Top 10 Best Selling Microwave Oven Brands in India

Man who once used to eat everything without cooking learnt the process of cooking food and started enjoying the taste of the cooked food over raw food over the course of evolution. Initially he burns those tubers in the heat directly, then learnt to fry, then to steam and the latest version of it is cooking with the help of microwaves which are of longer wavelength when compared to visible light. This is now a widely used method in cooking, that is easy to use and gets the work done in very less time. This is very much suited to the busy life of the modern world.

Here is the list of top ten microwave oven companies all over the world

That are the spearheads in the Indian market in terms of sales:

10. Onida Microwave Oven:

onida microwave oven best selling microwave oven brands in india 2017

Onida is one of the famous manufacturing company when it comes to home appliances. This company is pretty famous all over India but not much outside India. They over ordered by the India microwave is that it has auto cook, insta cook, steam clean and stainless interior and other features.

9. Bajaj Microwave Oven:


This brand is owned by the famous Bajaj groups features at the 9th position in our list. The Bajaj electrical are pretty famous in the electronic department and also they have wide range of home appliances. The company is well known all over India and also renders quality service and assistance. The ovens produced by this company have very affordable prices and thus it attracts the crowd easily.

8. Kenstar Microwave Oven:


This company was established in India at around the year 1995-1996. The company had been pretty much effective in all these years. They are expertise in the production of wide range of kitchen appliances and other consumer electronics. The stand out features of the microwave ovens by this company are convection, automatic cooking, Grill, microwaves, adjustable power levels and other. The company is involved in extensive innovation in making our lives easier and thus we witness more advanced technologies with every release of theirs.

7. Panasonic Microwave Oven:


The company is very well known for their production of home appliances and it is one of leading brands in India. They have been successfully satisfied the costumers with their quality products and great service, hence it’s a trust worthy company. The microwave ovens produced by them contains features like convection mode, reheat options, x advanced cooking menu which make the human effort minimal in using the appliance.

6. Electrolux Microwave Oven:


This company is one of the oldest companies which was established in the year 1920. Since that time the company had always been associated with some futuristic technology developments and have shown up themselves in success line. The microwave ovens by this company are very much consumer friendly as they offer ease of use.

5. Godrej Microwave Oven:


This company is widely renowned for its customer satisfaction and excellent innovation. It is one of the oldest Indian brands, expertise in the field of manufacturing of consumer electronic appliances and house hold appliances. The company produces wide range of microwaves oven including the features like convection, grill, instant cook, auto cook, reheat etc. The company features at the 5th position for being one of the most trusted brands in India.

4. Whirlpool Microwave Oven:


Whirlpool is the company with premier name in kitchen appliances, industry and they are very well known for their other household electrical appliances. The microwave oven have very exceptional features such as auto cook, Reheat, auto reheat modes and also the faster cooking mode and also cooling are embedded in the latest models. The company takes care about rendering quality products with ease of use and to reduce human interruption with the activities.

3. LG Microwave Oven:


The South Korean manufacturer LG features at the 3rd place of the list. LG is known for their global market and also their world class products in the line of Kitchen appliances. They have been the company to come up with revolutionary ideas and technologies with their appliances. The company has been renowned as extremely user friendly company and offer extensive service in all over the world. Their products are of top notch quality and priced at considerably decent rates. Their latest oven models are equipped with modes like convection mode, power cooking stainless interior to work more efficiently and consume less time.

2. Samsung Microwave Oven:


This South Korean manufacturer is well renowned to produce quality electrical appliances all over the world. It has a global market and it is one of very few companies that has been having significant growth over the years. They are expertise in the production of home appliances and also in electronic appliances with the application of some of the world’s best, modern technologies. The microwave ovens from the company are embedded with wide range of features such as precision cooking, steam cooking, traditional cooking modes which is not present in any of the other ovens. The quality products at very affordable prices makes the company to be one of the best manufacturer in the segment.

1. IFB Microwave Oven:


This is an international brand of that manufactures wide range of appliances such as the ones used in the house hold and the electronic ones too. The company is globally recognized because of its variety of products, embedded with some of the finest technologies and also great service to the customers. The best features of the ovens of this brand include convection cooking, grills, auto cook, reheat etc. They are amongst the few brands that offer longer duration of warranty for their products and assure the customers with the best experience with their devices.

Thus this is the list of top ten microwave oven companies in India and for a buyer this list should be very much useful in choosing the right features and right brand in a market that opens up with several products that vary with several features.

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