Top 10 Horror Production Companies

A good horror movie makes the spine tingle and the nerves clang with excitement at the probability of what’s going to happen next. Without the right production company however most horror movies would never take the necessary step from the basement or garage of the filmmaker to the big screen where such gems as “The Ring” and “Saw” tend to get noticed the most.

The insane budgets that some of these films command are due in large part to the production company and their record of turning out films that the public wishes to see. If the films are successful, then the money continues to roll in and the success rate continues to rise. As a result,

Here are the top ten horror production companies in the business today.

10. Vertigo Entertainment


The premise of this company is that it thrives on remaking Asian films to present to the American public. If you ever watch these films in their original forms you’ll be able to take note of the many similarities that are found between the original and the remake, though you might happen to also note that there are many subtle and glaring differences that stem from the “Americanization” of the film.

Their claims to fame so far are such films as “The Grudge”, “The Ring 2”, and several others. These films are usually more cerebral in nature with pulse-pounding horror that hits you all at once after an insanely long buildup. It’s frightening, but in a way that makes you think so much that screaming is a byproduct when it happens.

9. Twisted Pictures


If you’ve seen the spike twisted in barbed wire then you likely have already associated it with the ever-popular “Saw” franchise. This company is relatively new as it was created in 2004, and it’s movies are notoriously gory and filled with plot twists that only the most astute viewers ever really figure out before the end.

They tend to put the most obvious solutions in front of your face while attempting to move your attention elsewhere out of sheer necessity. In other words, are you willing to focus on the obvious when a maniac is rushing at you in your peripheral vision? That’s the style of film you’ll find with this company.

8. Rogue Pictures


This is an example of a company that knows how to diversify, but does not produce the same kind of horror content that these other companies are known for. Rogue Pictures tends to specialize in low-budget horror films such as “Cry Wolf” and “The Unborn”. In other words they produce films that are genuinely scary and feature some real talent, but are still not on the same level as other companies that go for broke when it comes to horror.

7. Platinum Dunes


Created in 2001, this company has made a name for themselves by remaking horror films. While this isn’t always a lucrative practice it’s at least helped them weather the storm of critics enough to stick around to this point. Their claims to fame are the remakes of such films as “The Amityville Horror”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, and even “Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street”. They know how to get down and dirty when it comes to horror, and aren’t shy about showcasing their skill at getting the audience’s attention.

6. Ghost House Pictures


The name alone seems to inspire one to believe that this company is to be respected in the film industry. This is another company that likes to thrive on the remake, which in for some people is becoming a tired process of regurgitating old films in new ways. Fortunately this company has developed a formula for success that has allowed them to release such films as “Evil Dead”, “The Messengers”, and “30 Days of Night” in such a way that they gain an instant cult following if nothing else. The blood and gore usually depends on the movie, but the suspense is always full force and waiting around every corner.

5. Del Toro Productions

Del Toro Productions Top Famous Horror Production Companies 2019

If you’re any kind of film buff then you know to expect greatness from the man whose name defines this company. The brilliant mind behind the “Hobbit” movies and “Hellboy” is a self-confirmed horror fanatic, and he’s even taken part in films such as “Mama” and “Splice”. While those last two weren’t done under his production tag they still bear his contributions, and as such make for a compelling reason to believe that his production company will be one of the best in the years to come.

4. Dark Castle Entertainment

Dark Castle Entertainment Top Most Popular Horror Production Companies 2018

It’s hard to say that this company has been overly successful since being created in 1999, but all in all it’s done fairly well. Associated with Warner Bros., Dark Castle has been responsible for other films that are non-horror related such as “The Losers” and “Whiteout”. It’s horror credits though include films such as “Gothika”, “Thirteen Ghosts”, and “House of Wax” which was so popular considering its use of Paris Hilton and her fitting death scene. Gore and suspense are a large part of this company’s films, but a quirky sense of humor also seems to accompany their productions as well.

3. Circle of Confusion


It’s not known to many who don’t tend to go in for the comedic horror genre, but this American-based company has never been shy in claiming that it does thing according to its own standards. It’s successful enough, but unless you’re into more obscure films featuring a different type of terror, you might not have heard of them.

2. Blumhouse Productions

Blumhouse Productions Top Most Horror Production Companies 2017

Despite their low-budget and often less inspiring films, this company has managed to make a fortune by turning out productions that have become so popular that cans have actually been asking for more. Their most successful films to date include “Insidious”, “The Purge”, “Paranormal Activity” and the strangely popular “Sinister”.

Their notoriety has grown throughout years as they continue to pick up the best and brightest stars and produce films that will make the viewer think as well as scream aloud when the big reveal is finally allowed to spring forth and slap them into a state of frenzied terror. It’s amazing that they operate on such a low budget, but when you can successfully scare your audience without spending the millions upon millions that other companies do, you’re doing something right.

1. Benderspink


You may or may not have heard of this company, but that could be due to a couple of reasons. For one, they’re not technically a horror production company, though they do dabble in horror films. Second is that they are more of a cerebral production company that produces hits that make you think more than anything, meaning you have little time to be scared as you’re attempting to sort out just what’s going on in their films. The fact that they’re successful is a plus, considering that they just barely managed to get on this list.

Horror is a wide genre in film making that can encompass everything from a deep-thinking perspective to the down and dirty gore-fest that some fans seem to thoroughly enjoy. The production companies that turn out such films have learned quickly that to appease the fans is to make money, but they still tend to help guide their talent in ways that keep their core values and unique vision on par with what they believe is popular. In other words, they do what they want insofar as it makes them money, which is the ultimate goal of any business.

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