Top 10 Richest Video Game Companies in The World

The interactive entertainment industry or more commonly referred as video game industry, is the economic sector which includes development, marketing and control of sales of video games worldwide. These industry have seen a rapid advancement in sales because of the advancements in the tech products. These also employs thousands of people and hence an economic boost to the nation’s strength.

Listed below is the top 10 richest video game companies in the world.

10. Square Enix


Square Enix, company based from Japan, is well-known for game series like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest. Over 110 million copies of the game, Final Fantasy series has been sold as of June 2014, which is their best seller so far. In association with Disney, it created Kingdom Heart, a one of a kind game, which sold 20 million copies as of March 2014. It now has made fortune with its popular Tomb Raider games after buying rival company Eidos in 2009. The company is valued at $1.26 billion.

9. Ubisoft


Ubisoft is the third largest autonomous game company, behind Activision and EA. The company is based from France and was founded by the Guillemot brothers in 1986. They started as game distributors for EA and started developing games by 1990’s, beginning with Everquest, and now has top games like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and Prince of Persia under its belt. The company has reached a value of $1.84 billion.

8. Konami

Konami Top Most Famous Richest Video Game Companies 2018

Firm of many products and services, such as sporting games, arcade games, trading cards, Konami is also a developer of video games. It has created some of the best graphics oriented games. It is the force behind the horror game, Silent Hill, and is the creator of the action oriented Metal Gear and the music gaming series Dance Revolution. It also is the creator of PES series. Konami is valued at $3.24 billion in the market.

7. Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts Top Best Richest Video Game Companies 2017

Electronic Arts, or EA, is the most popular name among gamers who like sports-based video games like Madden NFL and other such franchises. It has also created other popular games like Need for Speed, NBA, Medal of Honor and FIFA. It moved from being a PC game developer to a console brand, creating hits like Mass Effect for Xbox and Playstation. The game Crysis has been a major hit among gaming fans. Its value is $4.14 billion.

6. Namco Bandai

Namco Bandai Top Famous Richest Video Game Companies 2019

Namco is a company from Japan, whose main domain is the large scale arcade games. Namco created Pac-Man which made its way among favorite arcade game characters. In the 1980’s, it attained Atari and later partnered with Nintendo, and made it to top in the world of video games. After its break, its 2005 merger with Bandai and creation of popular series like Tekken and Naruto brought it more fame. It has a market value of $4.74 billion.

5. Activision Blizzard


Activision merged with Vivendi in 2008, and became Activision Blizzard. The combined power became a leading company to a number of franchises that made this multinational one of the top players in the industry. Their most famous franchise, the Call of Duty series, is perhaps the most popular, second only to Halo. The other big name by this brand is World of Warcraft, the most famous role-playing game. It has a market value of a massive $4.85 billion. This is one amongst the world’s Top 10 Richest Video Game Companies 2017.

4. Sega


Sega raised to fame by itself in the industry full of console majors by housing Sonic the Hedgehog, the blue rodent. It is now in partnership with its former rival Nintendo, and has launched an all new trend of crossover titles, like franchise of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. Sega is worth a value of $4.9 billion.

3. Nintendo


Nintendo has a history of 125 years, and has delved in all kinds of games, from tv video games to Xbox. But, it was the plumber named Mario on his quest to save his beloved Princess Peach in their hit game Super Mario Bros. Nintendo has shown a marked revolution from Nintendo Entertainment, through Super Nintendo and Gameboy, to Wii and Wii U, with gaming series like Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, etc. leading to its $6.28 billion market value.

2. Microsoft Studios


Microsoft Studios was formed in 2002 in association with Xbox. It has a huge popularity because a gaming console is not necessary for their games. They are available for Windows PCs and phone. It’s most famous franchise is Halo, a first person shooter game, which has been a staple of the Xbox since 2001. With 60 million units sold, Halo has contributed about $3.4 billion out of Microsoft Studio’s value of $12.82 billion.

1. Sony Computer Entertainment


Sony Computer Entertainment is the creative force that created Sony’s Playstation line of consoles. In fact, it is the top video game developer in the industry, with hits such as God of War, Gran Turismo, one of their best sellers. These are just two of the names among many more that have made Sony Computer Entertainment worth $13.4 billion worth making it the richest video game company.

This was the list of the Top 10 Richest Video Game Companies in the world 2017. These have produced incredible games along the years and have done huge business which has brought them all the fortunes.

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