Top 10 Most Beautiful Colleges of The World

Even though colleges are places where we study, a lot of emphasis has been laid on infrastructure, in the recent past considering how well colleges can be built. It is unquestionably true that the idea of knowledge develops much better when our surroundings are very suitable for that. In colleges with best infrastructure a lot of students have ended up inspiring themselves and also the others by the extraordinary ideas they got just by looking at their surroundings.

So here is a list of the world’s top 10 most beautiful colleges campus.

10. University of Hawaii at Manoa


Even though a lot of tourists come to this place to enjoy life at its best, Hawaii is also known for one of the best university campuses ever. The University of Hawaii at Manoa is one of the best places to be in, inside Hawaii. Besides some of the very volcanic mountains in Hawaii and a lot of other beaches, this university building is one of the key features and pride of Hawaii. It is not only exquisite, but the teaching of this place is quite extraordinary too. Most of the students are treated very well in this institution as many of them have completed their majors with a colorful career. Entering this University is like a dream come true.

9. Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College Top Most Beautiful Colleges of The World 2017

One of the most interesting things about Dartmouth College is its history. When spoken about the Dartmouth College, most of the students will excitedly speak about the Wentworth and the Thornton halls. A couple of the original buildings of this university were constructed in 1820. While this college is known to establish a solid career for most of the students, it is also famous for the Hopkins Club of Arts, which has surely made Dartmouth one of the most famous colleges in the world. The technology available in the library of this university is something that is going to make even the Stanford students jealous.

8. College of William & Mary

College of William & Mary Top 10 Most Beautiful Colleges of The World 2017

With 1200 acres completely filled with a coffee wooded area and the artifacts which remind us of some of the most beautiful paintings of Renaissance Painters, what more could a student ask for. College of William and Mary is still considered an old campus, but it is this history of the campus that makes it worth viewing. Including one of the most beautiful buildings the Christopher Wren building, it is also known for its magnanimous Georgian and Anglo Dutch architecture. This college also has a lot to do with the tourists arriving to the place just to look at the beauty of it.

7. Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University Top 10 Most Beautiful Colleges of The World

The Loyola Marymount University, has one of the best locations any University could ever ask for. Sitting on top of a cliff in the Del Rey Hills, Loyola Marymount offers one of the best campus locations in the country. This extraordinary school of California is very famous for its picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean. This college is especially a very inspiring place to learn architecture not just because they have good facilities, but also because the architecture of this college itself speaks about how good it is. The sculpture Gardens and walkways between educational buildings are surely something that people would forever like to visit.

6. Emory University


With one of the best gorgeous Southern campuses in the history of America, Emory surely ranks as one of the top university campuses of the US. Situated in Atlanta this place is very close to one of the busiest airports in the world. It offers world-class education to all students entering this place and it also make sure that their careers are made much better than they expected. The Michael C. Carlos Museum on campus keeps the most extensive art collection in the Southeast, with pieces from around the world. Lullwater Park, comprising over 100 acres on campus is dedicated to preserving the south and its natural environment.

5. Lewis & Clark College


Most colleges would just be called beautiful for the fact that they are huge, and good looking. But no other college can you claim to be the prettiest campus in the world as much as Lewis and Clark college. With The Spectacular view of the Mount Hood, this 130 acre campus sits at the top of the Palatine hill. Situated in Portland, Oregon this campus is attached to the Tryon Creek State Natural Area, an area which has inspired the college to continue “green” efforts working to make buildings on campus LEED certified. It is the unique architecture of the campus that made it be named the best by design experts as well as one of the prettiest campuses by the Princeton Review. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Colleges of The World 2017.

4. Pepperdine University


Most people throughout the flock the Catalina Island just to view the Pacific Ocean, but a student of Pepperdine University is someone who is lucky enough to look at it directly from college. This University houses some of the best dorms in the entire area, and is difficult to compete with given that the fact of it lining next the Pacific Ocean, makes it ecstatic. It is also famous for the Kecks science tower, and the Philips observatory it houses.

3. Sewanee: The University of the South


Sewanee: The University of the South is one of the most interesting buildings in the United States. Almost every building in this university pays homage to the Gothic style architecture and is culturally one of the best around. Some of the most beautiful buildings in the University are the Tennessee Williams centre. The Williams attraction on campus provides funding for many student experiences, through royalties from the family endowment.

2. Kenyon College


Kenyon College has been recognized for its superior swimming and diving teams but many people around the country may not realize this college in Ohio has one of the most well built and aesthetic buildings in the nation. Especially known for its Gothic Revival, it has found itself in a lot of magazines as one of the most beautiful buildings ever. Ascension Hall is an imposing and impressive structure and Old Kenyon Hall, built in 1827, is believed to be the oldest Gothic Revival building in America. Also unforgettable is this college’s name appearing in the list of the best and the most beautiful college building in the Forbes magazine.

1. Elon University


Located in the middle of North Carolina, the Elon University has a building completely filled with wooden Grounds and is also designated as a botanical garden. This campus not only offers extraordinary education but is also known for filming several movies, like Spike Lee’s He Got Game. We all have to admit given the fact that New York Times, Forbes magazine and Princeton Review have named the University Campus one of the prettiest campuses in the world, and it ranks first in the list.

So here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful colleges in the world 2017. These are picturesque and have a great environment for studies. These beautiful campuses are lush green and very attractive too.

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