Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges in The World

The most important aspect in life is Education. Education widens the perspective and thinking capability of people and offers life in an adventurous way. Many schools and colleges provide various courses to give students an opportunity to sharpen their skills. However, the education in top colleges is certainly expensive as they have better facilities compared to other colleges and are out of reach to the ordinary students. These universities are famous in their respective courses and provide the best study environment to the students.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive colleges in the World.

10. University of Chicago

university of chicago, Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges in The World 2017

The Chicago University is among the top 10 expensive colleges in the world 2017 with an annual fee of 57,711 dollars. It has the best education system and is very tough getting through the college. It also provides higher education to the students in American Baptist education society located in Illinois and established in the year 1890. The university received huge contributions from Marshall Field and John Rockefeller. The privilege of having the largest university press in the U.S. also belongs to Chicago University.

9. Parsons the New School for Design


Located in New York, Parsons School is one of the best Design and Art College. This university finds itself in the most expensive university list and has an annual fee of 57,910 dollars. It was established in 1896 by William Merritt Chase. The School also got associated with the New School for Social Research in the year 1970. The cleanliness and maintenance of the school is praiseworthy. The quality of education is very high and students excel in all aspects.

8. John Hopkins University


John Hopkins University is situated in Baltimore, and is best known for its research work. It is proudly known as the one of the most expensive university in the world with an annual fee of 57,820 dollars. It was founded in the year 1876 by John Hopkins. The University’s work in natural science, engineering and research is praiseworthy. The University provides enormous insights to students and help in the overall development of its students. The quality of education is of the finest.

7. Dartmouth College


Dartmouth College secures a place in the most expensive colleges in the world 2017 and is recognized as one of the nine Colonial colleges. But it is the smallest university in the Ivy League. This research university has an annual fee structure of 57,996 dollars. The College was established by Eleazer Wheelock in the year 1769. The quality of education is praiseworthy and students excel in flying colors. It is very tough to get admitted to this college. The college environment is very beautiful especially during the autumn.

6. Boston College


Boston College was established in the year 1863 and is one of the popular Catholic Universities. This research university is located in Massachusetts of the United States of America. It is well known university all over the world due its best research and teaching facility. The annual fee structure of Boston College is 49,560 dollars. Therefore this college made it into the top 10 expensive universities list. Prior to admission, students need to pass the admission test to get into the college.

5. Carnegie Mellon University


This prestigious private institute was founded by Andrew Carnegie in the year 1900 and is one of the biggest universities in Pittsburgh. The University is enormous in stature and possesses a fine collection of young talents. Although the college is big and huge, its campus is very well maintained and clean. This renowned university has an admission fee of 49,804 dollars and a tuition fee of 39,754 dollars. Students have to pay 10,050 dollars for food and accommodation. It is very tough to get admitted into the college.

4. New York University


This renowned university was established in the year 1831. Students need to crack the entrance exams first to get admitted into this university. The entrance exams are extremely tough. Only the best and smart students make it into this college. Though situated in New York, its core campus is located in Greenwich Village. Students have to pay 37,372 dollars as tuition fees and 10,050 dollars as boarding fees. The annual fee of the college is 59,337 dollars. The New York University generates fine young talents every year giving them enormous insights and help in the overall development of its students. The purest form of education is available to the students.

3. Georgetown University


The Georgetown University is one of the most renowned universities in the world and also is the oldest catholic institution. This university is situated in Washington DC, United States of America and was established in the year 1789. The research work of this university is of the highest quality. The tuition fee of this prestigious University is 38,122 and boarding and room fee is 12,153 dollars. Many fine young talents emerge from this University and are worldwide accepted.

2. Harvey Mudd University


This institute is one of the best Art and Design College and secures the top 2nd position in the most expensive colleges 2017 list. Harvey Mudd’s family and friends established this university in the year 1955. It provides a fabulous higher education to students and its keen emphasis is held on science. The annual fee of this college is 58,913 dollars. It has a huge and glamorous infrastructure and the college environment is neatly maintained. The students graduated from this college are highly paid and desired by companies.

1. George Washington University


This University secures the top 1 rank in the world’s most expensive university list and is the most renowned university all over the world. Students from different countries come to study in this prestigious college. Named after the famous president of U.S, George Washington, it was founded in the year 1821. The tuition fee of this university is 40,437 and boarding and room charge is 9,920 dollars.

This was the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges or Educational Institutions in the world 2017. These colleges have worldwide recognition and are considered to be the most prestigious institutions in the world.

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