Top 10 Most Popular Online Gaming Sites in India

Online gaming is almost everyone’s past time. You need not be a hard core gamer to have a gaming account online. Here are several games that everyone can play to pass time and also learn new things. There are ton of sites that offer you different gaming experiences, Given below are the most popular sites to play online games in the country:

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular Online Gaming Sites in India


GAMESONLINE Top Popular Online Gaming Sites in India 2018

This gaming site is owned by Pan India Private Limited. This company has a unique network which has 475 Indian portals connected together. This popular gaming site offers a wide range of games in different categories. From action, cricket, adventure to various mobile games this site is highly interactive with different variety of games.



This site was launched in 2009. TRacinggames4U receives about 13 unique customers per day and earn about 0.04$/day from advertising. The site is hosted in Huston Texas. This site has a variety of games related to car and bike race fighting and also various puzzle type of games.



This gaming site is one of the leading gaming sites with more than 1.9 million unique visitors in a month alone. It was launched in the year 2009. It gained its popularity and still holds a strong hold in the online gaming sector. From games related to puzzle, arcade, adventure to even car racing and shooting. This online site is one of the best to kill time and enjoy playing various games.



Sify Technologies Ltd in the year 1995. The company’s headquarters is located in Chennai. This entertainment gaming site was started in 1995 to provide an online gaming experience .This site has various types of games ranging from cricket, arcade, adventure, racing, puzzle etc. A fun and interactive site with a good user interface.


in-com-games-top-most-popular-online-gaming-sites-in-india-2018 is an online venture of the Web 18 which is owned by the Network 18. This site was on-line in the year 2008. The headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai. It is a great website which offers a wide variety of games in the categories of racing, adventure, action, Sports, cricket, puzzles, and etc.This site doesn’t limits to gaming but also provides a complete package of entertainment in the form of news, videos, live TV channels, Astro predictions, etc.



This online gaming site was started to provide entertainment to the people. This site is a destination for humour, fun and has a large collection of jokes SMS, videos and pictures. The tag line of this site is the Humour and the fun portal. Not only humour and fun this site gives opportunities to play various games in the field of like Racing, Bowling, Sports, Action, Shooting, etc. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Online Gaming Sites in India 2017.



The never ending fun is the tagline of this company. Started in the year 2000 this is a popular website and has the complete package. It has more than 10 billion unique users online and also has various games. The site also offers interesting games of different categories and apart from games, the site also has a huge collection of jokes, SMS, wallpapers and images of Celebrities.



With more than 3000 online games The Addicting Games stands 3rd on our list of top 10 gaming sites in India. This is also one of the top online gaming sites of the world with over 10 million monthly users. This online gaming site also allows its users to submit their ideas of various games.



Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd. Is one of the top names in the online gaming sector. This site is has tons of online gamers who play games of various categories like arcade, adventure, sports, shooting etc. The web site has strong partnerships with leading global players such as POPCAP, Playfish, Boonty, Oberon, Come2Play etc. With 10 million registered gamers this site is one of the country’s popular sites. It has 2 million unique visitors per month.


miniclip-top-famous-online-gaming-sites-in-india-2019 is one of the best online gaming sites and deserves to be on top of the list. It is one of the most popular gaming sites of the country catering to 70 million monthly users. It also offers numerous of different types of arcade, action and adventure games to play. It was launched in the year 2001. The founders of the site are Robert Small and Tihan Presbie. This is a very interactive site which lets you compete with your friends online and also challenge them.This site also launched wii- playable games on their website.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Online Gaming Sites in India 2017. Online gaming can help reduce stress, increase vision and also reduce depression and help us to increase multitasking abilities. Even though this topic is controversial video games are everyone’s pastime and there is no harm in a few hours of gaming.

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