Top 10 Best Selling Air Jordan Releases

Michael Jordan owns and designs ‘Air Jordan,’ a brand that consists of athletic clothing and shoes. The idea of shoes was composed by Michael and drawn by Tinker Hatfield, Bruce Kilgore, and Peter Moore. Known to many people as ‘Jordans,’ the shoes were first produced in 1985 after ‘Nike’ decided to offer Michael a unique logo for his athletic clothing and sneakers line. The line tried to be different from Nike, whose earlier efforts were focused on basketball. Air Jordan went ahead to evolve from a basketball shoe to a brand that is now used as models in different occasions.

Here are the new and best releases by Air Jordan

10. ‘Air Jordan 2 Retro Men’s Sneakers’

Air Jordan 2 Retro Men's Sneakers

Price: $ 164

After Jordan 1 had succeeded in the market, the manufacturer decided to release Jordan II. Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore are the designers of the nice shoe. ‘Air Jordan II’ was initially made in Italy, something that gave the product a luxury feel. The shoe known famously as ‘Nike Air Jordan 2 Retro’ are very durable, authentic and strong. The artistic attitude makes this shoe amazing. The materials used for manufacture include premium plastics and leather, while the sole contains a lot of air. They are versatile and comfortable and can be used for exercises.

9. ‘Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 8 Retro Basketball Shoe.’

Jordan Men's Air Jordan 8 Retro Basketball Shoe Top Famous Selling Air Jordan Releases in 2019

Price: $ 180

‘Jordan Retro 8′ is a typical hoops shoe that is made from high-quality materials. The upper side is made with smooth grain leather and Durabuck while the tongue contains a chenille patch. The shoe contains a dynamic fit-sleeve, midfoot strap as well as a sculpted air sole. The outsole is solid with a circular pattern and flex grooves that are strategically positioned to grip different surfaces. The shoes fit well, are strong and comfortable.

8. ‘Nike Air Jordan Retro 10 Men’s Sneakers.’

Nike Air Jordan Retro 10 Men's Sneakers

Price: $ 150

The shoe was first released in eight colors and has the success of Michael Jordan on the shoe’s outsole. The shoe was the first one from the company to contain a Phylon midsole that is lightweight. The shoe is a representation of the colorway that Jordan Michael played with after returning to NBA. The shoe is authentic and made from the premium materials. The upper part has a supple leather while the rubber sole comfortably grips many surfaces.

7. ‘Nike Air Jordan Men’s 11 Retro Shoes.’

Nike Air Jordan Men's 11 Retro Shoes Top 10 Best Selling Air Jordan Releases in

Price: $ 339

‘Air Jordan 11′ is an iconic and beloved model of Air Jordan that is loved globally. The shoes were motivated by the desire of Michael Jordan to make the court look formal. The shoe has patent leather and pays tribute to history after a record of 72-10 was broken in the regular season as well as a championship ring. The leather does subtle match nods and high-quality materials because the suede creates a very timeless appearance. The shoe has incredible traction, a proper fit and is comfortable

6. ‘Air Jordan 6 Retro Sports Blue-Colour.’

Air Jordan 6 Retro Sports Blue-Colour Top Most Famous Selling Air Jordan Releases in 2018

Price: $ 335

The first Jordan to contain an internal bootie was ‘Air Jordan 6 Retro Blue-Colour.’ The shoe contains a very striking design a ‘Vis-Air’ unit as well as pull tab that is inspired by Porsche. Michael Jordan wore the shoe at a time when he successfully captured the MVP finals as well as the league. The shoe has iconic features that provide a fresh look. The upper part contains tumbled leather, the tongue of high quality while the rubber sole contains an incredible traction.

5. ‘Nike Air Jordan 14 Retro Men’s Sneakers’

Nike Air Jordan 14 Retro Men's Sneakers Top Popular Selling Air Jordan Releases in 2019

Price: $ 225

Mark Hatfield and Tinker Hatfield designed ‘Air Jordan 14.’ The shoe contains the Jumpman logo from Jordan on a Ferrari and is race ready. The outer sole contains breathable air ducts. The shoes are a reflection of the glorious moments that Michael Jordan had in the NBA. The product is made from premium materials, the upper side having leather and a rubber sole with an incredible traction. The sides are braced with the Jumpman logo, and the shoes fit well and are comfortable.

4. ‘Nike Men’s Air Jordan III Retro Infrared 23 Basketball Shoes.’

Nike Men's Air Jordan III Retro Infrared 23 Basketball Shoes

Price: $ 385

Tinker Hatfield is the designer of this ‘Air Jordan III.’ The Jumpman logo was first featured in the Jordan together with a tumbled leather, an air unit, and an elephant trim. The shoes look luxurious and are Michael Jordan’s favorite, thanks to the durability and comfort that they possess. They track well on many surfaces and are very authentic. Elephant grain leather is used to make the upper side while the sole is made with rubber. The tongue carries the Jumpman logo.

3. ‘Nike Men’s Air Jordan V 5 Retro Basketball Shoes.’

Nike Men's Air Jordan V 5 Retro Basketball Shoes

Price: $ 450

‘Air Jordan V5′ comes in three colors: red, black and silver. The shoe is a pioneer of footwear addiction and is manufactured with high-quality materials like rubber and leather. The air sole gives comfortable cushioning and responsive support. The upper side is Durabuck and looks like a fighter jet. The qualities make ‘Air Jordan V5′ a definitive moment for Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan. The Jumpman logo is on the upper side. The shoes have a good grip on surfaces, are comfortable and stable and possess a proper fitting.

2. ‘Air Jordan 4 Retro Men’s.’

Air Jordan 4 Retro Men's Top Best Selling Air Jordan Releases in 2017

Price: $ 160

Hatfield Tinker designed ‘Air Jordan 4′ using high-quality materials. The upper part is leather with a rubber sole which ensures an incredible grip. The upper side carries the Jumpman logo. The shoe has three colors: black, red and white. The shoes have the ability to fit well after repeated use and are comfortable, durable, and versatile. They are appropriate for games, and gym sessions.

1. ‘Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 1 Mid Basketball Sneakers’

Jordan Men's Air Jordan 1 Mid Basketball Sneakers Top Most Popular Selling Air Jordan Releases in 2018

Price: $ 53

‘Air Jordan 1′ is the most adored shoe by sneakers and basketballers. Premium materials are used to make the shoes. The leather is used to make the upper part, thereby giving you stability and support as the material wraps around your ankle. The encapsulated air sole provides responsive support and lightweight cushioning while the rubber sole ensures traction. The shoes are in blue, white and red colors.

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