Top 10 Most Expensive Nintendo Games

The famous video game giant Nintendo was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi on 23 September 1889. The Japanese multinational which makes software and consumer electronics is the largest video game company of the world by revenue. Till 1963, the company tried many small businesses like handmade hanafuda playing cards (first business of Nintendo), cab services, love hotels etc. The games by the company are just awesome. The company is the most popular in the video game sector.

Who doesn’t love to play games? Everyone does. It is a best time killer known before the advent of smartphone games. Nintendo games are one of the best games in the world. Even though they are expensive, they are amazing. They are loved by both young and old.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Nintendo Games and the countdown follows:

10. GUMSHOE – $7500

gumshoe, Top 10 Most Expensive Nintendo Games 2018

Yoshio Sakamoto is the creator of this crazy game. The story of Gumshoe is based on a retired FBI agent who then becomes a detective. A person kidnaps his daughter and demands him to collect 5 Black Panther diamonds to get his daughter back. It is a nice game with many levels and is famous among the younger generation. This game was published by Nintendo for NSE. It is available at a price of $7500.



This interesting game is very famous in the whole world. Everyone in the world knows this platform based game by Nintendo. Mario has the aim to save princess Toadstool in the game. It is a pseudo sequel of Mario bros. Super Mario is one of my and mom’s favourite games and characters. There are many levels which are fun packed, adventurous and crazy. The title can be bought for a price of $9000.



Dr. Wiley, the villain of the story, travels back in time to destroy Mega Man and conquer the whole world and take it under his control. He has to be defeated by Mega man in order to protect the world. It is one of the famous superhero games. This is one of the most famous titles and is priced at $9000. This game was released in Japan, as a remake of Mega man game series, in SEGA Genesis.

7. WILD GUNMAN – $9500


Initially an electro mechanical arcade game built by Gunpie Yokoi in 1974 was updated and released by Nintendo in 1985 using photographic images with cartoon style video game. It uses NSE peripherals. It is a light shooter game developed to entertain the children. The game is so addictive that you’ll have to complete it before you stop. The title is available for a price of $9500.

6. BUMP AND JUMP TEST CART #13 – $9999


It is arcing game by Nintendo. The title costs a whopping price of $9999. There will be many hindrances and obstacles on the road. The player should overcome the obstacles by leaps and jumps. Even though the cost is too much, the game is worth it. Everyone cannot afford this game, but make sure to try once in a lifetime. I used to play it so much that I would not let my mom to switch of the video game.

5. SNOW BROTHERS – $9999


Snow Bros is a platform arcade game published by Toaplan in 1990. It can be played by 2 players who take the character of Nick and Tom and they throw snow balls at the enemies until they are fully covered and frozen. If you kill all enemies using one snow ball you will get lots of money. This game is also highly expensive with a price tag of $9999. It is a colourful and stylish game and was released by NSE catalogue. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Nintendo Games 2017.

4. ZELDA 2 PROTOTYPE – $10,300


This game is a bestselling title in Ebay. It is a very good game as well as a complicated and tough one. Initially, you won’t have so much power. But as the level proceeds, you gain the power to defeat much stronger enemies. It is considered as the black sheep of Zelda series due to it both being a full side scroller and many RPG style elements. It was developed for a family based computer system in 1987 by Nintendo. This game turned out to be a very successful one. This game title costs a huge amount of $10,300.

3. DONKEY KONG JR MATH – $19,999


This is a game where the player is supposed to solve mathematical problems. Donkey Kong Junior Math was released in 1983 as Donkey Kong Jr.’s math play for the family computers. But the edutainment game title was not accepted by most of the people. Even though it was redesigned and released in 2014 was also considered waste by the people. The game is truly innovative and is priced at $19999. It is the only education series of NES games in North America.

2. STADIUM EVENTS – $25,000


This game is developed by human entertainment and published by Bandai for Nintendo in 1986. This is popularly known as running stadium in Japan. Here, you can take part in a 100m race, 110m hurdles, long jump and triple jump. It is a nice athletic game with high picture quality. I think the price for this game is too expensive and the game isn’t worth it. The fans of this game don’t curse me now please. It is available for a price of $25000.

1. DUCK TALES – $50000


Duck tales is a decent, intellectual and an action platform video game which has a connection with Disney. This video game is published and launched by Capcom. Duck Tales is designed by Yoshiniro Takenaka and programmed by Nobuyuki Matsushima. It is released in North America by Nintendo. It has good graphics, supported by any system and can be played by only a player at time. This has led to the more number of sales of this title. It is the most expensive game by Nintendo and has very good plot. The story involves Scrooge McDuck travelling around the world collecting treasure by outwitting his rival Flintheart Glomgold to become world’s richest duck. It comes with a price tag of $50000.

This was the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Nintendo Games 2017. Nintendo games are superb without a doubt except one or two. Though they are costly I loved playing these games in my childhood. Still these games continue to be the costliest by Nintendo. I think everyone who loves video games should play all of the games in the list at least once. I hope you enjoyed the list. Have a good day.

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