Top 10 Journalism And Mass Media Colleges in The World

Journalism and Mass media are the two important things that run the current media. Studies related to this is highly important to train the student and also to learn the subject. A degree from a good reputed college can ensure a secure job in an top enterprise.

Given below are the top ten Journalism and mass media colleges in the world:

10. Stockholm University (Sweden)

Stockholm University Top Most Popular Journalism And Mass Media Colleges in The World 2018

Stockholm university is known for a unique course in Journalism, media and communication along with Fashion and Cinema and awarding a degree for all these subjects. This course has attracted students from all over to conduct research on these subjects. These various subjects have all been clubbed to a single unit. It has one of the best faculty members known for their eminent research in these fields.

9. University of Helsinki (Finland)

University of Helsinki Top 10 Journalism And Mass Media Colleges in The World

The Department of Media studies of this university is known for it’s most popular course in mass communication studies. Both full time undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered. An entrance exam gives an opportunity to get enrolled to this university and only 50 students are admitted annually.

8. Concordia University (Canada)

Concordia University Top 10 Journalism And Mass Media Colleges in The World 2017

This university offers scholarships, internships and other opportunities and has been running the undergraduate and post graduate courses in journalism for 40 years. Best curriculum and facilities is what makes the students graduated from this university top-notch. This university has a great alumni and 250 graduates per year.

7. Northwestern University (United States)

Northwestern University Top Popular Journalism And Mass Media Colleges in The World 2018

An eccentric institute is known for sending it’s students into almost 150 media outlets. The Chicago’s Medill School of Journalism at the Northwestern University has a notable alumni too. This school has also established Knight News Innovation Laboratory for it’s students to learn about the various media related topics.

6. University of Westminster (United Kingdom)


One of the best place for media studies is London ,the media capital of Europe. The best place to study is the University of Westminster. This department is known for providing practical-based courses for it’s students with the best curriculum and state of the art facilities. This university attracts students from all over Europe and different parts of the world.

5. University of New York (United States)


The New York city is definitely a media hub and one of the best places for journalism studies. The Department of Journalism of this university that caters to both local and international students. This university offers courses on various fields and some rare topics like culture reporting and criticism. It offers courses in ten different fields of studies and has highly trained faculty members. This is one of the world’s few top 10 Journalism And Mass Media Colleges 2017.

4. The University of Melbourne (Australia)


The Department of Journalism at The Melbourne University trains and educates students for online broadcasting and print media.

It has an additional quota to educate students on the effects and importance of social media. Society needs well trained journalists and the university of Melbourne assures a course with the best curriculum and top faculty.

3. Syracuse University (United States)

Syracuse University Top Famous Journalism And Mass Media Colleges in The World 2019

The Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications offers a degree in journalism from the undergraduate level to doctorate level. Based in New York, it is the best college in the city and is well reputed in the world. It offers programs in print and broadcast journalism, graphic design, advertising, public relations television and film.

2. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

National University of Singapore Top Most Journalism And Mass Media Colleges in The World 2017

The Communications and New Media wing of the National University of Singapore is well versed for it’s multi-disciplinary course in media studies, communication management and interactive design. The students are taught based on experimental training and has high alumni credentials. This school is known for producing the top journalists of the country.

1. University of California, Berkeley (United States)


The Berkeley’s Graduate School for Journalism and media studies gives importance to all aspect of media studies like multimedia, web and digital skills. It offers graduate as well as undergraduate courses and also very peculiar topics like documentary making, photo journalism etc. This top notch facilities makes this institute one of the best in the world.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Journalism And Mass Media Colleges in 2017. Journalism and media studies plays a vital role in today’s media empire. Having been trained with the best facilities it will surely ensure a good job and also the best skills to become one of the best journalist.

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