keeps them being exposed to a Wal Mart like environment that many people no longer want to experience. CostCo is steadily growing and is truly one of the biggest stores in the nation.

3. Kroger


Kroger is another store that has a long-standing history. It that has been around since the 20th century. This organization is America’s number one grocery chain and it also has a pharmacy, bank and other services that consumers will find useful. Kroger stores are stacked with lots name brand food products and people frequently attend this store to shop. Kroger also provides fresh produce, a bakery, deli and a butcher shop. This store is loaded with many different foods that all consumers typically eat.

2. Amazon


Amazon has been included on this list because it is a viable online retailer that could easily compete with the big brick and mortar outfits. Amazon is great company because it sells just about anything that a person could want; except it does it on the internet. This company has great service and most orders filled within less than a week. Amazon is also well connected and has hubs all over the world. This is a leading retailer that has made a name for itself as a retail giant. This is no small feat because only a few companies (such as eBay) has been able to do this.

1. Walmart


Walmart is the best and largest store within the U.S. This organization is just the supreme store in terms of sales and cultural impact. Wal Mart is so big that some people would consider it to be a hangout spot for many community locals. In other words, people gather at Wal Mart like they do a club, a bar or some other social outlet. Wal Mart has it all. It is a large store that sells just about any type of consumer product imaginable.

This organization also sells their products at a cheaper price than the competition. Their ability to make deep discount on bulk products is what helps to make them a huge and powerful company. Wal Mart makes at least a half of trillion dollars each year. This is mind blowing. Very few store can only imagine reaching Wal Mart’s success. Wal Mart is just the biggest and strongest stores in America and the history of the world.

Each of these stores provide great products for people and they are great places to visit for social and entertainment reasons.

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