Best Aggressive Skate Brands, Buying the right skates

Whether you’re looking for a skate that not only works in the aggressive skate market but also works in your normal lifestyle this list has it. Many of these skates are designed so you hardly notice the wheels and some of them are designed with the wheels showcased. No matter what type of aggressive skate you are looking for this list will have it.

The following are the top ten Best Aggressive Skate Brands

10. K2 Skates

K2 Skates Top Popular Aggressive Skate Brands 2018

K2 Skates creates a mixture of different types of inline skates. The majority of their skates are brightly colored and cannot be confused for anything other than being skates. Their wheels are large and often times spread out for distance. Their skates are designed by a US ski company that understands the movements that accompany aggressive skating. They design their skates with lifestyle kept in mind. They understand that people wearing their skates not only perform tricks in them but wear them to complete activities like running to the corner store or running errands. They are a truly unique skate.

09. Alchemy

Alchemy Top 10 Best Aggressive Skate Brands 2017

Alchemy’s most recent skate is called the Pure Air. It’s lightweight, simple design but durable structure makes it unique from the other skates on the market. It’s not as bulky, more closely shaped to your actual foot and has a very sleek and simple design. The inner and outer soles are created perfectly so you can grind and perform tricks without damage to your feet. Everything’s been designed perfectly so that you are balanced just the way that you would like. Alchemy tests their own products out as they are designed by their own aggressive skaters.

08. Anarchy Chaos 3


Stateside Skates offers an aggressive skate brand called Anarchy headed out of the UK. Their skate has replaceable cuffs and bolts, ventilated liners and comes in different styles. Besides skates they also offer other items such as knee pads, elbow pads and helmets.

07. USD Skates


USD skates are ambitiously trying to renovate skates and create new styles for aggressive skaters around the globe. They are constantly testing out new materials and styles to see what is most pleasing to aggressive skaters. One of their most popular skates is the Carbon Free Plus Montre which is a rasta themed skate with a very intriguing design that makes them look like normal boots. It even features dreadlock laces and rasta colored beads. It’s a truly unique shoe that doesn’t look like anything else on the market.

06. Rollerblade


Started in a basement in America it has grown to be one of the most well-known brands in skating history. They currently create a great line of aggressive skates as well skates for other types of skating function. They are known for the being the first in creating women’s skates, new brake designs and breathable liners. They are the most widely distributed brand covering many countries around the world. They provide skates for young children just starting to realize their passions and advanced skates for professional athletes.

05. Xsjado Skates


Xsjado provides some of the most innovative inline skates on the market. Their headquarters are out of Germany and they offer an extremely durable skate for those expecting to put their boots through hell. The name is uniquely spelled but pronounced “Shadow.” Shane Coburn is the founder and has innovated the way his skates are created by including inspiration from snowboarding and other sports. He has worked with other aggressive skate enthusiasts to create the perfect set of boots for the job. Their boots are extremely futuristic and unique looking but can also take a massive beating while doing its job.

04. Valo Skates


Valo skates are among some of the most attractive aggressive skates on the market as well as lead by a team of skaters in Brazil. Valo is known around the world as providing some of the most comfortable skate boots on the market. They have started expanding away from the traditional plastic boot to the most sneaker-esque style which is definitely aggressive both in look and function. They acknowledge that the aggressive skate market can be just as versatile as the traditional shoe market and they allow their imagination to lead the way in their design and functionality. They offer some of the most unique skates in the world.

03. Remz Aggressive Skates


If you are searching for a remarkably created soft aggressive skate then Remz makes it! Remz created their “Freedom of Feet” design so help aggressive skaters have the most comfortable and freeing experience while doing tricks. Their skates come with efficiently sized soles and have a properly aligned backslide plate. After a few good skate sessions, the liners fit properly to your individual feet making the whole experience comfortable and thrilling. The design of the skates is also kept in mind so that you not only enjoy the experience of aggressive skating but also enjoy the look of your boots on your feet while you accomplish your aggressive skating goals.

02. SSM Skates or Shima Skate Manufacturing


SSM Skates is a devoted aggressive blading brand, attentive on the best skates by skaters for skaters. Shima are currently using the same boot molds as their previous brand, but Brian Shima, owner and operator, now has a bigger control over the precise course of the business and is guaranteeing skaters really get what it is they want out of their skates. They offer some of the sleekest looking skates with the most versatility.

01. Razors Aggressive Skates


Razors creates aggressive skates that are for skaters who desire the finest fashioned skates so they achieve their best skating experience. The Razor skates are shaped for the novice to the expert. The skates offer the groundless design, amplified interaction with grinds, lesser center of gravity and a significant drop in weight. They are well known and used amongst both amateur aggressive skaters and professionals alike.

In-line skates and aggressive skating has changed over the years and is only advancing as time goes on. These companies are owned by passionate enthusiasts that know exactly what the aggressive skater is looking for.

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