Top 10 Best Selling Air Hammers

An air hammer is an essential tool that you should have at home. A range of repair works requires this instrument that is used both outdoors and indoors. The device makes it easy to work with metals and stones. The tool turns air pressure to a devastating force that smashes metallic objects and stones. Your choice of a hammer should be one that is efficient in usage and comfortable with you. However, it is a little tricky to choose the best hammer due to the different types available in the market.

Here are the top 10 best-selling air hammers

10. ‘Akari 250 mm Long Barrel Air Hammer’

Akari 250 mm Long Barrel Air Hammer Top 10 Best Selling Air Hammers 2017

Price: $ 30

The long-barred hammer has a force of 220 blower and works incredibly on heavy metal surfaces. The hammer is made with a strong aluminum structure that is durable and gives you the best service at such a low cost. The front face is alloyed with a black appearance which makes the handle look sparkling hot. The power adjustability, as well as knobbed speed, allows the instrument to meet your needs. The hammer has four chisels and a steel barrel that is treated.

9. ‘Bostitch BTMT72394 Air Hammer’

Bostitch BTMT72394 Air Hammer Top Best Selling Air Hammers 2017

Price: $ 33

The hammer is constructed using aluminum, something that makes it very durable. The butt has a medium length that gives a force of 3000 hits in a minute. The device is light and weighs only 3. 91lbs. The hammer can accommodate an extra fourth chisel of around 0.4 inches. The front section has a ‘spring retentive safety ingenuity’ that allows the chisels to quickly shift on the robust structure that is made of aluminum. The hammer is appropriate for those who are always on the move because it has a relatively lighter weight.

8. ‘Sunex SX243 Hd 250 Air Hammer.’

Sunex SX243 Hd 250 Air Hammer

Price: $ 72

The hammer is loved because of two of its features that are a long handle and durability. The holistic and aluminum fabrication blends with a long butt to offer maximum durability and a lot of mechanical advantage. Customers are impressed by the incredible 2200 blows in terms of impact power in every minute which facilitates working in several mediums. The air regulatory design enables an adjustability feature that brings more simplicity to the operations of the hammer.

7. ‘Chicago Pneumatic Air Hammer (CP7150K)

Chicago Pneumatic Air Hammer (CP7150K) Top Most Famous Selling Air Hammers 2018

Price: $ 90

Some people love a heavier hammer that still works with incredible efficiency. This version of Chicago Pneumatic is the perfect solution with over 6 lbs and a great shift from one chisel to the next, something that leads to efficient and faster service. The fitting capacity is like that of standard chisels with the dimensions being 0.4 inches. The package includes five chisels that enhance the satisfaction of their user as well as a holding case that you use when need be.

6. ‘Chicago Pneumatic T012735 CP714 Air Hammer’

Chicago Pneumatic T012735 CP714 Air Hammer Top Most Popular Selling Air Hammers 2018

Price: $ 287

‘Chicago Pneumatic’ is a perfect light weight air hammer that assists in many home repairs. The instrument weighs only 3.3lbs, although the weight should not deceive you: the hammer delivers incredible 2000 hits every minute. The lightweight hammer is the best for heavy repairs indoors and outdoors. The inbuilt regulator facilitates optimistic workability with the choice of speed adjustments to suit your requirements. The hammer contains ‘retentive spring fronts’ that simplify the mounting or dismounting of the chisels.

5. ‘Wilmar M668 Duty Air Hammer’

Wilmar M668 Duty Air Hammer

Price: $ 26

The hammer is easy to handle, thanks to the light weight of 4.6lbs. The instrument contains an inbuilt system that regulates the air, allowing delivery and control of huge amounts of force. The hammer is well powerful that it can comfortably punch holes and cut panels on the chosen surfaces. The changes in the instrument’s chisels are made simple by the retainer springs, which are well secured. The five chisels that accompany this hammer are well tempered for maximum robustness.

4. ‘Dewalt DWMT70785 Air Hammer’

Dewalt DWMT70785 Air Hammer Top Famous Selling Air Hammers 2019

Price: $ 40

The incredible quality of ‘Dewalt’ products is displayed in the ‘DWMT70785′ version of an air hammer. The stylish hammer is sold for around $ 40 and is coined from a yellow and black paint finish as well as an alloy metal. The hammer has an air allowance of a quarter inch that works well with the ordinary 0.4-inch chisels. The product is incredible with a touch trigger design that grants comfort and also cushions against the substantial impacts.

3. ‘Ingersoll Rand 122MAXK Air Hammer.’

Ingersoll Rand 122MAXK Air Hammer

Price: $ 140

‘Ingersoll’ has the features and durability of a structured hammer that is made of an alloy including a very sturdy handle. The hammer is fifteen times more efficient in comparison to the peers present in the current market. The hammer has silent modes, and the beats have over 30 percent in ‘vibration censoring system design.’ The chisel shift modes are simple and quickened with a retentive spring. ‘Ingersoll’ is an excellent and speedy hammer with a handle that protects your hands. The casing allows you to store the accessories safely.

2. ‘Ingersoll Rand 121K6 Air Hammer.’

Ingersoll Rand 121K6 Air Hammer Top 10 Best Selling Air Hammers

Price: $ 106

‘Ingersoll Rand’ is a very automatic hammer that allows you to have the optimal control of performance by only touching the trigger system. The hammer works well in ranges of heavy, medium and low duty tasks. The instrument has an ‘operating regulatory adjustable system’ as well as an alloyed butt that offer maximum utility. The hammer is a light one, with the weight being 4.2lbs and six chisel tools that are included in the package. The features make the hammer prominent and outstanding.

1. ‘Ingersoll Rand 114GQC Air Hammer’

Ingersoll Rand 114GQC Air Hammer Top Popular Selling Air Hammers 2019

Price: $ 50

The leading ‘Rand’ quality is always on display. The air hammer is constructed using alloyed metal, something that gives it a long-lasting feature and service. The butt is made of steel and is tempered. Fortification is done using the best chisel retentive capacity that enables easy mounting and dismounting of the chisels used. The handle is made using an indigenous innovation that allows a secure fit. The piston is very heat tempered to withstand the chisel functions and last longer.

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