Top 10 Textile Engineering Colleges in The World

Production and marketing of clothes was existed even from the ancient times. But the industrialization revolutionized the textile industry. And thus it became necessary to start an engineering course to help textile industry technically.

Here is the list of top 10 textile engineering colleges in the world.

10 Heriot Watt University-

heriot watt university, Top 10 Textile Engineering Colleges in The World 2017

This university is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, which was established in the year 1821. This university has many branches globally, in Dubai, Malaysia, Orkney. This college was established by Scottish businessman Leonard Horner by the inspiration of Anderson’s college. This college basically concentrates on arts. In the beginning it was associated with the inventor James Watt, which helped them to raise funds. They started a new course, beyond the usual sciences, social sciences mathematics etc, which made sure the artistic people had more exposure. This course also gave way for the ladies to come and study openly in schools and colleges.

9. Loughborough university-


This college is majorly famous for its engineering and technological courses along with the sports activities. This was established in the year 1909, it was a technological institute until 1966 when it became a university. This institution was training the workers for ammunition industry, acting as an instructional factory during the world war I. After the war ended this college was split up into 4 parts. College of arts, college of further education, technological college and teacher’s training college. The main campus covers an area of 440 acres containing 2 gyms, auditorium, paying fields, garden, residential halls etc.

8. De Montfort university-

de montfort university, Top 10 Textile Engineering Colleges in The World 2017

This university majorly concentrates on its research department. It is divided into 4 different segments, Health and life sciences, Law and business, Technology, art design and humanities. Creative technology is also a segment which has a special function of research of intersection of design, technology, arts and multidisciplinary courses. Leicester school of arts, is the origin for this university, which was started in the year 1870. Presently around 27,000 students are acquiring knowledge from this college, 3000 staff members are hired. The college library here got a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

7. Dresden university of technology-

dresden university of technology, Top 10 Textile Engineering Colleges in The World 2019

This is one of the 10 largest universities in Germany. Present in Dresden, Germany it has 37,00 students under this university. It was established in the year 1828, making it one of the oldest universities in the country. This university originated with the Saxon technical school. In 1871, courses like language and history were introduces, which were not technology related. It was named the Dresden university in the year 1961. This university is very well known for its contribution in photo optics, electrical engineering, engine construction etc. There are 8 students; clubs present in this university for the improvement of the interest of students in sports.Medicine was basically the reason why this institute started, with Leeds school of medicine,

6. University of Leeds-


His institute came into existence in the year 1831. It is situated in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. King Edward VII, in the year 1904, granted a royal charter, making this institute University of Leeds. This is one of the top 10 universities in the UK for Financial Endowment. Having about 31,000 students here including undergraduate and post graduate courses, this is the eighth largest university in England. This university, overall holds the rank of 87th for the whole world. Six Nobel laureates along with government heads, movie stars etc are associated with this college.

5. University of Manchester-


With the initiation of the Manchester Mechanics’ institute in 1824, it laid the foundation for the present Manchester university. Having a staff to student ratio of 1:10, this university is a very standard university in academics point of view. Various stages of development of this university could be named as Manchester mechanics’ institute, Owens college, Victoria university of Manchester, Manchester college of science and technology and finally in the year 2004, Manchester university. This university is the second largest University in the United Kingdom. This university is ranked 35th in the whole world in academics.

4. University of Bolton-


This university, started with Bolton institute of higher education in 1982, had a rapid growth. In a very short period of time, by 2004, it got the status of university. This university is located in Bolton, Manchester, England. Though it has a very less number of students, this university has made its way to the top 10 colleges in textile engineering. Around 14, 000 students including all courses are gaining knowledge in this university. This university has 2 residence halls. This university has built its friendships in international levels, by having links in China, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany etc.

3. Saxion university of applied sciences-


Including arts, engineering, Hospitality, Finance and law, this university provides over 100 different courses for the students to select and pursue their career. It has 4 campuses located in the Eastern Netherlands. Having eleven different academic fields, being pursued by over 26,000 students, this university is the largest university in the Netherlands. The roots of the foundation of this university goes way back in time to 1875. In the year 1998, by the merger of two educational institutes, the present Saxion university came into existence. All the 4 locations is very well connected by great transport system. They help the students even in their personality development along with academics.

2. University of Nebraska-


This is a research university situated in a place named Lincoln in Nebraska. Two years after Nebraska became a state, this university in 1869, was announced as a land grant university. This university made great contribution towards research in agricultural sciences. It laid the foundation for the research in theoretical ecology. This university has 2 different campuses in Lincoln, organised into 8 colleges, which covers a total area of 2,815 acres, out of which the main institute area is 613 acres. This university was basically started in order to provide proper education for the inhabitants of the state, in various branches such as science, arts and literature.

1. North Carolina State University-


Providing education to over 34,000 students, this university is the largest university in Carolina. This university has made great developments in the field of agriculture, engineering, arts, textiles and designs etc. This university offers more than 100 courses in post-graduation field and more than 100 courses in under graduation field. This university was basically started in the year 1887 as NC college of Agriculture and mechanic arts. This university was later called as North Carolina State in short. NC State, university of NC and the Woman’s college together formed the present North Carolina state university.

This was the list of the Top 10 Textile engineering colleges in the world that offer the best guidance to the aspirants and thus, imparting quality education to shape the engineers of tomorrow.

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