Top 10 Best Themes-Amusement Park Companies in The World

Theme parks and amusement parks refer to a collection of entertainment sites and other activities for people’s enjoyment and appreciation of one another. There are thousands of amusement parks around the world and they widely vary in popularity and the nature of service offered. Many people tour these attractions every year with their children and relatives. The USA and Asia are the leading amusement park market and it is the home of giants. There are also impressive attractions in Europe. Theme entertainment association brings out report on quality, popularity and attendance at the amusement parks across the world. This article is a summary of top ten theme parks across the glove in descending order.

Following are the Top 10 Best Themes-Amusement Park Companies in The World

10. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Top Best Themes-Amusement Park Companies in The World 2017

This theme park is located in the city of Orlando in Florida. It is among the top ten because it is a huge complex and well- structured thus attracting many people. Both local and international tourists can view over 1800 animals across 300 species. This theme park was accredited by the worlds association of zoos and aquariums which now implies that it meets the required standards of a good park in terms of quality and attendance.

9. Universal Studios Singapore


This amusement park is located in Sentosa Island and it is the largest park in Singapore. It has 24 attraction sites situated within seven amusement areas which includes the Ancient Egypt, Far Far Away, Hollywood, The lost world, Madagascar, New York and Sci-Fi City. All of these theme areas are really massive complex and enjoys huge attractions across the glove. Just like Disney’s animal kingdom, it was accredited by the worlds association of zoos and acquiriams.

8. Sea world parks and entertainment


This theme park was formerly called Busch Gardens Inc and it was a part of Anheuser Busch. The park’s headquarters is at Sea world in the city of Orlando in Florida. The park attracts visitors across the globe because its large collection of aquatic animals all of which are of a rare species. The park is also designed in a unique way and it hosts over 24,000,000 visitors every year.

7. Everland

Everland Top Famous Themes-Amusement Park Companies in The World 2019

This is the first theme park in South Korea and it began operations in 1976. Few years ago a division of Samsung bought it and developed it into theme park. The theme park covers a surface area of 3700 acres and it is compost of three parks which include Caribbean Bay, Speed way and the Festival world. In fact 40 amusement attractions are found in the festival world. The Caribbean bay has got water facilities and racing courses are offered by speedway. Therefore this park attracts several visitors across the globe because of its massive attractions and the robust design.

6. Hersheypark


This theme park was founded in 1903 in the city of Hershey and it is currently an awesome playground for adults and children. It is equipped with zoos, streetlamps resembling Hershey kisses, golf courses, theme parks, and a chocolate spa. If you tour this park you will be explained how chocolate is made. The spa is designed to offer treatments like cocoa butter scrub and cocoa bath which prove to you that chocolate is good.

5. Legoland California park


The theme park is based in Carlsbad Calif, California. It covers an area approximated to be 128 acres which is a combination of hands on activities and rides to target children aged between two to twelve. American landmarks are featured in this park which includes white house, New York city skyline and the golden gate bridge. You can also view giraffes, zebras and lions which are built using Lego Bricks. You can also view other unique things and therefore the park is among the best parks across the globe.

4. The magic kingdom


The park is located in Orlando, California. The amusement park was the first to be built of all the Walt Disney Global resort parks. It shows Cinderella’s castle and it is also designed to share fairy stories and Disney cartoons. The theme park is subdivided into six distinguished lands and each has her own theme. These lands include Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Main Street, Adventureland, USA and Liberty Square. Therefore, because of its complex design, the park attracts millions of visitors each year.

3. Europa Park


The amusement park features French and Germany areas and it is located in Rust, Germany. The areas which boasts includes indoor playground, sixteen shows, twelve rollercoasters and water rides. Above all, the most attractive thing in this theme park is the selection of food because is equipped with seventy restaurants and bars where visitors can select from. Each restaurant and bar has its unique cuisine and amusement.

2. Discovery Cove


The amusement park is based in Orlando, Florida and it is all-inclusive with restrictions since it allows only 1300 visitors in a single day to further guest experience. The visitors have a chance to play with Snorkel tropical fish, feed parrots, dolphins, toucans and marmosets. They also get opportunity to swim in a huge resort pool. Therefore you can visit this theme park for a better experience.

1. Epcot


This Amusement park is located in Lake Buena Vista in Florida USA and it attracts millions of guests every year. Epcot is considered the best theme of all the time since it is divided into two major areas, namely, future world showing new technology and world showcase equipped with eleven pavilions which are dedicated to dissimilar countries across the world. Recently it was upgraded and the guests can use mock prototype cars to race around. Space can send the guests on a trip something unbelievable that NASA is dreaming of inventing. The park has incredible scenes and impressive high class restaurants.

There is no even a single amusement park which will be ranked among the best without becoming the happiest place on the planet thus the upcoming theme parks have a long way to go to feature among the top. It is also vital to note that the theme park owners must invest heavily in offering excellent services in order to attract millions of people around the globe because the guests always look for quality. Commercial parks operators must also understand different customer needs and re-design their parks to meet these needs.

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