Top 10 Best Water Purifier Brands in India

Highest Selling water purifier brands, Water as we all know is very important for all of us. It is one of the most basic amenitie without which it’s impossible for humans to survive. But the given the amount of pollution in our present world, the number of disease resulting due to contaminated water is extremely high. That is when the water purifiers come in to the picture. Healthy lifestyle is almost unthinkable without them. So, here is a list of top ten best water purifier brands in India 2018.

10. Livpure:


This is one of the recent established companies in India. A brand launched by Luminous Water Technologies Pvt Lts, Livpure has today attained a place of trust amongst the Indian consumers. These water purifiers use advanced technologies like UV, RO and UF to make drinking water pure and safe. The cost of this brand is highly economical and the leading models from this brand are Livpure Magna, Livpure PEP and Livpure Touch 2000 Plus. Thus it is placed in 10th position in the list.


9. Tata Swach:

Tata Swach

This company is owned by the famous Tata groups. Tata Swach is another well-known brand of water purifier in India. This brand showcases variants like Tata Swach Nova Silver RO, Tata Swach Platina Silver RO and Tata Swach Smart, which make use of the innovative TSRF technology for purifying water. The cost of this water purifiers is bit more but the product is worth the money. Thus it is in tenth position.


8. Nasaka:


At the 8th position is Nasaka, Japanese company known for its production of batteries, inverter and also these days they are good the production of water purifiers, they stepped into the water purifier market in 2010 by bringing water purifiers with state of the art Japanese purification technology. The popular models are Xtra Sure, Ninja and Nasaka 24X7 are in water purifiers from this brand.


7. Electrolux:


This company is one of the leading water purification company which is very popular . They are expertise in the production of water purifiers with great efficiency and also with great design. They include UF process and also mineral Controller and other techniques for the purification purpose. The leading models from Electrolux include Ace, Vogue and Sterling.


6. Aquafresh:


This company ranks at 6th position in our list and is considered as one of the best water purification systems that requires electricity and is in a quite larger scale. Another renowned water purifier brand in India is Aquafresh, which is manufactured in a Delhi based plant. This brand showcases models like Aqua Pearl, Aquafresh Dolphin and Aquafresh Super Grand, which have captured a significant share in the market.


5. Zero B:

Zero B

This company is one of the best companies in the world. This company is very famous in r parts of the world, including UK, USA, Japan, Africa and Russia. High quality coupled with affordable prices is the main reason of popularity of this brand. Some of the bestselling models of Zero B are Sapphire, Ultimate, Emerald and Suraksha Plus thus this is at 5th position.


4. Pureit:


This is one of the most trusted brand all over the world, this is known for is quality . This company is from the house of Hindustan Unilever which is a very popular house of brand. Advanced, Pureit Marvella and Pureit Classic are some of the top models from this brand. This company is known for introducing some of the most simple, advanced technologies that require very less technical assistance and ranks at the 4th position in our list.


3. Aquasure:


This company is one of the most reputable companies in the country which is associated with Eureka Forbes. They are known for their production of vacuum cleaners, the most promising models of this company are aquasure Shakti, Aquasure RO+UV and also Aquasure expert. Known for their quality and efficient purification, the company holds third position in the best water purifier brands in India.


2. Aquaguard:


Justifying its name, Aquaguard surely serves as one of the best cleaner of the water and guards you from hazardous microbes. The company is in association with Eureka Frobes and this is one of the oldest water purifiers and they have been evolving and are now equipped with some special features that include silver surety technology, HD RO intelligent auto fill system. It’s bestselling models are marina, eternity, revival etc.


1. Kent:


This is a very famous water purification company around the globe and is one of those brands known for best quality and innovation. Their products starts from small scale and are also designed to take up large scale water purification. They are also known for their diverse purifiers such as fruits and vegetables purifiers. Their famous models are Kent gold, ultra, pride and supreme. The company takes the fame of being the topmost company for the efficient purification they offer and the quality assistance given by the company.


Thus this was the list of best selling top water Purifier brands in India 2018 that have recorded highest number of sales in the country. To prevent oneself from the deadly water communicable diseases and allergies, it is very essential to drink purified water and especially if you are a very health conscious person then please do go get your house or workplace with any of these purifiers and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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