Top 10 Best Selling Adjustable Benches

When you decide to revamp your home or commercial gym, one of the most essential things is an excellent adjustable bench. The instrument helps you perform Pilates, bench presses, and many other strength exercises. With the importance in mind, an adjustable bench with high weight capacities will withstand high weights without buckling or breaking. An appropriate device will reduce the risk of injuries associated with exercise and accommodate a variety of exercises.

Here are the ten ‘Best Adjustable Benches’ that you should consider purchasing

10. ‘Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.’

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Top 10 Best Selling Adjustable Benches 2017

Price: $ 239

The bench is designed to assist you to do leg lifts, chest presses, as well as military presses. The well-constructed adjustable bench is perfect for commercial and home use. The device has a sturdy main frame that is made of heavy-duty steel to support colossal weights as well. This padded bench gives comfort and inclines onto a padded backrest that is easily adjustable into an incline which facilitates you to work out safely. The bench also has locking safety hooks, incredible dual-action trainers, and non-pinching grips.

9. ‘CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench.’

CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench Top Famous Selling Adjustable Benches 2019

Price: $ 50

In the weight lifting niche, CAP Barbell is a famous brand for its ability to manufacture high performance and high-quality home accessories. The ‘Deluxe Utility Bench’ is a functional accessory and adjustable bench that is completely assembled. The bench is made of steel that is eye-catching and durable. For each storage and portability, the bench easily folds, with the well-welded seam that resists pressure. The product has transport wheels and handles and can conveniently be used with bands and dumbbells.

8. ‘Marcy SB670 Adjustable Utility Bench.’

Marcy SB670 Adjustable Utility Bench Top 10 Best Selling Adjustable Benches

Price: $ 60

The ‘Marcy SB670′ is a compact and durable, adjustable utility bench that works the shoulders, chest, back and abdominal muscles. The bench is made from heavy duty steel and adapts well to half cages and fit squat racks that are made from high-density foam. The instrument contains six padded positions and a back pad that declines and inclines seamlessly. The parts are well built and durable and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

7. ‘York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench.’

York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench

Price: $ 96

‘York Barbell’ has a tubular and oversize steel frame, a padded bench that is ideal for cushioning as well as a foldable design that allows easier portability and storage. The top quality adjustable bench is made for heavy duty training and fitness. It is space efficient and affordable and works in both the flat and declined orientations. The instrument weighs 31 pounds and has well-designed rollers and handles for portability and storage. It comes with a rack that has three pairs of Fit-bells.

6. ‘Body Solid GFID-225 Adjustable Weight Bench.’

Body Solid GFID-225 Adjustable Weight Bench Top Best Selling Adjustable Benches 2017

Price: $ 265

‘Body Solid GFID’ is an incredible commercial rated bench that is assembled and ready to use. The bench is space efficient, has seven position adjustments and is durable. It accommodates many workout motions like heavy bench presses, inclines Pilate and backrests. It has a heavy duty of 2 by 3-inch tubes that make it high weight. The bench contains a foldable design as well as a feature wheel that facilitates transportation and storage. The instrument has a limited warranty that gives it quality and confidence.

5. ‘XMark XM 4416 Adjustable Decline Ab Bench.’

XMark XM 4416 Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

Price: $ 165

‘XMark XM’ is an adjustable bench with an ergonomic design and over ten adjustment positions. The product is made from a 14-gauge steel that is powder coated to maximize on scratch resistance and durability. The built-in support mounts helps in convenient dismounting and mounting. The bench contains a cushioned bench of 2.5 inches that has a tear proof vinyl covering to maximize comfort and facilitate heavy weight lifting. The bench supports more than 400 pounds.

4. ‘Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Bench.’

Body-Solid Powerline Flat-Incline-Decline Folding Bench Top Most Famous Selling Adjustable Benches 2018

Price: $ 70

The adjustable bench has seven positions and facilitates flat, incline, decline and vertical workouts. The instrument is appropriate for dumbbells and other strength exercises such as shoulder presses, strength exercises, chest presses, and crunches. ‘Body Solid Powerline’ easily folds to facilitate storage and has a frame made with high weight steel, thus making it strong, corrosion and rust resistant. The bottom wheel is durable and facilitates easy transport.

3. ‘Universal 5-Position Weight Bench-Best Adjustable Benches’

Universal 5-Position Weight Bench-Best Adjustable Benches

Price: $ 104

‘Universal 5 Position’ is an incredible grade bench appropriate for a home gym. It challenges your upper body as you work out, something that makes this product an excellent option. The bench is easily adjustable and has a firm and distinctive contoured design, with stabilizer levelers that prevent it from tipping and slipping on slippery floors. The user weight capacity is around 250 pounds, while the lift capacity is 430 lbs.

2. ‘Cap Barbell Flat/Decline/Incline Bench.’

Cap Barbell Flat-Decline-Incline Bench Top Popular Selling Adjustable Benches 2019

Price: $ 60

‘Cap Barbell’ is a renowned and improved bench that is adjustable, with weight lifting accessories that easily fold to facilitate storage. The weight capacity of this bench is 250, with foam covered grips that provide maximum comfort. The dumbbell holder allows you to reach the weights easily. The bench also has firm foot placements that provide safety, while the design is very stress resistant.

1. ‘Bowflex Select-Tech 5.1 Adjustable Bench.’

Bowflex Select-Tech 5.1 Adjustable Bench Top Most Popular Selling Adjustable Benches 2018

Price: $ 239

The first fascinating thing about the bench is a warranty valid for thirty years for the frame, something which proves that the bench is easily adjustable and very durable. The instrument functions well for both males and females, while setting takes just a few minutes to complete. ‘Bowflex’ can adjust into over five positions, with an incline of 90 degrees included, as well as that of 17 degrees in decline. The hold down braces are removable, a feature that offers extra support during weightlifting. The bench gives a stabilized positioning, thanks to the high-quality components and materials. The upholstery warranty goes for one year.

Adjustable benches provide improved workouts for a healthier body. The reviewed top 10 benches are the best in 2017, choose one and ‘smile your way home.’

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