Top 10 Best Universities in The World

Swami Vivekananda once said “Education is the manifestation of the power within” and that statement proves right. It is important to improve oneself by education than merely concentrating on marks and ranks. Anyhow, it is very important to get into a college that provides suited environment for excelling in academics and improving oneself. Also, when you want to study abroad it is so important to know the details of your dream colleges or universities. As you invest a lot on studies, you are supposed to know out and out details about them.

Mentioned here are the universities that are well-renowned all over the world and graduating from these institutions is considered to be a great matter of pride.

So, here is the list of Top 10 best universities in the world that are widely known and the countdown follows:

10. Cornell University-

cornell university, Top 10 Best Universities in The World 2017

Located in New York, USA, this is the only private Land Grant University in New York. Andrew Dickson White and Ezra Cornell established this university in the year 1865, keeping on view that there has to be more improvement in various fields, sciences and classics, from theory to application. This university has been divided into 7 UG colleges and 7 PG sectors. 1 of the 7 PG courses and 3 of the UG courses are state-supported. There is no reservation of seats in this university based on caste or race. Major alumnus of this college comprise of 50 Nobel Laureates and 14 Billionaires. The main campus is of 745 acres. Around 21,000 students are present in college.

9. Princeton University-

princeton university, Top 10 Best Universities in The World 2018

Established in 1746, this university is located in New Jersey, USA. His is one of the only 9 colleges which were established even before the American revolution. They provide UG and PG courses in Engineering, natural sciences and social service. There are 41 Nobel laureates and 15 field Medalists associated with this university. Few other major alumnis of this university are 2 presidents of the US, numerous living Billionaires, 12 US Supreme Court judges etc. The main campus of this university is about 500 acres, which is one of the most beautiful universities in USA. This university also has a few residential colleges where students from around the world are present.

8. University of Chicago-


This is a private research university established i the year 1890, in Chicago, Illinois. This university is broadly diversified into various undergraduate and post graduate programmes, 6 professional schools and 5 academic research divisions. This university houses about 15,000 students. This university is offering various courses to the students based on their interests, science, arts, social sciences, law, economics, business, biology etc. The Physics department of this university aided the first ever self-sustaining and man-made nuclear reaction. 89 Nobel laureates have been affiliated to this university including the staff, faculty and the students.

7. University of California, Berkeley-


This University was established in 1868. The public agriculture, Mining and mechanical arts college along with college of California came together to form this college, which today is one among the top 10 colleges in the world. The researchers, Alumnis and the faculties together have earned 13 field medals, 45 McArthur fellowships, 72 Nobel prizes and also 207 Olympic medals. They have a main campus of 178 acres where they are offering around 350 under graduate and post graduate programmes.

6. Columbia University-


Established in the year 1754 by the Britain king, King George II, this university is also called as king’s college. This was the first school to grant the M.D degree. School of engineering and applied sciences, school of general studies, Columbia College included, and this university is made up of 20 such schools. 3 US presidents, 9 Supreme Court judges, 104 Nobel laureates, 5 founding father of the United States and many more are the major alumnus of this university. Columbia University, having a very huge campus, are one of the three largest land owners in New York.

5. University of Oxford-


This is the oldest university present in the English speaking World. Their Slogan is “The lord is my light”. Established in the year 1096, this university grew very fast when the English speaking people were not admitted to the Paris university. They have numerous institutions under their name, which consists of 38 different colleges and various departments. Though all these colleges are under the big name, it management and control is vested in their own hands. It has the world’s oldest university museum and houses the world’s largest press. It has been the house of knowledge for many great persons including 27 prime ministers of the UK, 27 noble laureates and also heads of states.

4. University of Cambridge-


Established in the year 1209, this is now the second oldest university in the English-speaking world and is the world’s fourth oldest university. This university is made up of 31 colleges, containing more than 100 Departments. Cambridge press, is the second largest university press in the world and also is the oldest publishing house overall. Cambridge libraries houses over 15 million books. 10 field medals and 92 Nobel prizes have been affiliated with this university, either students or faculty or alumnus. This university has seen a lot of great minds including Sir Isaac Newton.

3. Massachusetts institute of technology-


Most famously known as MIT, Massachusetts institute of technology is the best engineering college in the whole world presently. Established in the year 1861 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this university has been stressing on the Laboratory teachings more. They have adapted the European university model in their teachings. Mainly known for engineering courses and physics department, they also provide course in several other departments like economics, management, biology etc. 38 McArthur fellows, 6 field medalists, 85 Nobel Laureates and many more awards have been associated with this university.

2. Stanford University-


Established in the year 1891, this university is one of the leading universities from many decades, which has presently made itself comfortable in the second place in the whole world. It has a total campus of 8,180 acres, making it the largest university in the United States of America. Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Lathrop Stanford founded this college in the memory of their son Leland Stanford Jr. Who died the previous year. There are sixty people who gained their Nobel prize from this university and seven field medals, by students, faculty and alumnis put together.

1. Harvard University-


One of the most famous colleges in the world, Harvard university stand 10th in the world ranking this year. It is known for its courses in engineering and technology and also applied sciences. They have faculties who have won various awards like Guggenheim Fellowship, McArthur award etc. It has a 209 acre main campus. They have athletics facility, sports facilities etc. They have school of applied sciences, school of engineering, medical research, dental studies etc. It has the biggest private library system, consisting of about 80 libraries, 18 million books and alumnis of most of the VVIPs of the world.

This was the list of the Top 10 best Universities in the world that have been rendering excellence in the field of education and are considered to be the most prestigious institutions all around the world.

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