Top 10 Best Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Characters

This is one of the funniest and the most interesting shows by Disney Junior. A show about two very opposite characters who are from different walks of life. A very hyper active rabbit and an overly sensitive and much pampered dog get paired and lost in the Amazon rain forest where they have to come together and look for a way out of that place. Because of their up-bringing they have very different characters and experiences that when put together tell an interesting story. This animated show is like no other. It comprises of some very funny characters who help make the time Brandy and Mr. Whiskers have in the Rain forest memorable.

Here are the Top 10 Best Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Characters

10. Tito


He is a monkey that teaches Samba lessons. He remains to be a sweet part of the whole thing. In the episode the Rain delay, brandy fights to get to him before Margo does. Later on Margo learns that Toto cancelled the lesson because of his sick mother.

9. Lester

Lester Top Popular Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Characters 2019

He is a huge monkey who has been in several episodes throughout the whole show. In various seasons he is seen as the bully of the show. This coming from the fact that in that part of the show he is seen beating up Mr. Whiskers. Other than that, he is also seen as one of gasper’s henchmen and hence does all the Gecko’s dirty work. He might not be in the most parts of the show but he is definitely one of the most interesting ones there is in the show.

8. Gabriella

Gabriella Top Most Popular Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Characters 2018

She is Gaspers girlfriend. Well by association, we can definitely tell that there will be someone she does not get along with. She hangs out a lot with Margo and Lemur. These three definitely do not like Brandy and try making her time in the rain forest a hell and something not to admire. She is a superficial basilisk lizard who tries very hard to take care of her appearance and fashion. All these build up her character

7. Cheryl and Meryl


These are 2 toucan twin sisters. They are cute and also add up to the whole drama in the show. With their fights, they help build up the story of the show. Apart from that, their fights also contribute to the journey Brandy and Mr. Whiskers have through the rain forest. Granted catastrophic, they still add something. They are however Brandy’s friends despite their contributions being not the best for the two.

6. Gaspar Le Gecko


For him, the associations might not be good for both. He has associations with Brandy for reasons that are not very honest. For starters he wants to do away with Mr. Whiskers for good. And to do that he uses Brandy the travel mate. Even with this, he sometimes does normal stuff that happens in the jungle such as playing cards loudly. In this cases he still annoys Brandy because he responds very angrily and loudly too. With his input, there is always some twist to the whole thing and it gives viewers something they did not expect.

5. Ed


Well at least Mr. Whiskers has a best friend. Ed is a giant Otter who fills these shoes. He is a caring and kind fool who tends to hang on every word that comes out of Mr. Whisker’s mouth. He and Mr. Whiskers come up with friendly plans. However sometimes he is the one who does all the thinking. However no matter how many times the plans backfire and become a tragedy, he still remains a very loyal and good friend of Mr. Whiskers

4. Margo


According to the Rain forest social chain, this stink bug is above Brandy. However se has been a sweetheart enough to actually become friends and give here the inside story of the goings and the comings of the rain forest. However she advices Brandy to stay away from Mr. Whiskers. In the later times they both develop a bitter rivalry where Margo tries to mess up and screw Brandy and they are both jealous of each other. She ensures she is seen in public places such as the mall with Brandy’s friends just to screw her over

3. Lola Boa


She is a snake who meets Mr. Whiskers on a tree where he chases her away. She later on become s friends with Brandy where at some point they end up saving Mr. Whiskers. They build a tree house and make bunk beds made from lingerie worn by the hippopotamus. She is normally the voice of reason between Brandy and the Harrington friends. She can be described as kind and very welcoming and always lends a hand where she can. She may come up with bright ideas which Brandy thinks are not that bright. She has a Spanish accent and has really being great in the build-up of the story line in the show

2. Mr. Whiskers


He is one of two main character of the show. He is from the poor side and is also lost in the Amazon rain forest where he teams up with Brandy who is also lost. They both make a life here while still trying to get out of the rain forest. They get to have new friends and new enemies. The new experiences in the rain forest is one thing that really builds up Mr. Whiskers as time goes by.

1. Brandy


The snobbish and very up town dog that wanders off and gets lost in the forest is here. She is another main character who in the whole show gets to have a very different life than she really is used to having. They are both introduced into the show at the beginning in the pilot and from there grow to forge a relationship that sees the through a lot.

This is one of the greatest shows there is for the kids. In it there is the creation of different relationships that in turn lead to more drama and the understanding of friendship. Here you get to see the very different experiences and approaches people from different backgrounds would have in such a situation

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