Top 10 Best Induction Stove Brands in India

Man who once used to eat everything without cooking learnt the process of cooking food and started enjoying the taste of the cooked food over raw food over the course of evolution. Initially he burnts those tubers in the heat directly, then learnt to fry, then to steam and the latest version of it is cooking with the help of electromagnetic induction which are of much better than the gas or the microwave oven.  The food to be cooked is just place in the induction cookware and kept on the surface of the induction stove. The coil transfers heat and cooks the food. This is totally safe unlike that of gas stoves.

The leading producers of induction stove brands in India are the given in the list below

10. Morphy Richards:

morphy richards, Top 10 Best Induction Stove Brands in India 2018

This company is one of the leading international kitchen appliances brand, with huge customer base in countries like UK, China, Australia and New Zealand. It presents the latest and well equipped models in induction stoves, with features like auto shut off, sensory touch controls, keep warm and auto cook. Thus it is now at tenth position of this list.

9. Havells:


Havells is known for the variety of valuable production in the field of home and electric appliances. They are one of the most Trust worthy producers of all the time. They produce variety of appliances among which induction stove is one. They have brought this Insta Cook which has captured a lot of attention in the Indian market. Features like digital LED display, auto switch off, soft touch controls and variable temperature control, make these induction stoves in huge demand. Thus they are in the top 9th position.

8. Sunflame:


This is one of the famous Indian brand known for its proof induction stoves. The high tech features available in Sunflame Induction stove include pre-set cooking, feather touch controls, timer, digital display and auto cut-off. They are producing high end profit very low price which makes the company much better than rest of them. Thus it is in the 8th position.

7. Kenstar:


Kenstar is one of the company which produces a series of electrical and home appliances including refrigerators, Washing machines, cook tops and a lot of other products. They are known for the Making of these induction stove because of their quality and efficiency of the product. They produce products like kitchen king, kitchen emperor, prince DX, and galaxy. They all have best features and vary diversely.



They are expertise in the field of stove making and also cookers. Their production of induction stove is one of the world famous one and it is of great demand all over the world. They are sold in countries like Australia, UK, Canada and other places. This company has produced products like ace, standards, premium and elite. Thus it is in the top 6th position in the list.

5. Philips:


This is one of the famous manufacturing company of the product which are highly beneficial for the use in the houses and also they produce variety of electrical appliances. They bring the latest technology to the country and also their production is always innovative. They have super collect like daily coll and viva Colle. Thus it is in the top  5th position.

4. Bajaj


This company is owned by Bajaj groups. This is one of the famous group which is associated with Bajaj which produces wide range of electrical appliances and also wide range of home appliances.Their induction stoves include features like delay timer. Auto shut off, Indian cook menu and a lot other options. They are in the 4th position in the list.

3. Pigeon


This is owned by stovekarft private Limited and it is expertised in Making home and kitchen appliances such a gas stoves, pressure cookers and mixer grinders. The induction stove by this company is called as rapido it offers great features like child lock, auto shut off, feather touch and a lot more. Thus it is in the 3rd position.

2. Preethi


Preethi is another very good and efficient induction stove brand in the Indian market, which is a part of Preethi kitchen Appliances Ltd, a leading manufacturer of kitchen items since 1978. The product range of induction cookers by Preethi include Excel+, Trendy+, Dial, Sleek, Regal, Curve and Ellipse.Thus it is in the 2nd place out of 10.

1. Prestige


This is one of the most reliable brands of all the time and it is most experienced one. It is very old in the field of kitchen appliances. They are a part of TTK group. These induction stoves come with a huge list of features likes child lock, feather touch, auto stuff off and a lot more others. Thus because of its immense popularity and peoples trust on this brand it is in the first place

Thus this is the list of top ten induction stoves companies in India. As the technology in country starts developing even the country starts developing. The company should start adopting various new technologies from other countries and have to start using them and make the working of man and his life much simpler.

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