Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Females in The World

Most of the people in the world read comics. Everyone loves them. The ladies in comics are mind-blowing. They are charismatic, sexy and hot. This isn’t lust. I am just appreciating their gracefulness. They are so charming that no girl in reality has perfect figures like them. Mostly, the creators design the female characters keeping male fantasies in mind. They are curvy with a supporting attitude. Their power and personality makes them leave a mark behind.
Here I have counted down the 10 hottest comic book females. Based on popularity, beauty and with a least counting on powers, I have enlisted them. What are you waiting for? Take a look.

Here is the list of Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Females in The World


psylocke, Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Females in The World 2018

Psylocke was created by Chris Claremont. She is the sister of Captain Britain. When Elizabeth Braddock was Psylocke, the character wasn’t noticed by people at all. Then she was redesigned and reintroduced into the comic world. Her brain was put into a Japanese ninja girl, who was an assassin named Kwannon. The Japanese girl had the much needed good looks, curvy body, sexy eyes and purple hair. She is a good martial artist too. She isn’t shy to show her sexy assets or super skills. Initially she had telepathic and fighting skills and later acquired a body armor. She also has the power of telekinesis.



Princess Diana, the warrior of Amazon, is one of the sexiest female comic characters. She was designed keeping male fantasies in mind. Her outfit which is tight and short arouses a guy’s feelings. She is irresistible and unforgettable. She was created by Charles Moulton and H.G.Peter. She has superhuman strength and speed. She is a master in hand to hand combat, utilizes indestructible bracelets, sword and shield. The indestructible bracelets can be used as shields to bullets etc. Batman has called her the best meele fighter in the world. The glamorous character should at least be watched once for the sake of appreciating the beauty.



She is a super villainess in American comic books. Former botanist Pamela Isley, who was a bombshell, turns into Poison Ivy after a toxicology experiment goes wrong. Due to that she got mind controlling abilities and can seduce any man or woman by emitting pheromones. After the experiment she has turned herself to a plant like creature and is immune to most of the toxins and viruses. She was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff. She is one of Batman’s enemies. She has the abilities to manipulate plant life, can secrete floral toxins and has a connection with plants through a force called green.



Though her powers aren’t exciting, her beauty is really appreciable. Many glamour loving readers have considered Emma Grace Frost as a sexy, hot girl. The skimpy outfit of her adds to her beauty. She has an enormous telepathic ability and she can turn herself into an organic diamond state. But that suppresses her telepathic ability. She deserves to be in this list.



The busty, sexy and aggressive heroine is Scarlet X. She was created by Stan lee and Jack Kerby. She is unique. Her well toned body is flawless. Her beauty and costumes are just amazing. Though her powers aren’t that great, she is so hot. She can easily manipulate the probability using her hexes. She has the power to create chaos using magic. She also has the power of reality warping. But she is designed so hot that no one can ignore her from this list.



She is a fictional super heroine. Black widow was created by Stan Lee, Don Rico and Don Heck. She is damn hot dude! She wears a tight black dress which adds to sexy figure and makes her irresistible. Her jaw line drives me crazy. She is enthusiastic and energetic. She shakes the male fantasies once she enters the scene. She is a secret agent, expert tactician and a martial artist. She has a very good immune system and grows old very slowly. She is a technology expert and she is a master of many weapons. She is also a world class athlete, gymnast, aerialist and acrobat. She can hide her real emotions due to gifted intellect. She also can process multiple information streams rapidly. She is one amongst the Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Females in The World 2017.



Many comic lovers find her to be the most beautiful female comic character. But I don’t feel so. She was created by Steve Engleheart Walt Simonson. She is a love interest of Batman. Her curves and fitness can easily distract you. Adding to them is her classy attitude and the style of talking can make you dream of her each and every time. She has an attractive female intellect which makes her to leave a mark in my heart.



The immortal Vampirella is the most known character for those who love horror comics. She wears a revealing red costume, which enhances the beauty of her gorgeous curvy body. She defeats all evil powers by her vampiric capabilities, strength and shape shifting ability. She also has the power to seduce any man just by her presence. She is immortal. She can fly, hypnotise, heal herself and has the power of telepathy. She is so fast that she appears as a blur of moving object while fighting her opponents. That superhuman speed along with strength makes her powerful. Wanna check that? Go and stand in front of her.



The extraordinarily fit and flexible Witchblade is known for her attitude and confidence. Her body shape and curves along with the long hair makes her irresistible. The tough lady with superpowers can arouse anyone. She was created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin and Michael Turner. She has the ability to heal herself and to create an armor over herself. She can shoot energy blasts, extend razor sharp tendrils and can even slow, stop and even turn back time.



The most loved female comic character in the world is the Catwoman. She was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Being a hot lady in the daytime and having an action packed night time, she makes herself the most desired one. Beauty and grace of a woman and quickness of that of a cat are her important qualities. She is an expert burglar, gymnast, hand to hand combatant and uses sharp claws, pitons and bullwhips. Don’t you love watching Catwoman? No one can resist her dude.

Yeah, now we have gone through the Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Females in The World, watch all those TV episodes and read all the comic books of theirs.

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